My Vampire System Chapter 770

762 Beyond Aaa Rank

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At a time before Quinn had been made one of the new leader's at the leader table.

In the beast planet solar system, a particular planet located in the Bree family area was declared an orange portal planet. It had a couple of shelters that had been set up. In them, there were those from multiple different factions and they all worked under the Bree family.

The people there lived good lives and achieved great financial support from the Bree family. Due to it being classified as an orange planet, the main goal was to scout the remaining parts of the planet and report when new beasts were seen.

Due to the planet belonging to the Bree family, although beast hunts did happen, if they found a high tier beast, they were actually told to report back or capture if possible, rather than killing the beast. Both of these rewards would be substantial for completing them.

This was one of the reasons the Bree family had quite a dedicated following of factions even outside of those directly in the Bree family.

In the Faction hall, where one would take quests, there was often a tavern-like bar area where the Travellers could drink food and eat. Filling their belly before going off to battle, or on a long journey. And in the faction hall, there was a man sat on the table on his own doing just that.

He brushed his long flowing blonde hair to the side, as he picked up his drink and took a swig.

"At least this is one thing that hasn't changed in all these years. Although it does taste watered down." Arthur, like a certain type of vampire, was able to change his hair as he wished. He worked hard at this. Before when he was a human his hair was blonde, but when turning into a vampire his hair had turned jet black.

After visiting an old friend, although he wasn't sure if it was right to call him that anymore. His friend was able to make it so Arthur could change his hair colour.

Arthur had been going to each of the orange portal and red portal planets in the beast solar system. All in search for the first king, Eno. He wanted to ask so many questions after finding out the truth about what he had done.

He also thought there was a chance that he might be aware of what had happened to his people. He was sure that some members of the council were behind it, but the problem was for the vampires to take out the punishers, even with him gone. There had to be more than one leader behind the attack, and as strong as Arthur was, accusing certain vampires of such things, would just cause a war between himself and them.

'Maybe I could take out half of them if it came to it, they do seem weaker than the vampires back then. I guess they don't fight as much. The problem is if the king gets involved,' Arthur thought.

Trying to think like Eno, Arthur thought rather than hide on the planets that are fully occupied, he would have created a research lab somewhere on a dangerous planet. Somewhere the humans refused to set foot on. Just like the training planet the vampires used.

But he had no luck so far, there were no leads and he was just searching around aimlessly. He took a deep breath, and five other travellers came over to where he was sitting.

"Sorry, this place is a little busy and full at the moment. Do you mind if our team take a seat?" It was a young boy with brown hair and green eyes. He had a shield on his back and a sword by his side. Although he was young he was confident and his party behind him were as well.

"I don't own the place, so you are free to sit where you wish." Arthur replied.

The group sat down at the round table and ordered a few drinks. The young boy who seemed to be the leader had also ordered a sixth one, and when they arrived handed it over to Arthur.

"A thanks for letting us sit here." The young man said.

The group was composed of an odd looking frail old man in robes, a shorter stout man with a great beard with an axe and an athletic female who wore light clothing but had no weapon on her. Then there was also another female who was dressed similar to her, but was a little gloomy and fragile.

Through listening to their conversations, Arthur had learnt the young boy's name was Andy, and they seemed to be quite the experienced Travelers with a lot of great achievements under their belt.

"Okay next one, a three spiked Dalki or a Demi god tier beast.'" The ginger short man asked.

They had been playing this game for a while now, comparing beasts, strong ranking figures and the Dalki. On this one, the group seemed split and it was up to Andy to decide.

"I have only seen the strength of a one spiked Dalki in the war, so it's hard for me to really say." Andy replied. "We don't know how much in power they scale from each spike."

"Just pick one already, and stop being a sour plum. You're the deciding vote." One of the girls said.

Looking in the corner of his eye, he decided to turn to the stranger.

"I know, why don't we ask our guest. What do you think is stronger?" Andy asked.

Other than the first drink that had been given to him, this was the first time they had spoken to him. Arthur thought this might happen, and he didn't mind speaking to them. He actually enjoyed others' company. The problem at the moment was the question they were asking him.

'A Dalki, that's that new Alien race that came about while I was asleep. I wonder how strong they are?' Arthur thought.

Because of this, Arthur had to give a random answer.

"The Dalki would be my bet."

Two of the members broke out in cheers while the others started to moan, one of them being the short ginger man named Pike.

"Arghh, what would he know." Pike said annoyed. "We would need to ask someone who is a seasoned Traveler. I bet this man has never even met even an emperor tier in his life."

It was fine for the others to assume this, especially since Arthur was wearing no such beast gear and was in pretty plain clothing, apart from the large sword that was chained up on his back.

"That sword must be for show." One of the girls said.

"But he has such a big sword." The shy girl said while her face blushed bright red.

"Now calm down, let's not all jump on our guest just because of an opinion," Andy said smiling nervously. "We are quite competitive in this regard, especially since we have a lot of experience. Sorry about this."

"A lot of experience is putting it lightly!" Pike shouted as he threw his Traveller tag and placed it on the table proudly displaying the letter A.

Looking round, Arthur could see each one of them had the A tag on them as well, but he had no clue what this meant. At first he thought they were just wearing it for decoration with the initial for their name, now he realised how stupid he was being.

"So you are telling me you guys are strong?" Arthur said, taking another chug of his beer. "Well that's good to know. It would be a shame if such lively people like you were to die just trying to earn some gold. Your lives could end at any moment."

Pike was getting annoyed by the way Arthur was speaking, as if he was an elder speaking to children. Who even used the term gold? Pike himself was quite an old man, and he also didn't like the fact that there was no respect seen due to them being high ranking travelers.

"Wise words from nobody. What rank are you then my dear friend, I would love to see it?" Pike asked.

Arthur, of course, had no clue what the ranks were even. He had been so busy searching for the first king.

"What is the highest rank possible for a traveler?" Arthur asked.

It was a strange question to ask, but Andy still answered it anyway.

"Rank AAA.." Andy replied.

"Then I would be a triple A rank, maybe even beyond."

There was silence as everyone was starting to wonder if this person was crazy or not. Beyond triple rank A would put him at the leaders level or even higher. If it was true they would have known the person who they were all looking at.

What made it even stranger was how straight forward Arthur sounded when speaking these words.

"As I thought, this person is a crazy fool." Pike said, giving up on trying to impress a nobody.

"What's your name?" Andy asked, interested in the strange man.


"I'm Andy, it's nice to meet you. Don't mind them. Trust me they are great guys. I was wondering if you wanted to go out for a hunt with us? Old man Clinkers hasn't been feeling well. So we have been resting for the past few days drinking ourselves in this tavern until he gets better. Of course, we need five people to go on a quest. Because of this we have been a little bored these days.

"You wouldn't have to do much, we can take care of ourselves."

Arthur thought about it for a while, it would be putting his own mission on hold but he then released he was in no rush. it didn't really matter how long this task would take him, and he would have to explore the planet anyway, so why not with a lively bunch.

"Sure, I look forward to working with you." Said Arthur.


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