My Vampire System Chapter 771

763 Unknown Killer

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Traveling with the Travellers, Arthur remained at the back of the group, not really doing much as they encountered beasts along the way. The terrain they were travelling on was mostly filled with small shrubs and rivers that were long and winding. In the distance large hills and mountains could be seen in all sorts of different shapes.

Arthur could see that the Travelers were skilled as they had said. They certainly had backed up their words with there skills. Even when dealing with a group of advanced tier beasts, they were calm and had no trouble fighting them off. However, Arthur didn't do much as he was looking around for any clues or signs of the first king. His mind was always wondering about different things.

However, the task was a large one and it was going to be difficult. Looking for a single man on a single planet was nearly an impossible task, and now he had to look for a man among multiple planets.

'Still, I have an infinite amount of time to do this, I'm probably the only person that can do this.' Arthur thought.

After having an encounter with the advanced tier beast, the group decided to rest up by the river on some boulders, where they could put down their supplies and take off their heavy equipment for a few seconds. Not all of them did this and they took it in turns while keeping watch. The river was quite beautiful as a glowing slightly red mist could be seen above it. Unsure where it was really coming from.

The black haired girl, who wore a headband on her head, was the healer of the group. Although she was shy, when fighting she wasn't shy to get involved, and knew the right place to be at the right time.

Due to her ability, she was able to shoot it out like a beam at her allies, healing them while the fight was happening at the same time. Although the healing was less effective this way. Now the fight was over she was busy healing them directly using her hands.

"I knew that man would be useless." Pike said annoyed, as he had gotten a big scratch on his shoulder from one the beasts. He had attempted to get Arthur hurt, or to see his skill by fighting near him. Maybe if Arthur was in trouble he could have even saved his life and look up to the man. But Arthur wasn't hurt once and the beast took no interest in him at all.

The truth was, the beast had looked at Arthur and had planned to attack him at one point, but a single look into Arthur's eye's and the beast wanted to submit there and then. Do whatever this foul creature wished. But Arthur looked away and the beast felt like it had gotten off lightly.

"Maybe a triple A rank doesn't need to get involved with such low beasts like this." The feisty girl who went by the name Priya said.

"He is our guest." Andy replied. "We just invited him along so we could actually go hunting for once, we should be thankful."

"Is that why we haven't been going into the unknown areas?" Priya asked. "We haven't hunted here before, but we have hunted in this area. It's not really the best for making money."

Andy was unsure if Arthur was bluffing or not about his strength, at the moment he hadn't seen him do anything, so going into the unknown, unexplored areas with one person less, would be quite troublesome.

"Can you do some ranged attack's Arthur?" Andy asked.

Arthur then turned to look at one of the larger rocks that wasn't too far away, without the others seeing, he also had grabbed a few stones from the floor.

*Bang *Bang *Bang

When looking at the boulder, small holes could be seen going right through them. It was as if someone had picked up a gun and shot right into it.

"Nice!" Andy saids with his thumb up. "Who knew you had a ranged ability, with that it will help our team composition greatly."

"You're telling me, he could have helped the whole time but had chosen not to?" Pike said, gripping his axe in anger.

What Arthur had done wasn't an ability at all, he had just picked up a few stones from the floor, and threw them over to the rock. He thought this would be enough to impress them for now. When the group was off again, Arthur decided to pick up some more rocks from the ground.

While walking, they decided to walk along the river. They could see up ahead it was thinner, then they could finally go over to the other side, which was part of the unexplored area. As long as they stayed near the river it shouldn't have been too much trouble.

'There's something not right.' Andy thought. 'If his ability is a ranged one, then why does he carry a giant chained sword on his back?'

Still, he could tell Arthur wasn't a bad person, so they continued to travel along the river.

"Somethings coming," Arthur said, as he heard and could feel the vibrations from the floor.

"Ha! Is this some sixth sense that only triple A rank Travelers have?" Pike said, at that moment, from the river they were walking nearby. A large wave was made causing the water to wash up on the land.

Out from the river, a large muscular sea creature could be seen. It was one with a large thick body upper chest and had several spikes running down its spine. Its scales were blue in colour and the top of its head was shaped like a trident.

When it stepped out of the river, it's webbed feet could be seen. Soon, it had opened its mouth and fired out a hydro pump full of water towards Pike. It was a strong powerful single stream. The attack was fast but Andy had headed Arthur's warning unlike the rest of them and managed to block the attack with his shield getting in between Pike.

The force was strong, and while the attack was being blocked the others started to move in.

"Careful, it's at least a humanoid king tier elemental beast!" Andy said, judging by the strength of it's attack.

Seeing Pirya coming forward from above, the fish creature quickly looked up and was ready to fire another Hydro pump towards her. She was still in the air and could see the bubbles forming in its mouth.

"Wait, it can fire another one that fast!" She said, wondering how she could move while in the middle of the air.


Another loud explosion was heard, and the bubbles had stopped forming in the beast's mouth. When Pirya looked at the beast, she could see it's eyes were dead and it was unmoving. Still she pulled out her dagger and proceeded to stab the beast on the top of it's head and fell to the floor with it.

"Quickly, let's see if she's okay." Andy ordered, and the rest went over.

When they arrived the beast was dead, and Priya's blade could be seen in its head.

"Pirya, good job, you managed to kill the thing in one go." Pike said, giving her a pat on her back.

"Yeah" Priya replied slowly.

However, she was sure of it, the beast had died before she had even stabbed it in it's head. When inspecting the beast, Andy was trying to help get the beast crystal from the beast's body. That's when he also noticed a small hole in the side of its head.

'Where did this come from?' Then something hit him, 'but how and when?'

Looking back towards Arthur , he seemed disinterested and didn't even care about the crystal in the beast.

'Damn.' Arthur thought. 'I was just trying to hurt the beast to stop it from doing it's silly attack. Who would have thought it would die from throwing a stone, are these stones made from diamonds!'

Slowly the team was starting to realise that maybe, Arthur wasn't lying about his rank after all.


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