My Vampire System Chapter 773

765 The Chains Are Off

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'What's happening right now, I've squashed bugs like this in the war before! So then why can't I move my hand against this guy!' The Dalki thought. It tried to summon all its strength, but the human in front of him had a tight grip held on his wrist. It wouldn't even budge. This was something the Dalki had never felt before.

With Arthur's right hand, he threw the stones right into the Dalki's chest where the heart would be. Three bangs were heard firing off like bullets and crumbles were seen falling from the Dalki's chest.

"Damn it, even Arthur's ability can't do anything," Pike said, hoping for a second that maybe Arthur being a triple A rank Traveller was true, but of course it couldn't be.

"Wow, you're the first person to survive my new stone flick technique." Arthur said as he started to chuckle at his own humour. Although the others behind weren't laughing. How could they when their deaths would soon be upon them.

'How can he be so calm, and why hasn't the Dalki flinged him away yet?" Andy thought. What was worrying him most was the number of spikes on the Dalki's back. As they were a group of A rank adventures, they should have been able to deal with at least one spiked Dalki but not two. And if they didn't take care of this one fast, then soon more would come.

On his body the Dalki was wearing beast gear. Although the Dalki were known for wearing beast gear, it was found out that they were unable to activate beast gear. Meaning the extra power boost humans felt when wearing such items, as well as the active skills were not possible for the Dalki. So they only wore beast gear as a form of protection.

"You blocked my stones, now lets see how well you block this." Moving the Dalki leading it by the wrist, Arthur made it so the Dalki's back was now facing the mountain, then not holding back, he threw out his other fist at full strength. Hitting it in the stomach. The Dalki was far too tall for Arthur to hit it in it's head but it didn't matter, for the Dalki was slammed into the mountain and he had gone in a few inches deep creating a large crater behind it.

Soon, it started to cough out green blood and it appeared to still be alive.

"I guess I was right about what is stronger, a three spiked dalki or a demi-god tier beast." Arthur said, impressed.

"What are you doing Arthur!" Andy shouted. "You have to kill it now, while it's still weak!"

Arthur looked puzzled by Andy's words. What did he mean while it's still weak. It had just been injured so surely it wouldn't suddenly get any stronger. Not knowing information about the Dalki was a mistake on Arthur's behalf.

As he turned his head to look back at the Dalki in the mountain wall, it was no longer there and instead a fist was pounded in his face, sending him flying away.

"No!" Priya screamed. "Arthur, he let his guard down, he was our only hope." Seeing a man who wore next to no beast gear get hit like that, no one thought he would have survived.

"It's a shame the interesting one had to disappear so fast like that." The Dalki said, while blood continued to drip from its mouth. It took a step forward and suddenly, it felt it's leg sink into something and it had fallen into the ground. All the Dalki could see as it looked beneath it were shadows.

"Huh, what happened?" Pirya asked. "The Dalki was in front of us, and now it's gone."

Soon after, they saw an object fly past and slam into the mountain once again. When the dust settled they could see someone walking in the direction from where Arthur had been hit, and it was none other than Arthur himself.

In his two hands he was holding onto the Dalki's hands. They had been torn off from the Dalki's body.

"That freaking hurt!" Arthur said, although he looked fine walking forward. "Shadow sink."

Once again, a shadow appeared beneath the Dalki's feat and a shadow appeared above Arthur's head, dropping the Dalki onto the floor. With its arm missing it was still alive, as it fell it tried to kick Arthur, but he was too fast, and avoided the attack. After jumping up, he was now higher than the Dalki. Slamming his foot between the neck and head, the two of them came crashing down onto the floor, and a round object could be seen rolling to the others.

"The Dalki, the two spiked Dalki, was killed." Pike said, stabbing the head with his spear to make sure it really was dead, he quickly took a step back, just in case the head somehow would attack him.

Green blood had been spilled all over the floor, and the area they were fighting in, but not only that, a small amount had also gotten on his sword on his back. It started to shake slightly as if it was alive.

"This blood works as well?" Arthur said. "I made a promise not to harm humans with it, but maybe I could use this instead."

While everyone was busy celebrating, Andy had a concerned look on his face, he quickly picked himself up and went to look at the fortress and it was as he feared. The guards on the gate wall seemed to be discussing something, and a few of them seemed to already be moving towards them.

"How many of them are in the fortress?" Arthur asked.

"I don't know, the fortress isn't too big so maybe around fifteen of them." Andy replied. "We have to hurry back to the shelter and ask the Bree family for help. We can't deal with all of these on our own. Otherwise everyone could die."

'Fifteen huh, if they're all as strong as this guy they could be trouble, although it seems like the single spiked ones are more common among them, besides, maybe I should play it safe and use this.'

Taking the sword off his back, the chains started to unravel from his sword and fell to the floor, which later went into a strange shadow. Soon, shadow appeared all over Arthur's body, and when it disappeared, a red and black armour could be seen in its place.

"Remember what I said about when the chains come off this thing?"

"You can't be serious!" Pike shouted. "You'll die if we leave you."

"If you stay, you will die." Arthur replied. He proceeded to stab the Dalki's body underneath him with his sword. Soon the centre of the sword slowly started to light up with the green blood, as if the weapon was consuming it.

"Listen to him, I'm sure Arthur has a plan to escape." Andy said, as he dashed off in front of the others, and soon they followed.

Andy wasn't basing this off nothing, he had seen Arthur use the strange shadow ability on the Dalki to defeat it. And seeing what it could do, he was wondering if Arthur was just planning to hold them back and escape later.

'I promise Arthur, we will report this, and come back for you as soon as possible!' Andy thought, running as fast as he could.

When Arthur's sword was finally energised it was ready.

"It's been a long time since I've had to use you."


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