My Vampire System Chapter 774

766 Starting A War

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Andy with the rest of his group had arrived back at the shelter as fast as they could. They were huffing and panting, and felt like they would soon pass out from the lack of oxygen in their bodies. Still, Andy had pressed on more than the others, using every last bit of strength he had in his body as if his life depended on it.

Of course, the whole group had urgent news to bear to those that were in charge. Due to their high status as a traveller party, those in the shelter were keen to listen to their group. And what they had to say.

Andy and the others had come back multiple times with new captured beasts and information of new areas, they had become quite well known. There weren't many solo traveler groups that didn't belong to a faction that was as high ranking as they were.

Of course, all this meant was the information they were giving now was reliable. At every shelter that was owned under the Bree family, a small token of direct Bree family members would be left behind, these were the ones in charge of the shelter. After receiving the information, a bulky man by the name of Max was more than worried. He was biting the top of his thumb nail thinking what the next best course of action was.

"This had to have happened at the worst time," Max complained, in his hand he had a tablet of some sort and it looked like he was trying to get in contact with someone from the upper Bree family, but there was no luck or answear. "Mona and the others are away on an important matter. I can try to get in touch with her and leave a message, but I don't think they will answer soon."

"Please, our friend Arthur, he was still left behind," Andy pleaded. "Can't we send a group from here to go check the place out?"

"We mustn't panic the others." Max said. "It was a simple mistake, we didn't know this planet belonged to the Dalki, we also don't want to panic the people. I think it would be best if we have a look at their forces, then try to negotiate getting everyone safely off this planet. Remember we are still in a treaty with the Dalki, so they will more than likely comply.

"As for your friend, you said he had been discovered., that you had already come into contact with one of the Dalki. If he has killed one of them, then I can't see them letting him get away. Even if he is still alive, to settle this matter they would want to use him. The best thing to do is prepare for the worst, it is most likely he has left us. But his sacrifice might have not just saved your lives but everyone at this shelter."

Although Andy knew the chances were slim, it still wasn't zero.

Just as Max had said, he had invited a couple of Bree family members along with a scout team. These people had abilities that were used for sneaking about. Super hearing, invisibility, silent sound. And so on.

Their goal was to see how strong the Dalki forces were, after contacting Mona, they would return with a force of equal strength and negotiate with the Dalki fortress. As the Dalki weren't the best when needing to talk to them. So at times they needed to be prepared for anything.

In the past, when all the groups were one, this would be reported to the military and they would send out a communication request with the Dalki themselves, but now with everyone separate things were a bit hectic.

While the rest of Andy's group stayed behind. Andy himself insisted on going with them. Arthur had saved his life and those of his friends. The least he could do was bring back his body to them. Arthur was strong and maybe he wasn't bragging about his strength, but to take on all the Dalki, it seemed impossible. He just hoped that he had some sort of plan to escape.

Traveling using vehicles until they reached the river, they soon descended and started to make their way to the mountain. Thanks to Andy, it was quicker for them to locate the exact spot where the Dalki fortress was seen.

Those that didn't have the best of abilities to keep them undercover waited a distance away from the mountain, while two men went in with invisibility abilities. After waiting a short while they had returned.

Although when walking back they looked calm, not what someone would expect after seeing the greatest enemy of mankind. But at the same time, they had the look of disbelief on their faces.

"Is it really a Dalki shelter like Andy reported?" Max asked.

The two men nodded, but looked at each other.

"But sir, there's more, it's too hard to explain, I think you should come have a look yourself."

"Is it safe for us to do that?" Max asked, starting to feel confused by the whole thing.

After confirmation it was safe for them to move on, they did so, still a little cautious of anything up ahead. Then they had finally reached the point of where Andy had left Arthur.

No longer crouching, Max was standing tall, he continued to move forward slowly, placing one foot in front of the other, in disbelief at what he was seeing, his mouth left wide open.

"What is all this, what happened here?" Max asked.

Standing in the middle, there were body parts, huge amounts of green blood all over the floor, but they weren't body parts of a human. They were all from the Dalki. Looking down at his feet, Max was in a large creator, where it looked like a Dalki's organs had been ruptured by something as guts were left hanging on the floor.

'Did Arthur manage to do all this, one person?' Andy thought as he gulped. He couldn't imagine someone with this huge amount of sheer power.

The Dalki's that were on the floor looked to be one spiked Dalkis. There were around seven of them dead. At least putting the body parts together it was how many they could find.

Soon after they decided to continue moving on forward, and that's when they had set eyes on the fortress.

'Seriously?' Andy thought.

Even the strong standing fortress was no longer the same. Not as menacing as it once was, as the towers were destroyed and the gate had been bashed in. As they got closer, catution started to go out the window. It was clear whatever had come here, had killed every single last Dalki.

And it was true. All the Dalkis in the fortress were found dead, including another two spiked Dalki.

"Are you telling me the truth Andy. When you left your friend he was the only person here?" Max asked.

"Yes, we were fighting with one of the Dalkis and he had managed to defeat it, but" even Andy wasn't sure if Arthur was capable of such a thing. The two spiked Dalki he thought was strong, and Arthur hadn't completely overwhelmed him. Although there was a difference.

Arthur had unchained that strange sword when he knew more were coming. Had he gotten that much stronger from using the strange sword? Was that what had done all of this damage?

"We need to run an investigation." Max said. "Find out if there was anyone else involved in this, I can't believe this is one person's work. Also make sure the Travellers only hunt in the safe zones near the shelter from now on. There is always the chance that the Dalki could have set up multiple fortress on this planet if they deem it worthy enough for them."

Another person? No after looking at the scene himself, Andy could see all of these had been killed in a similar way. He was sure that all of this was the doing of one person. An unknown who was beyond the ranking of a triple A.

'Looks like you were telling the truth after all.'

One would think that getting rid of a Dalki fortress was a good thing, but when humans would see one they were to not attack at all costs. They were meant to report back. Half of the beast solar system had already been conquered by the Dalki, and there were a few planets left that had been conquered by neither.

Of course, without knowing what the other side was doing, it was hard to tell which unclaimed planets had now been claimed and at times this could cause confrontation. Small scuffles here and there from both sides were fine.

However, this was different. Not once before had an entire fortress like this been destroyed, Max was sure that the Dalki would get wind of this, and when they did, they could very well use this as an excuse to start the war.

This was why he was adamant on trying to find out, just who, which faction or person, was stupid enough to get rid of a Dalki fortress.


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