My Vampire System Chapter 776

768 Thirty To The Hun

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Inside the Cursed ship, Quinn was preparing for the grand hunt for the demon tier beast. In truth, he wanted to ask more questions while at the leaders table. All the questions he had when he was a student at the school. The things that just didn;t make sense to him. He had already asked Pual but still wasn't; satisfied thinking they had to be a better way then what they had done. The reason why Quinn was a little desperate to ask this, was because he wasn't even sure if there was a better way anymore.

But the leaders seemed to be in a great rush to go hunting for the demon tier. Even if Quinn had pressed for questions, they wouldn't have had time to give him a proper answer.

Inside the ship, Quinn now had to select the thirty members from the faction that would be going on the hunt with him. However, he also had to make sure there was at least an adequate person protecting the ship. After all, the ship would be left behind, with all the other groups full of their people, and on a planet that had a demon tier beast, there was sure to be another high ranking beast on the planet as well.

Usually, in this type of situation, Quinn would have picked Peter, but Peter was no longer with them. Not dead, but just not on the cursed ship. He was busy healing in the vampire world. That was another thing that was annoying him. If it was up to Quinn, he wished to wait for Kazz's return. He was worried about what was going on with the others, and wanted to wait for an update, but she seemed to be taking a long time.

Also, it felt like this was something he should be a part of.

"I'll stay behind," Linda said. 'I can quickly use one of the teleporters and grab Wevil from the parasites. If I bring him along, we should have a strong enough force to protect the ship."

Linda was certainly a good replacement for Peter, she was plenty strong, but perhaps a little weaker then Peter. She still had the option of evolving, and it was something Quinn would have to look into when he returned.

She had more than enough time to get used to her new body, and she should have accepted her situation by now. For some reason Quinn could feel it, maybe it was because of the sudden quest he had received before, but he felt like they would be returning to the vampire world soon, and he would need to make sure everyone was ready for it. Now with Linda being a vampire subclass, she would have to be brought along as well.

They stood in the main hall of the ship, which would branch off to all the other rooms, and Quinn had told everyone to gather so he could pick who to bring with him. When Sam had arrived, it looked like he had some news.

"Quinn, there are a few people here to see you." Sam said.

Following from behind him, where three girls all sorts of different sizes, and two more behind them. Quinn recognized these people well, as they had all been there at the fight. Seeing them, Quinn without realising it, his expression was an unpleasing one.

"Don't worry Quinn, they're not here to fight." Sam said.

"I know we didn't meet with the best of circumstances," said Helen.

That was right, Helen and her two sisters Ivy and Peach were the ones that had arrived, and next to them, were the reporters Void and Bonny.

"The leaders said that nothing needed to be done until after the hunt, but I wanted to make my intentions clear." Helen continued. "We of the Daisy group, wish to go under you. This may not be the wish of the other factions under ours, and we will speak to them, but all those who are part of Daisy wish to join the cursed faction."

The three girls gave a little bow, as a sign of respect. Seeing this did calm Quinn down a little, but he couldn't help but feel a little strange.

"Can I ask why, why not join one of the other families?" Quinn asked.

"I will be honest with you," Said Helen. "Part of the reason I want you to select us three, is to go on this hunt with you. This hunt can be a world changing event and we want to be a part of it. It was why we tried so hard to rise to the top. As for the second reason, you won that fight, you beat those that we couldn't beat. So I feel it's right to go under you.

"We decided to be separate from the other families for so long for a reason. We never wanted to just be under someone, but now that we have no choice. I think it's best we at least go under those that are more deserving of it. Besides, I have always liked the story of the underdog, and I'm making a bet that you will become the one."

Sam then scooted over and started whispering in Quinn's ear, telling him how he thought they would be a good asset to the team. While speaking, Quinn could see his face was a little blushed, he seemed more excited than he usually would be as well.

"Don't tell me you've fallen for them?" Quinn asked back. "I knew Nate was like this, but you too?"

Sam glanced at the girls, and he couldn't help but admire their beauty.

"Quinn, it might be the case but know that everything I said was the truth." Sam replied, while straining himself to seem more professional.

"It should be fine," Quinn said. "But don't you dare try anything against those in the Cursed, for now you are outsiders just helping us. You will have to prove your worth."

"Quinn!' Bonny shouted. "Can you bring us as well? I know we don't have permission to film this, as the other leaders have requested, but just like she said. This is once in a lifetime opportunity and I feel like we can't miss this chance, seeing everyone working together again. Don't worry, you don't have to protect us, this is our decision but we just want to be a part of your thirty, and in doing so we promise to write a good report on you."

After the two of them had shared an interment moment, Quinn was finding it hard for him to say no, and he was struggling to decide who to bring along with him. In the end, this was a demon tier hunt, it was a place where anyone could lose their lives.

But he had finally made his decision.

"These are the names of those that will be going on the beast hunt!" Quinn shouted loudly. "Quinn, Sil, Fex, Nate, Dennis, Sam, Paul and Megan." Quinn also wanted to bring Borden, but he had suggested it was best for him to stay behind and look after the kids, especially since Peter was gone.

A few more names of those in the shelter were read, the strongest of their group from a mixture of the planets they had taken over. "Helen, Ivy, Peach, Bonny and Void." Hearing their names they were pleased that Quinn had listened.

Finally, a few more names were read out, and the one that was recognisable in this batch was Cia. After Layla moved on and her mother died, there really was no reason for Cia to remain. On her own it was going to be difficult to get her memories back and at this point she wasn't sure if she even wanted them back.

If she did, now her best chance was to get her memories back In the vampire world. Although her abilities weren't the strongest, Quinn wanted to bring her along for a different reason. If someone close to the family was in trouble, he thought that maybe she would be a warning signal. The banshee's scream.

It was finally time for the demon tier hunt, to start.


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