My Vampire System Chapter 779

771 Ice Walls

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Heading down one of the tunnels together, the vibrations from the strange screams were getting louder and louder. They were starting to worry that the cave would collapse just from the loud screams alone, but the material that the cave was made from, although it looked fragile like glass, was far more robust than it appeared.

Some of the men tried to chip away at the tunnel walls using the normal tools they had brought with them to send back samples to the lab. However, they were unable to and only high level beast equipment could break such a thing. Since the discovery of new planets, nearly everything new they found, minerals and materials, were to be sent back for research purposes.

Proceeding with caution, the loud cries from the creature seemed to have stopped.

"Why do you think it was making so much noise?" One of them asked. "I've never heard a beast make a sound like that."

"I'm not sure," Oscar replied, "Maybe that's just what it normally sounds like." Although Oscar said this as a joke, his men behind him gulped as they thought about the sheer size of a beast that could make a sound like that.

Continuing through the tunnels, they found it a little strange that they only headed downwards. There were no signs of it being man made, but at the same time it was consistent in its route.

Then finally, it looked like they could see what could only be described as the end of the tunnel. It was a little strange as it had suddenly cut off and it looked like they had gotten to the bottom of the floor.

"Do you think we should go back up and try to head through one of the other tunnels?"

"It took us a while to get down this one, and we aren't sure how many others are dead ends either." Oscar replied.

He then pressed his face up against the ice cold surface of the wall at the very end, and gave it a knock a few times. Oscar continued to do this in different parts of the wall as if he was searching for something.

Ever since entering the tunnel, there was something strange that had been bothering Oscar. His soul weapon was an enhancement type, it was one that people either saw as weak or strong depending on the situation, but it allowed him to use whatever his feet were on, as a piece of earth. No matter what the material was actually made of, he could shape and form it at his will.

However, he didn't understand how it fully worked, and it seemed to relate with the planet he was on. As long as the material belonged to the planet, he would be able to use it in some way. Which was why he was confused ever since they had entered the tunnel.

If the ice tunnel they were in had naturally been formed by the planet, then using his abilities he should have been able to shift or chip away at the wall, but he was unable to.

'What does this mean?' Oscar thought.

Eventually, using a short sword he had equipped to his side, he pulled it out and proceeded to cut a rectangular shape, large enough for a man to fit through.

"The walls are thin here and I think we've reached what we were looking for, is everyone ready?" Oscar asked.

When they all nodded, Oscar immediately lifted his foot, kicked the ice wall, and the large slab of ice went sliding across the floor.

"Well it looks like I was right," He said smiling.

Drawing their weapons, they all carefully walked out of the ice tunnel, and it looked like they had entered a giant cavern. They could hardly see the ceiling, the room they were in was as big as a football stadium.

"Look." One of them pointed.

In the large cavern, several long ice tunnels just like the one they had come out of were leading right to the ceiling. It certainly was a strange thing to see, and was definitely unnatural.

"Ah!" A man screamed as he fell to the floor. Looking at him, he had his finger pointed out and he was visibly shaking, he looked like he was nearly in tears. When the others went to see what he was pointing at, they all took a step back.

"What is that?"

What Oscar was starting to notice was the room was getting brighter by the second. When they had entered, there were dim blue crystals on the ceiling and walls, allowing them to see even though they were underground.

Slowly, the crystals seemed to be getting brighter, and it had revealed the body of a giant beast. It had a large body covered with fur and on its shoulders were three large wolf-like heads, with fangs as large as a human body protruding from its mouth. The beast was something far larger and looked to be stronger than anything they had faced before.

But as the crystals lit up more and more, they could soon see the whole body of the beast. It was bleeding, and one of its three heads had been severed from its body. On top of that, several large spikes the size of the tunnels were sticking out from its body.

"The beast appears to be dead," Said Oscar. "There is nothing to worry about."

What was worrying him, was the crystals lighting up in the room more than before. This reaction he had seen before but never at this level. The small blue beast crystal acted the same way as regular beast crystals.

When a greater power force was using energy near it, they would react by lighting up even more. When fighting a king tier beast near these crystals, Oscar had seen a few of them light up, but not the whole room.

If the beast was dead, then the crystals couldn't have possibly been glowing due to the beast, it had to be something else that was alive powering the crystals. Besides, whatever was able to kill such a powerful beast was probably inside the same room as them.

"Get out!" A voice echoed in all of their heads.

The others started to look around to see if they could spot where the voice was coming from, only to realise it was being spoken into their minds.

'Telepathy, and it knows how to speak!'

"Leave now!" It shouted, and rumbling from the ground could be felt.

"Everyone move!" Oscar shouted.

Now that his feet were on the solid ground, he could raise the floor beneath them and created a thick ice wall to protect them. However, he had a bad feeling about what was to come and decided to dive out of the way.

A loud bang was heard as something had smashed through the wall he had created. Straight down the middle, another ice tunnel had appeared, and it had split the group into two halves.

"Boss, help me!" A voice shouted.

Getting back on his feet he rushed over to where the voice was coming from, and that's when he could see a few of his men had been caught by the strange tunnel, half their bodies crushed by it. They tried to move but it seemed impossible.

Slowly, the ice seemed to be covering the rest of their bodies as if it were spreading. One of them in a panic brought out a small dagger and tried to cut into the ice that was forming around him, but when the knife hit the ice, he screamed in pain. It felt like the ice that was attached to his body now had become a part of him.

Oscar, seeing this, used his blade once again and cut around the ice. The problem was how to detach the person from the tunnel itself. Oscar went to grab his hand, but before he could,

"No, if you touch me it could spread to you! I can tell I'm already dying. When the ice touched us, I could feel that it was already freezing around my heart." The man said. "Just do me a favou-"

But before he could finish his sentence his lips stopped moving, and the ice covered his entire body.

This was what Oscar was afraid of, the ice tunnels were an ability of some sort. Trying to not let his emotions get the better off him, he took a deep breath and looked in the direction of the attack, and this was where he saw the demon tier beast.

"A girl?"


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