My Vampire System Chapter 780

772 Waisting The Bulle

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The first thing that Oscar noticed when looking at what had just attacked them was that it had a humanoid shape. Although she didn't look completely human, her form was the same. There were two legs, two arms and a head.

However, there were also some distinctive features that made it clear she wasn't a regular human at all. Sticking out from her shoulder were two black wings, and the top half of her head was completely black with no hair. It was hard to even see if the beast had any eyes.

Finally, where her mouth would usually be, her jaw stretched wide, showing her long razor-sharp teeth that went to the back of her cheeks. It was the first time they had ever seen a humanoid beast.

It startled Oscar as the first thought that came to his head was if this was an ability user, one that had strong ice powers, but how could that even be possible? However, one thing was clear, this was an enemy and not a friend, he had already lost a few men, and he didn't want to lose anymore.

Rushing in front of the others, Oscar had both his hands held out by his side, ready to use his powers at any moment. Although he had his soul weapon that would allow him to use the ground, the others didn't. However, once he used his ability on the material, the others could also treat it the same as well.

To help them, Oscar raised a large thick wall of earth on both sides, allowing them to use it as they wished. The advantage was the ground on this planet was denser than earth, on earth. Meaning it should be able to be more useful for defending and attacking.

The other reason for raising the walls, was so the beast only had one target to focus on, himself. When Oscar eventually got closer, he could see that the humanoid beast had stumbled, at any moment, it looked like the beast would collapse.

On a closer inspection, he could see that one of its black wings were torn, and underneath it was a pool of black blood.

'The beast, it's injured.' Oscar thought. It wasn't just a small injury. It had severe cuts all over its body. The amount of blood on the ground, if it really was a human, it would have been dead by now.

This had confirmed that the humanoid creature in front of them was indeed a beast. The beasts had black blood. Thinking about what might have happened for it to be injured like this, he could only think of one thing, the other beast that was dead.

'Were the injuries from fighting with the other beast before? It certainly looked strong enough to have injured this one as well.'

Oscar made sure his gun was still attached around his waist, with a single bullet in its chamber. There was only one chance, as it would be nearly impossible to retrieve the bullet either.

Getting up from the ground, the beast opened its largemouth, and a blue glow could be seen. Oscar could guess what this was, similar to what had happened before, it was getting ready for another attack.

'I have to stop it!' Oscar thought, stomping his foot on the ground, it started to rumble, digging up the ground beneath, and when it finally reached the beast, a large pillar shot up, hitting its leg. It threw it off balance, but the attack from the beast still went ahead, firing off to its left side.

Seeing this, Oscar tried his best to raise several walls, but the ice tunnel attack went through anything he made with no problem at all, and the men tried their best to run, with the tunnel before blocking their way. They didn't have much room or choice of where to go. Most of them had been caught up in the attack, surrounded by ice.

The others, knowing the ice would soon spread through their bodies, immediately went to try to pull their comrades out, by cutting around the ice, but this time, The beast seemed to be more aware of what they were planning. It raised its hand, and at that moment, from the ice's outer walls created from its attack. Spikes spread out and stabbed anyone who was close.

Even if the ice hadn't hit any fatal spots, it started to spread through the body of the others, freezing the areas that had been hurt. Some resorted to drastic measures, cutting off their limbs that were starting to get frozen.

Oscar desperately wanted to try to help them, but the best thing he could do to help them was to get rid of the beast. It seemed like its injuries were affecting it greatly, for every time it would make an attack of that calibre, it would look tired and more blood would seep out of its wounds.

Not only Oscar, but the others that were uninjured knew this was their opportunity to attack, hurling boulders, using their weapons, and more, they all started to attack the beast. With the flying objects approaching it, it opened its mouth once more and howled, creating a piercing scream.

When the boulders and objects got within a certain range, they too would freeze and fall to the ground, once again it had stumbled through using more of its power.

Drawing his gun, Oscar was waiting for this moment, he knew after each attack, there was a brief resting period, and it was the only time he had. Not wasting any more time, he fired calmly.

'I saw your beast core when you opened that wide mouth of yours, this may do damage to the crystal, but it's worth it to take you out.'

Oscar started to wonder just how strong was the beast before it was injured. Would they have even stood a chance?

Raising its wings, the beast thought it could block the bullet, but it had gone right through, and then knowing this, it could only do one thing. It tilted its head slightly downward, allowing for the bullet to go through the top of its head rather than the crystal itself.

The bullet continued to travel and went through the walls behind them to be forever lost, the only beast bullet in existence.

The beast had flinched but not for long, as it opened its mouth, preparing for another attack.

'No, I wasted the opportunity, everyone here is going to die!'

"Oscar," A man shouted, standing in front of him. Those that were left alive stood in front of their leader. "There is still one more thing. Remember, Eno said that the gun can also be used to fire out pure crystal energy. The beast from before, it looks to have only been killed recently; maybe the crystal is still there."

Running off, Oscar used his abilities to quickly help him travel to where the beast was. The sound of the other girl beast attacking was heard, and his men's cries were heard behind him, but he continued to move on.

Eventually getting to the beast, he tried to locate the crystals carving out certain parts and ripping them to shreds with his ability until he had eventually found it. A crystal clearer than any other they had ever collected before.

Placing the crystal into a special glass tube at the top, it was ready to be used with its second function. The military had already discovered how to use crystals as pure energy, and their ships and mechs used this to attack.

The problem was, if the raw energy of the crystal was to be used, then it could never regain its energy back. That crystal would be lost forever. It was a shame, as the crystal perhaps could have been made into something great, but there was nothing he could do. His and his men's lives were at stake.

When Oscar turned around, it was a scene he didn't expect, no one was moving, and the beast had nearly collapsed on the other end. Everyone had been hit by the strange ice abilities.

'Leave, now!' The voice spoke in his head again.

Not listening, and out of sheer anger for all those that had died. Oscar lifted his gun once more and pulled the trigger. A large surge of power stronger than ever was shot out from the gun. It was unable to hold such power that the gun itself had shattered and fallen to pieces. A small explosion was made, flinging Oscar back, and the beam of energy was shot out towards the beast.

For the first time, the beast seemed to be using a strange skill he had never seen before, a barrier of some type was rising from the ground, however, the shot of energy was too fast and had hit the beast killing it before it could have its final stand.

No one else had survived from the expedition apart from Oscar, and in the report that had returned. There were two demon tier beasts that had been discovered that day.


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