My Vampire System Chapter 782

774 The Beautiful Sword

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Standing by Oscar's side, as soon as the wooden crate was lifted, Quinn was the first one to set his eyes on the demon tier weapon. The heavy top was pulled open and at the same time, a pulse of energy could be felt around the campfire. Quinn wasn't the only one that had felt it. From the look on the other's faces, the rest did as well.

It was at that moment that Quinn realised that the crate itself wasn't any regular crate, it was one that had been crafted using beast materials as well, and it seems to have some type of suppressive ability.

Looking down at the weapon itself, Quinn could only think one thing.

'It's beautiful.'

From looking at the weapon, he imagined what a beauty the beast must have been in it's humanoid form. Images started to appear in his head, at what creature Oscar had described in his memories to create such a thing.

Oscar was careful as he pulled the weapon out to show the others, he was holding it and taking care of it like it was a baby. When he pulled it out, the others also could now see the magnificent weapon, and it seemed to have drawn the attention of all the other camps as well.

"Damn it!" Bonny shouted. "Look at that thing, if only we were allowed to film, we would be able to show so much footage."

In his hand, Oscar was holding it by its large black hilt. At the very bottom, hanging off, like a cloth was something black in colour and shaped like wings. The hilt was quite thick but it looked to be perfect in Oscar's large hands.

Although Oscar was able to hold the weapon single handedly, Quinn was unsure if he could do the same. For the size of the weapon was something in between a greatsword and a longsword. It had the length of a longsword, but not quite the thickness of those giant greatswords used to slay beasts.

Only one side of the blade was edged, with a slant at the very top. Then towards the top of the blade, there were three circles cut out, each getting smaller as they got closer to the tip of the sword. The most beautiful thing about it, was the sword guard.

It was covered in a beautiful royal dark blue colour. It looked like feathers would wrap around the user's hand, but it wasn't feathers. Instead, its material was more like that of ice.

"The three circles on the blade light up depending what active skill is used." Oscar started to explain. "Once a skill is used, the outside of the ring will turn red. Once the red circle disappears the active skill can be used again. The red goes around in a circle like a timer so the user has an idea when they can use it again. The smaller circles have a slower cool down time."

"I'm assuming the weapon has some type of ice abilities, do you mind sharing?" Owen asked, hiding the expression on his face with his fan.

"The smallest circle is the ice wave ability, similar to the beast. With a swing, a screeching sound is made, and anything that enters its proximity will start to freeze. However the ability doesn't seem to be so effective on beasts or humans, and is more so for weapons or abilities.

"The second active skill is the ice tunnels explained in my stories. Though not at the same power level. The tunnels themselves are far smaller than what the demon tier beast could produce and it seems like the cooldown time is longer as well."

Hearing this, the others had realised and noticed this too with the other beast weapons. When the weapons were made from the crystals, their power was far less effective. This was one of the other reasons why multiple crystals of the same tier would need to be used to create a true tier of that weapon class.

But with a demon tier weapon, that would nearly be impossible. The power of one crystal alone was powerful, it was enough to be turned into a weapon or armour far greater than any of the other tiers and it still wouldn't match up to the level of what the beast could do.

"You only mentioned two active abilities." Mona said. "Judging by the last ring being the biggest and taking the longest time to cool down, that would be the most powerful skill, would it not?"

'So far, all the active skills had been based on what the demon tier beast could do. However the demon tier beast was injured, so perhaps it was unable to use it's ultimate skill in the state it was in, but it still had been transferred to the weapon.' Mona thought.

"Now, I can't tell you everything. If there is a need to use it you will see it anyway. The skill won't help you guys out in the fight." Oscar replied, with a smile growing from the corner of his mouth.

'What a weird old man, first he says that we should share our skills and then he goes and hides the most powerful one.' Mona thought, crossing her arms to show her disappointment. But Oscar wasn't going to budge on this one. It just showed that the relationships between each other were clearly only at the surface level.

Quinn looked at the sword intensely as if something was pulling him in. He wanted to reach out and grab it, just to give it a few swings to see what it was like. He didn't say anything but his eyes wouldn't look away from it for even a second.

"Master." A deep voice said in Quinn's mind. "You want the swordI can snatch it from him whenever you wish" The deep voice said.

The voice was one Quinn knew well, it was his familiar. One that would grant his darkest desire, and right now, Quinn wanted that sword more than anything, even though he wasn't a swordsman.

Locking the sword back in the crate, Quinn was knocked out of his trance and the others were now heading back to rest. However, Quinn couldn't get the weapon and what the bone claw had suggested out of his mind.

With the bone claw's unique skill, it was something he probably could easily grab, even if the bone claw was spotted, they would think it was just a beast and if it got killed, it would come back to life at a later time. The best thing was that Quinn had his dimensional space he could hide the weapon in.

'Your.wish" the deep voice said again.

While Quinn was sleeping in his house with the others, he thought about it long and hard and decided against it. He shook his head trying to screw it on straight. Taking the weapon now would lower their chance of survival against the demon tier beast, and Quinn didn't know how to use it.

And if he used it now, he would be turning everyone against him.

The sun rose once again and it was time for the group to set off, but before doing so, Logan had opened up his little computer system to try get a location of where the beast currently was. The rods had been set up beforehand on the planet, and it now allowed not quite real-time tracing, but at least every hour or so they would know where the general direction of the beast was.

"I suggest everyone prepares to encounter the beast today." Logan informed Mona. "I don't know why, but I think the beast might know we are here."

"What makes you say that?" Mona asked.

"Well, ever since yesterday, the beast has been making its way towards us. Even if we stood still and did nothing, there is a good chance that the beast will arrive here in at least three hours."

Hearing this news, there had been a slight change of plan as suggested by Oscar and Logan. Instead of going towards the beast, it would be better for them to wait for it and set up a trap for the beast. It gave them time to get into gear and create the best formation possible to give them a better chance.

Preparations were being made, and as an hour passed it looked like the beast was still heading towards them. While Quinn and his group were following orders from Oscar, further led by Sam, someone started to walk over.

'This guy, I don't know whether to be worried about him, or to see him as a friend.' Quinn thought as he saw who was walking over.

Owen placed down his fan, showing a smile and his moon shaped eyes to Quinn. Whenever talking to Quinn he often put down his fan showing his expressions, rather than hiding it compared to the others.

"Why do you do that?" Quinn asked. "Why don't you hide yourself in front of me."

With an even bigger smile on his face Owen replied,

"I have many secrets I hide from others, we all do. Some use a mask, some are acting. Others chose to only show their true self to those close to them. I have never been good at hiding my emotions so I use the fan. However with you Quinn, I feel you have more secrets than even me to hide, and for some reason that makes me feelcomfortable."

Quinn was right, this person was strange and Quinn still didn't know how to feel about him.

"The boy from the Balde family. I want him to stay close to you and us. After hearing the supreme commander's story, I fear this beast might be stronger than what we have anticipated. If he needs to use our powers, then don't hold him back."

After Owen had finished speaking those words, vibrations could be felt through the floor.

"It's here earlier than expected." Owen said.


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