My Vampire System Chapter 783

775 The Demon Tier Arrives

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Although the beast was upon them earlier than they had thought, at the same time, everyone was already in a position to fight whatever was heading their way. A lot of work had been done, most of the preparations thanks to Oscar.

Due to his ability, he was able to move and change the terrain at will. Creating quite a wide valley, he had made two large cliff tops. Walls that went on for a hundred meters only allowing the beast to come down one direction.

On the top of the cliff tops themselves, there were also several smaller walls so they could take cover from attacks. Then on the ground were the more vital members in the hunt, and behind them the support classes.

The idea was those at the top of the two walls were ranged users. Judging by the reading Logan had received, the demon tier beast seemed to be a large one. Using their abilities and weapons, they would rain down attacks on the beast.

Then, the strongest fighters, including the leaders, would be on the ground, fighting toe to toe with the beast. Finally, there were those behind them. They were the group's healers and supportive classes. Some had reinforcement and buff abilities to be used, and even defensive abilities.

Also, a group of tunnels had been made from their position, allowing the support to either enter them to run away from the beast, if anything went wrong, or head upward to the top of the walls to support the ranged users as well.

"Which means, the ones that have the hardest job in this fight, are those on the ground," Sam said, standing at the back with those that were playing the supportive role in the fight.

They were a few people who had come along in the hunt, that weren't exactly considered fighters, or at least even if they contributed, they wouldn't be much help. This was why Sam, Logan, Cia and the two reporters had stayed at the back.

The main fighting force was composed of Quinn, Owen, Mona and her sprint, Oscar, Duke, Nate, Dennis, Paul, Sil, Fex, Helen, Ivy, Peach. Also, five from the Bree family with their beasts had been brought. It was a mixture of king tier beast and a couple of emperor tiers, and also a few from Owen's family. However, most of the Graylash family were at top using their lightning abilities at a range.

What Bonny found strange looking at them, was both Owen and Mona were standing around a particular blonde haired boy.

"Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" Mona said, looking at Sil, like he was some type of disease.

"Not right now, but there might be a point where we don't have a choice," Owen said. "Would you rather end up dead?"

The reason Mona was being cautious, was she felt like as soon as Sil touched all of them, he would have the strength of all of their abilities. There would be no stopping him. If he was truly loyal to Quinn after dealing with the demon tier beast, he could make the two of them submit there and then.

The horror and true power of the blades would be revealed.

Although Mona had no clue how strong Sil was compared to that man, what she feared more than anything was if with her powers, he was able to control the demon tier beast to do it's bidding as well.

"I'm sorry, I just can't let him use my powers. There are plenty of offensive powers he can use here. If you want to share yours, then be my guest." Mona said, as she walked off to the other side, staying away from the others.

The vibrations in the ground were more frequent and getting stronger by the second, yet they still could see nothing.

"The beast will be here soon!" Logan shouted.

Hearing this, the blue demon tier weapon was drawn.

"We can trust this, this weapon is even stronger than my own abilities. But together, we make a great pair." Oscar said

"It better be," Quinn mumbled. The main reason why he didn't attempt to take the blade, was because he was sure that they would need it in Oscar's hands to win this fight.

Finally, everyone could see something coming towards them in the distance. A strange diamond-shaped object made from the same material as what they were standing on was moving towards them. When it got closer, they realised the sheer size of the diamond, as it was the size of a small hotel.

"It was a good thing I made this wide enough," Oscar said.

It carried moving, but they were confused. The beast itself couldn't just be a moving diamond.

'"It's under the ground." Sam said.

"It's under the ground!" Logan shouted to the others.

When it finally reached the area where it was travelling within the two large walls, a rain of attacks fell on it from above, hitting the large diamond. Flashes of lightning powers, explosions, arrows and more. However, it seemed like it had no effect at all. Still, they all continued to attack as it was the only thing they could do.

Placing both hands into the ground, Oscar thought he might be able to do something to get the beast to come out. He had raised the ground underneath the very beast, shooting it up. It had worked, as they could all now see what type of beast they were going up against.

The closest animal they could use to describe the beast, was it looked like that of a giant crab. It had two large claws with one bigger than the other, and the large tower diamond they could see was the back of the beast.

The attacks from above changed to try to hit the beast's shell. As the crab was not made of the same material only its back. Still, most of the attacks would land on the diamond back, and those that did get through to the front, would hit it's hard outer shell.

"None of the attacks are getting through," Oscar said. "Which means it's now up to us!' And the group began to charge forward.

Oscar swung his blade, and fired out a tunnel of ice, to try freeze one of its claws. Although the attack had hit one of its large claws, it quickly lifted it, breaking the ice with its sheer strength. Some of the ice from the weapon had remained and it had spread slightly covering more area of its claw, but soon stopped. Then standing up, off its belly. Several longer limbs of the grab were seen coming out from underneath, they stretched out, nearly touching the walls. In total, there were sixteen powerful claws, thinner than the two large ones that covered its face and had a sharp pointed end.

One of these claws descended down on Owen, moving his fan at the right time, a powerful lightning bolt was shot out, knocking the thin claw away to the side, but it moved soon after, attempting to hit him again. Like a dance, Owen moved, flipping his body, avoiding the attack while hitting it away with bolts of lightning.

'My lightning doesn't pass through the shell? I thought I might be able to cook this thing." Owen said.

The strange spirit that was being controlled by Mona was somehow repelling the attacks away from her, and it was as expected, her ability was having no effect on the demon tier beast whatsoever.

The others had to group up, to defend against the claws, as it would quickly use its pointed end to stab down and up like a drill. Straight away, some groups of people were hurt.

"The main problem is its hard shell," Quinn thought. "Then the only thing that might work"

Timing it right, as a claw went down, Quinn stomped his foot and hit the claw with a hammer strike as hard as he could. Swinging the claw off to the side. The large bang had caught the attention of a few others there.

"It still didn't break the shell," Quinn said.

Although it didn't break the shell, it did cause a reaction out of the crab, It had jumped slightly back, and when it landed, the sheer weight had caused those on top of the wall to fall over. retracting all its claws back into its body, it looked like it was preparing to make its next move.

"This is what I was worried about," Oscar said. "The beast still hasn't used any skills, everyone get behind me!"

They did as they were told, but just in case Quinn was also ready to use the shadow. When looking at the demon tier blade, both the smaller circles were already glowing red, what Quinn also noticed was one of the claws from the crab had been damaged and was cut. Which could have only come from the demon tier blade.

Foam started to form in the crab's mouth, as it was ready to fire out its attack.

"You wanted to see the last skill of this weapon right, well I didn't think we would have to use it so soon," Oscar said, as the ring started to light up.


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