My Vampire System Chapter 784

776 The Final Skill

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Everyone could see the foam bubbling up in the crab's mouth, and judging by how it had made room and leapt back like so, they thought there was a high chance that it was about to unleash a powerful skill.

Attempting to distract the beast, those above continued to hurl their abilities at it, but MC points weren't unlimited. The order was given for them to halt, as it was clear it would do no damage, nothing was getting through the large diamond on its back. It was best to wait for the right opportunity to then strike together.

All those that were on the ground floor, now had to trust in whatever Oscar had up his sleeve. However Quinn wasn't worried, there were multiple ways for him to get out of this, but what about the others?

Firing out from the crabs mouth was a powerful jet stream of water. It looked like the crystals around it's back we're spiralling around the jet of water.

Oscar then proceeded to stab the sword into the ground, which had gone through it like a hot knife through butter. Then the final large ring began to light up. In front of the sword, ice started to form building up from the bottom layer forming a barrier.

"That's it!" Helen shouted, worried. "The final skill was an ice barrier?"

If a wall made from the planet's substance wasn't going to hold the attack back, she was wondering why Oscar thought an ice barrier would do the trick.

"This isn't just any ice barrier." Oscar said, picking up the sword from the ground. Now the barrier was formed, at the right moment he proceeded to stab the sword into the ice itself. The ice started to light up so bright, some had to cover their faces and squint their eyes to see what was going on.

The attack had hit the barrier, but unexpectedly it was holding its ground. What happened next was the most surprising. For the attack was now going right back at the beast.

"The last skill is a reflective ability. It can reflect any attack back at it's opponent, and that's not all, it also adds a little bit more power when it sends it back as well." Oscar explained.

Back when Oscar was fighting against the demon tier beast in the ice cavern, he realised that when he fired the bullet, this was the skill it was trying to use. The only thing was that the ice barrier hadn't risen in time, probably due to how weak it was.

"With an active ability like that. It could turn the tide in any fight." Owen thought.

Seeing its own attack sent back to it with added strength, the beast knew it was in trouble. There were two large walls on both sides, so it only had one option left. It started to burrow down in the ground. All of its claws that were positioned in it's abdomen retracted inside itself and started to dig away at the ground.

"That's how it was travelling underground from before." Logan said, watching the whole thing from afar.

Burrowing itself, it was able to hide it's body but not the large diamond on its back. The attack hit and it sounded like a hard rock was grinding it. A screeching noise was made until eventually it had stopped.

When they all looked at the demon tier beast, the diamond still remained undamaged.

Burrowing itself out of the ground, it swung it's two large claws enraged. And once again it brought back the other claws from underneath and started it's charge towards them. Watching the beast come their way, the group were trying to think of a plan.

Its outer exoskeleton was unable to be pierced and the diamond on its back seemed to be even stronger. Perhaps, if they were able to reflect the attack on the exoskeleton it would have worked. At the moment it was the only thing Oscar could think of, then he felt a touch on his back.

"I will just be borrowing your strength." Sil said, as he walked out in front of the others.

'That's the kid the others didn't want to join in the fight, what is he doing?' Oscar thought.

Mona had still remained well away, not allowing for Sil to touch her, but it didn't matter, there were plenty of strong people to borrow their MC points off and he had another great ability at his disposal.

Holding out his finger like a gun, blue lighting started to run up and down his arm.

"That's the Graylash ability." Oscar said.

It was running up and down faster than the human eye could see. Aiming carefully and lifting his hand, a bolt was shot out. It looked just like the one that Owen would fire, so people seeing this didn't expect much.

But when the bolt had hit one of the claws, it had snapped right through its shell and the claw had fallen off its body.

"How, how can an ordinary boy we have never heard of be stronger then the leader of the Graylash family!?" Helen said, then she soon realised that there was a chance her and her group would have gone up against such a monster.

Sil's attack was the first attack on the demon tier beast that was able to completely break off a limb. Sil, preparing the attack again, fired another one hitting another of the thinner claws.

While Sil was preparing for the next attack, the beast screamed again and stood up on its thinner claws, putting its body in a higher position than before, and then something strange started to drop from the beast's belly.

"Is it taking a shit?" Nate asked thinking it was strange.

Large drops of diamond were falling out from its abdomen. Hundreds of them the size of a large tiger. One of the first diamonds began moving and soon after all of the diamonds that dropped from the crab were moving.

"Everyone be careful." Logan shouted. "These things are beasts as well."

These smaller crabs weren't slow either, and when the group from above tried to hit them, they would burrow underground to only pop up and deal with those on the ground floor.

Nate, hitting one of them with his full strength, expected it to be sent back flying. Instead it had blocked the attack with its claws and then struck him back, piercing through his hardened skin, he was bleeding.

"These smaller crabs are freaking strong!" Nate shouted, hoping to warn the others.

Everyone was now busy dealing with the hundreds of smaller crabs that were soon overwhelming them all. There were just too many and being close range, those from above couldn't help without hurting their own team.

The only good thing was that while the crab was dropping miniature versions of itself, it looked like it was unable to move.

When Quinn went to punch onem with the added strength of his Gauntlets, he had fared better than Nate moving it back, but it was by far not out of the fight as it quickly went to attack him again, and soon another three were on him after the first one.

Using his fast body, he could move or block the attacks, but Qi, the gauntlet's active skill, none of it was hurting the little creatures that were just as tough as the big one. It looked like only the other leaders or the strongest members could actually deal with the crabs but they were soon tiring out.

Using his shadow to block in a situation like this was just pointless and his soul weapon required human blood. Quinn was unable to use it on a beast like this. Frustrated that nothing was working and at all the crabs coming his way, Quinn threw out a kick, but it wasn't just any kick.

Using the power of Qi he had thrown out a blood crescent kick and a sharp single red line of aura had come out. When it hit the crab in front of him, it had sliced through its shell and the beast was dead.

[Emperor Tier Diamond - crab beast has been killed]

The message coming up had worried Quinn even more. The system had just told him that these hundreds of smaller crabs dropping out of the demon tier, were all emperor tier beasts.

[New quest received]

[The Demon tier beast now sees your group as a threat, retrieve the demon tier crystal]

[ Quest reward ???]

"Does this mean the beast never saw any of it as a threat before?" Quinn thought.

The claws that had been shot off by Sil had regenerated back to normal, and finally the last diamond crab had dropped out of the demon beast and it looked like it would be on the move again.

Using his inspect skill, Quinn knew that the demon tier beast was never really injured by Sil for it'sl status had remained green and healthy. Having received the sudden quest, Quinn now felt a lot more enthusiastic about killing the thing.

A shadow started to surround his face, and as it disappeared the bottom half of his face was covered in a mask, a japanese demon, with its large tusks were shown.

"Everyone, use your full strength, don't hold back!" Quinn ordered.

[Mask attribute set to strength]

Slamming his foot on the ground and infusing his fist with Qi, then preparing the blood spray ability, Quinn mixed all these things together. Snapping his arm back like a shotgun a loud bang was heard as he let his fist fly out.

The crabs that were in front of Quinn all were blown to pieces by the sheer power of the attack. Their backs shattered and those near had also been slightly damaged as the blood sprayed over them.

"That attack"

Seeing the attack being performed there was one person that recognised it well. He started to touch his robotic arm.

'That mask, it's the exact same one from that night demon, it may be a different colour butthe attack he just used. It's the same one that ripped my bleeding arm off. It was YOU ALL ALONG!' Duke screamed internally as he had recognised that Quinn... and the night demon were the same being.


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