My Vampire System Chapter 785

777 An Angry Crab

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The loud bang alone had caught the attention of a few on the battlefield, but turning their heads, what was even more shocking was the ten or so emperor tier crabs that had been defeated, lying there on the floor.

The crabs themselves weren't too hard to deal with in terms of their attack power. The armour the others were wearing was enough to protect them from the crab attacks. The main problem they were facing was how hard it was to penetrate their bodies, to actually use an attack that would damage them.

'That skill, he didn't use it in the duel?' Helen thought.

'As expected, always hiding secrets.' Owen thought.

However, he wasn't the only one that was grabbing attention. Although the crab's attacks weren't damaging to the others, those in the Cursed faction didn't have great beast gear to protect themselves, and they were getting hurt from the attacks. Once Quinn gave his command, and since they saw how he was no longer hiding, Fex and Paul went into action.

Fex, using a mixture of his string abilities while also hitting away others with his blood swipe, was impressive. He also no longer held back on the speed or raw strength that he possessed. Even Paul was demonstrating the same set of skills. Mixing his poison and not holding back, he was able to use everything he had trained in secret.

'Quinn, is this the right thing to do?' Logan thought while watching. "I guess there's no one left to really question you any more. We will just have to deal with the consequences that come after." He said to himself, smiling.

"If the demon tier joins the fight while we're dealing with all these little ones, it will become troublesome." Quinn said as the shadow beneath his feet started to expand. "I can take us all there."

The first one to go to Quinn's side was Sil. Following soon after was Owen and Oscar. Helen, with her two sisters, also had followed. However, Mona didn't want to get close and decided to stay back. Before Quinn was about to use his shadow travel, Duke had also jumped into the shadow.

Not saying anything, they all sunk into the shadow. Travelling in the dark space, they went underneath all the smaller crabs, while the others were left to fight dealing with them. Mona and the others would have to be enough to get rid of them, while they dealt with the larger threat.

Sure, they would have fewer people to fight the demon tier beast, but at this point, they were useless. None of them could even put a scratch on the demon tier. It was unfortunate the type of demon tier beast they were going up against.

When they rose from the shadow again, the first thing Helen and her two sisters did was turn around and run back towards the army of crabs.

"You guys deal with that, we will make sure your back is covered so you don't have to worry." Helen shouted. Using their plants and soul weapon, they were strong enough and experienced enough to make sure the others didn't have to worry about attacks from behind.

'Looks like she is quite reliable.' Quinn thought, but they now had to worry about the thing in front of them. Not wasting any time, Quinn decided to use one of his strongest skills. He threw out two large Qi infused blood swipes and combined them with his shadow making the shadow scythes. Then activating his gauntlet ability, a searing red outline started to show on both of the scythes.

If this skill wasn't enough to hurt the grab, then none of his skills would be. The crab was also too large for him to use his shadow lock, or cover it with a shadow dome, so he would have to rely on his natural skills.

One of the thinner claws came shooting down towards the group, and Quinn swung out his scythe, hitting it away easily, but that was all he could do. However, with his eyesight, he could see something the others couldn't, the outer shell of the crab had cracked a little.

The other leaders were dealing with the claws well. Avoiding getting hurt by them, Owen would often move from one location to another like a bolt of lightning. It was as if he could change his body into lightning itself. When he would appear again in a different location, he would fire his lightning out at the claws and body, looking for a weak spot.

Oscar was also able to use the hard ground of the planet to knock anything coming at them, and it looked like he was attacking the same spot on the crab over and over again, hoping for a certain result. Duke had to stick close to Oscar, for there was no earth, and he could only use the materials that Oscar had already used with his ability.

This was also the reason why at the moment, Sil using the earth ability was useless. The planet they were on was one of the worst for earth users, unless they had a soul weapon similar to Oscars.

'I hate to admit it, but even I'm not strong enough to kill this thing alone.' Quinn thought. 'At the moment, there's only three people here that can damage it. Oscar, with his sword, Sil with his lightning powers, and finally, the crab itself, but that requires Oscar to use his demon tier weapon skill.'

"Sil, don't worry about the claws; I'll protect you. You just keep on firing at the same spot on that crab!"

Sil nodded, and raised both his hands. Using the MC cells he had gathered from all the ability users, his lightning powers were supercharged compared to Owen. He fired at the top of the crabs head just underneath the Diamond. It seemed the more power he used, the harder it was to be accurate with the skill, so Sil decided to go for an area that was easy to hit.

Still, it wasn't strong enough to damage the crab, but as the same spot was hit over and over again, the crab was starting to feel something. Soon most of the claws were heading towards Sil. Keeping his word through, Quinn was ready to cover him.

He hit them away swinging his scythes, but the claws were coming down fast and eventually, one of his scythes had shattered. With one hand free, he started to throw out blood swipes until the other shattered and he started kicking and punching the claws away. When he had time, he would mix in a few blood hammers here and there so the claws would take longer to recover. With every strike, he made sure to use his Qi as well.

At one point, one of the claws had snapped off, but as seen before, the crab was able to regenerate them. Seeing this, he wished maybe he could have learnt what Lucy had done with her Qi, it probably would have helped in the fight.

'I will trust you, Quinn,' Sil said, as he continued to fire at the crab's head until eventually a small crack could be seen.

Now, the claws that were busy dealing with the others had stopped.

'Huh, where's it going?' Owen thought. When he turned, he could see they were all going for Sil.

Trying his best to protect their best chances, Quinn threw out as many blood swipes and crescent kicks as he could, but it wasn't enough, and the only thing he could do now was raise his shadow, protecting both of them. When the long claws had hit the shadow, they slowed down.

Nonetheless, the attack was too powerful, and his MC points had gone down to zero. The shadow disappeared, and the claws continued darting forward.

A sword was stabbed into the ground and an ice barrier was formed, the same one from before. When it rose, the claws bounced off the barrier, and in the process, it looked like each one of them had snapped.

"I'm no idiot, I know that kid is the best weapon we have against this demon tier," Oscar said. "We will protect him as well."

What they did notice was not only were the claws that had hit the barrier broken and unusable, but also all the others that Quinn had attacked as well.

'Those attacks from before, he is definitely the night demon.' Duke thought, as he clenched his fist.

Finally, a light could be seen to defeat the demon tier beast. Even though it could regenerate it's claws, it would take some time, and with all of the small ones dealt with, now there were only the two large claws the crab had left.

When the ice barrier went down, they were all ready to attack again.


From the very back of the group, a loud, piercing scream continued to ring out louder than anything anyone had ever heard before. Some even thought it was one of a beast. But this was no beast, the screams continued, and when they went to look, they could see it was coming from a purple short-haired girl.

"The banshee's scream." Quinn said. "Everyone, we have to leave now get out of here!"

Shouting, Quinn stumbled to the floor, he had used up more energy than he thought.

'Was I overusing the Qi?' In the past, if he would deplete his Qi, his body would feel the effect greatly. Even if he had health, his stamina would take the brunt of it. Quinn was so focused on protecting Sil, he was unaware of what was happening.

Quinn had no time to explain to the others what the scream meant, but he knew they were in trouble.

"Just go, everyone leave now, everyone!" Quinn said.

Logan also knew what the scream meant, and he instructed the others along with Sam. When the Cursed family started to move, all the others soon followed.

This was for more reasons than one, as the crab was already starting to act. It lifted it's large two claws, and the strange diamond on it's back started to glow. A few seconds later, and the large claws started to crystallise.

"Trust me," Quinn said, "One of my people has the ability to see the future, the scream was a warning."

He didn't need to say anymore, and with the strange actions the crab was doing, everyone was already running away. Those of the smaller crabs that were still alive started to scale the side of the walls and then the large crab had dug its two claws into the ground.

"What is it trying to do?" Sam said.

Out of energy, everyone was running faster than Quinn and he was now at the back of the group.

'Come on, legs!' He was pushing through the pain, but his speed wasn't there.

Using its great strength, the crabs' claws had ripped apart the ground, and a large fissure had been created down the middle. The crack reached to the centre of the planet, and a dark crack was chasing after the group.

The group had a head start thanks to the warnings and were nearly at the area where the tunnels leading up to the wall were. At this rate, they should all have been able to escape safely. Quinn, seeing the entrance in front of him, was ready to fall over as soon as he was safe.

"No," A voice said, as the person in front of Quinn turned around and a large pillar of earth had hit Quinn in the stomach, sending him flying back.

If Quinn was his regular self, if he hadn't used too much energy, he would have been able to protect himself, or if he hadn't been so trusting perhaps, he could have foreseen this. As he fell into the dark crack in the ground, the last thing he saw was Duke's face with a smile.

"If I make it out of here alive. I'm going to kill you!" Quinn screamed at the top of his lungs as he fell into darkness.


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