My Vampire System Chapter 786

778 Bone Claw Protecter

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The cold wind could be felt on his back and through his hair as he continued to fall. Looking around all he could see was darkness, apart from the small light from where he fell, which was getting smaller and smaller by the second.

'How deep is this thing?' Quinn thought. Soon his mind wandered to a certain individual. To the last person he had seen. 'Duke, you ruined my life at school, ruined my friend's life and so many others, and now you attempt to get rid of me? I swear if I come back, I will drain every bit of blood from your body.'

Blood, Quinn had been free falling for a while now and not only had he used so much Qi that his body now felt weak, he had also used a lot of blood skills. He attempted to grab at the wall as he fell, but his weak hands were unable to grip anything and the skin on his fingertips were just ripped to shreds instead.

He didn't know why, but not only did he feel weak, it seemed like he was losing consciousness as he fell as well.

'If I fall from this height, will I still die?'

Hoping to give himself some type of chance, Quinn activated the blood bank. He knew it was unable to restore his stamina which was completely depleted at the moment, but he hoped the refreshing taste would energise himself to at least do something.

[Blood bank has been activated]

[Your HP is recovering]

A welcoming warm feeling was felt through his body, but it was having no other effects and the last thing he saw before he completely passed out, was his HP bar had maxed out.

He continued to fall and while doing so his body would hit the sides of the wall, at such a speed that it was sure to create bruises and break a few bones, but still he wouldn't wake up.

'This is not your timeto die' a deep voice said, as black smoke started to rise from Quinn's back. Soon a portal had opened and a large claw was seen holding onto Quinn.

The bone claw was able to create small portals that it could travel to, usually it would use this for attacking purposes. However in this case, with Quinn in it's hand it was using it to avoid the walls of the planet's crust. It was however impossible for it to teleport them up to the surface; they were simply falling down too fast.

The bone claw managed to make it so neither itself or Quinn took any damage as they continued to fall but eventually, a light could be seen at the bottom. When the two of them fell through the sight the bone claw could see was unbelievable.

There were hills, forests, trees, lakes, rivers and even beasts could be seen flying through the sky. Everything was visible as the sky began to light up by the planet's blue crystal material. It was as if there was a planet within another planet.

Still, there was one thing the bone claw was unable to do, and that was to slow down their descent. Even when going through the portals they were still dropping down at the same speed, and that's when a large winged beast was spotted coming their way.

It had a large pointed beak that was as long as its body and it had set its eyes on the two falling objects, honing in on them fast when it got close enough. The beast sped up hoping to stab its prey with its beak.

Suddenly, the targets had disappeared in front of it, and it soon felt a sharp pain dig through the back of its head.

'Weak creature.' The bone claw said, and all three of them were now falling to the ground. They braced for impact but now were no longer falling as fast as they did before. Still, when the three of them hit the canopy of trees in a jungle area, it had easily broken all the trees and caused a commotion as they pounded into the floor.

The bone claw and Quinn looked to be safe, but Quinn still was unconscious. The bone claw remained outside protecting its master because the noise they had made was sure to attract others. It wasn't long before loud footsteps and the sound of trees tumbling to the ground were heard coming their way.

The bone claw prepared itself, stretching out both of it's long dangling fingers, and flicked one of its hands, throwing the black blood of the winged beast onto the floor.

Some time had passed, and it looked like a horror scene around Quinn. The bone claw was quite hurt, covered in black blood. Whether it was it's own or the beasts, it was hard to tell. Not too far from where the two of them were, countless beasts had attempted to take the bone claw on, and none of them had succeeded.

However, it needed to rest. Now that it had signed a contract with its master, it was starting to feel weak. It needed to be fed by its master's will or rest in its body and Quinn being unconscious could do neither.

The sound of leaves ruffling was heard once more, and the bone claw gathered its energy to fight the intruder. This time, it wasn't a beast, but a human.

The human had no shirt on and wore simple khaki trousers, on his feet a pair of wooden woven sandals. His hair was bright red and long like a wild man, his body covered in countless scars. The most important thing was the two small thick duel swords he held on his back.

"Whoa, was this all your doing?" The man said looking at the bone claw. "Beast fighting beasts is quite common here, but I can see you're quite hurt. So why didn't you leave?" The man said out loud.

Seeing that the beast had a humanoid shape, he thought that perhaps it had some form of intelligence and could understand him, but it was a long shot. When looking around, that's when the man spotted a human lying there on the floor.

He then looked up in the sky, and could see the crack which they had appeared from in the distance.

"Someone else fell too?!" The man said excitedly. His eyes glowed as he was happy to have contact with another human. Stepping forward, the bone claw moved toward Quinn's body and stood in front of it.

"Look I don't know if you're protecting him, or wanting to save him for later, but I haven't talked to a person in a long time." The red haired jungle man said, as he continued to move forward.

The bone claw did not waste time, it teleported in and appeared behind the man, but before the bone claw could do anything else, his body was already disappearing and the sound of the man putting his sword back in it's sheave on his back was heard.

"I would have loved to have fought you at full strength, it's a shame." The man said. "Wait, what's happening?"

The man was now confused, he thought he had slain a beast, but instead the figure turned into black smoke and started to head towards the person on the floor.

"Ah, so you were protecting him. Well it looks like someone special fell down here then."


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