My Vampire System Chapter 788

780 Same Mistake

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Down in the inner planet, where the sky was made out of a crystal that lit up the place with a slight blue hue. The red-haired man had safely taken Quinn with him to a tiny little cave placed right next to a waterfall.

Quinn had been laid out on a bed of large leaves, still unconscious, and as for the red-haired man, he was wondering what to do. The place was quite bare, but the man did try his best to make the best out of his situation.

The problem was he was the opposite of a handyman.

There were rugs and tables made out of beast skin and bones. Still, there were no signs of modern technology anywhere in use, and he himself had no clue how to even create anything of the sort.

Relying on technology made by others for too long, he was lucky he knew how to cook.

"Well, I guess ill just have to wait for him to wake up." The man said, looking at Quinn.

He proceeded to do his daily routine. Ever since he had been stuck down here with no way to return to the surface, he did the same thing every day. He placed his weapons on his back down on the ground and grabbed a small dagger placed on the table.

On a closer look, the dagger itself was just a beast's tooth, but drawing a line, he had now added the seventh one.

"Day seven huh, well, the way I look and act, some people might think I've been down here for years." He chuckled and spoke out loud to himself.

The loneliness took a toll on him, and speaking out loud would often make him feel less lonely. A large thick boulder made from the same crystal material on the outer of the planet was inside the cave in the corner at the very back. Grabbing on to it wide as if he was hugging it, the man proceeded to use all his strength to lift it.

Then after placing it on his back, he started to do some squats.

"Let's go for thirty-nine percent this time; maybe one day I'll be able to do this without any help at all."

He continued doing the squats as sweat dripped down his face dropping onto the floor. He had a clear target to hit in his head, and when he did, suddenly the rock appeared weightless as he lifted it easily and placed it on the ground.

'The boy is still not awake huh, I guess I can train some more.'

Next, the boulder was slightly thrown up in the air, and he quickly got down into a pushup position. The rock fell on his back, but he didn't flinch when it landed, not affecting the man at all.

'Thirty min percent again should be good.'

And soon, he began his marathon of pushups as well, and just like before, when he was done, the heavy rock seemed light as a feather as he took it off him. He wiped the sweat off his face and looked at Quinn once more.

"Come on!' He shouted. "Are you really not going to wake up!"

The desperation was getting to him. When he came down here, he didn't know that communication devices would be interrupted. He thought if there were beasts on the surface, surely, there was a way to go up, but he never found it.

He had even tried to catch one of the winged beasts, and steer it into one of the cracks above, but that proved more difficult than he thought, as they were stubborn, and no matter what he did, they would refuse to listen. So, in the end, he was trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Someone would come to him eventually, right?

What he didn't realise was how much a human being would yearn for contact and so quickly. There were multiple times where he had gone weeks without seeing anyone, but that was when he had T.v shows and the internet to communicate with people.

With nothing to do at all but hunt, he was going crazy. He was no monk. However, he was well disciplined and kept up his training every day, hoping to improve his body.

Frustrated that the only person he had found in the last week was just lying there, he decided to go over to Quinn and see just what was wrong with him. He had no physical wounds on his body which was amazing. There wasn't even a scratch on him. Considering he fell from such a great height, but then why wasn't he waking up?

'Maybe the problem lies somewhere else?' He thought.

As he reached out his hand to touch Quinn, the image of the strange creature that protected him popped into his head. So he decided to grab his duel blades from the wall and attached them along with thier strap to his bareback.

The weapons were quite thick for duel blades and were around eight inches thick. Each part would be segmented and had a small tooth that acted as a sharp blade; these segments continued until the very top, where it was a flat edge.

When touching Quinn, nothing happened, and he now felt safe and started to close his eyes.

'Now that is unexpected. No wonder he's out for the count. This boy Qi is comply depleted. He must have gone over his limit. If he carried on fighting and used himself like that, it could have been very dangerous. It would have started to eat into his real-life energy.

'The thing is, the only way for someone Qi to deplete like this if they know how to use it?' The man then took a look at Quinn's face. He looked young, too young.

'What a surprise to find someone this age that knows how to use Qi. I don't recognise him, do I? Have I really gotten that old that now I can't even recognise the people I have met before...'

Even so, he knew the way Quinn currently was; if something wasn't done, then it would take a while until his natural Qi was restored.

'Well, let's share a little of my own.' Sending his won Qi into Quinn, he could feel it passing through his body quite easily.

The man wasn't using his life force, he was just using what his body would naturally produce; although he wanted to talk to a person, he didn't want to talk to them that desperately that he would give up his own life.

He continued to pass him Qi, and now there was sweat running down his face slightly.

'How much Qi does this person need, I'm not a fountain.'

What was surprising more so to him, was the fact that the Qi in his body hadn't reached its limit yet. Then, Quinn's eyes started to slowly flicker open.

He could see the cave around him and had a warm, pleasant feeling inside, he was becoming energised. Looking at the hand placed on his chest, he could tell it was Qi being passed on from the man.

Someone who was doing this, wouldn't want to harm him.

"Thankyou" Quinn gently spoke.

Those simple words nearly brought a tear to the man's eyes.

"Your welcome kid, the names Chris, I think me and you might be down here a while, so it will be good to get to know each other."

At the moment, Quinn wasn't bothered about why this man knew Qi, or who he was. If he wanted to, this man could have killed him while Quinn was passed out, but then, a particular memory entered his head. In the past, there was another who tried to give Quinn his Qi, and it had ended in a terrible result.

At that moment, Chris started to sense another power inside of Quinn other than the Qi. A strange red energy was swirling around, and it was heading straight for him. It had reached his arm and was beginning to enter his body. Straight away, Chris pulled his arm away and off Quinn. He could tell the foreign energy was trying to take over.

"No!" Quinn shouted as he realised what he might have done for a second time to his saviour.

'Is he, is he going to turn, just like with what happened to Leo?'


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