My Vampire System Chapter 790

782 Second Stage Of Qi

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Quinn's wondering eyes didn't go unnoticed as Chris spotted him looking at the two blades behind him.

"Oh, so it looks like you're interested in them, huh, well I can't blame you." Chris said as he walked over to the blades and picked them up. They were in their sheaths, but he pulled them out for Quinn to get a better look. "After all, I bet you've never seen or set your eyes on a pair of demon tier weapons before. This will be a nice treat for you"

Pulling them out in spectacular fashion, slowly as if there was some big reveal. He was expecting a grand reaction from Quinn, but it never happened.

Placing his hands over his mouth, Quinn couldn't help but let out a little chuckle. He had tried his best not to smile, but Chris was just acting so confident.

"What, do you think I'm lying!?" Chris said, partly annoyed.

"How do you know they are even demon tier weapons?" Quinn asked. "Did you kill the beast yourself?"

Looking at the sword a few times, Chris was now starting to doubt himself.

"No, but I was given these, and the person has no reason to lie to me and using them, I know their strength."

Of course, Quinn knew the actual tier of the weapons held in Chris's hands right now, and although they weren't Demon tier, they were certainly at the Demi-god tier. Something that even Quinn hadn't faced, whoever the person was that had given him those blades, they certainly had to be strong.

"Who gave them to you?" Quinn asked. "Maybe if I knew that, then I would be more inclined to believe you."

When Quinn asked this, the expression and mood on Chris' face changed, his eyes narrowed, and his face was emotionless.

"I'm afraid if you knew that, then I would have to kill you." Suddenly, his expression turned into a smile. "Haha, but that's not going to happen, so don't worry. We're going to become good friends after all."

It reminded Quinn that this person was most likely a member of Pure, what position, who knew. If the weapons were at the demon tier level, then there was a good chance he was talking to the Pure leader directly now. However, Oscar had claimed the leader of Pure used a demon tier weapon, which Chris didn't have, and Quinn just couldn't believe someone like Chris, who was so immature and easy going, to be the leader of any organisation.

Pushing past the awkward moments, Chris decided to get right to work. He seemed excited about talking to someone and that he was going to have a strong disciple.

"It looks like you already know how to use Qi," Chris started to explain. "Which we call the.which I call the first stage."

From the way Chris was speaking, he would constantly say we, and change it to I. It was clear that Chris wasn't someone who found out how to use Qi naturally, and he had been taught by someone. No matter how badly he was trying to hide it.

"This is not bad because to learn the other stage, you would have to learn the first stage..well.. first." Chris said, scratching his head as if he was trying to remember everything. "Now, in this stage, the most important thing is to increase your Qi output strength. It looks like you've already hit the limit and know how to utilise all your Qi, although part of that is because of the other force messing about inside your body, but there are other ways we can improve ourselves."

Chris, then started to walk over to the large boulder in the corner of the room and then proceeded to lift it with ease, as if he was some type of superhuman.

"Right now, I am using hundred percent of my Qi in my arms and body to help me lift this boulder. Without Qi, I would have never been able to do such a thing, but what if I could? This is why training the body and not relying just on Qi is just as important. Each day I have been lifting the boulder, using less Qi day by day, and at the moment, I can lift the boulder mostly myself. Training your body like so, can make our bodies almost superhuman.

"Even a regular human, no matter how hard they trained, wouldn't have been able to lift something like this, but slowly using less Qi, our body tries to make up for what was missing before, and it changes us. So if you have already hit your Qi limit, then creating a super body to use Qi, will make you even stronger!" Chris said as he punched his own chest, a little too hard, and he started to rub his peck a little that had now turned slightly red. "Now this can also be used to train other areas such as speed and other things as well, but I chose to mainly focus on strength."

Although this might have been good advice, it wasn't really helpful for Quinn, who was beyond superhuman already. Without using Qi and just through his own natural strength, he would have been able to lift that boulder up just as easy as well.

But it did make him wonder if this was something similar to what the Blade's did. Even without abilities, Vordne's sister and brother were strong. According to Sil, their training was mostly to do with putting their life on the line and activating that hidden strength the body had. If Qi was life energy, would it activate this life energy when the human body felt like it was going to die? Had the Blade family figured out how to create a super Qi body without knowing a thing about Qi?

However, what the Balde family did, wasn't something just anybody could have done, and most people who went through training like that would have died.

"Now that I've told you how to improve the first stage, let's explain a little about what the first stage is. The first step is simple, know how to use Qi in your body. Check. Know how to move Qi around to different parts of your body, Check, and finally, know how to infuse Qi into items or things you are touching. Ding ding. You already completed the first stage of Qi. Congratulations!" Chris said, as he saw Quinn nod to all of those things.

"Now let's look at the second stage, the reason why the third part of the first stage is so important, is because it's a similar feeling, rather than moving the Qi to different objects and people. We are going to learn how to externally release Qi to coat the outside of our bodies. Think of it as an invisible shell of armour. It's harder to get the hang of but can be really helpful, especially in improving your weapons. When you can coat your weapon and infuse it with power, your weapons and attacks will be more powerful than others. It can even disrupt other peoples life force when hit by it."

'The second stage of Qi, was this what Lucy was using on her weapon. Is that what happened, when she cut Peter? Her own Qi was the force I could see, the casting around the sword having attached itself to Peter, making it impossible for him to heal."

After the explanation was done, it was time for the demonstrations, and surprisingly Chris was quite the gifted teacher. He would press his hand against Quinn's backs and sense what he was doing with the Qi. Whenever Quinn would do something wrong or stray, Chris was able to correct him.

A few times, the other energy inside Quinn tried to attack Chris, but if it ever did infect him, then he would do what he had done before, getting rid of the Qi. Quinn had asked if he could do the same with the second stage, but apparently, what he was doing was more inclined with Qi's third stage.

Still, Chris said he shouldn't even think about learning the third stage until he had mastered the second stage. Although many could learn the second stage, the third was a little different. He didn't go further with explanations other than that.

After a couple of days of hard work together, Quinn had finally shown some progress, and the two of them were getting on quite well. When talking, both of them would avoid questions about each other's past, and they seemed to respect that.

Why should one tell them about the other, if the other was keeping secrets, and soon they learnt to respect each other.

Finally, after Quinn had successfully coated his gauntlets in Qi, he was ready on the third day.

"I knew you were good." Chris said. "To learn this in three days, I mean I guess we had nothing else to do, and I am a great teacher. "

It was true; without Chris, Quinn would have never been creative enough to figure out any of this independently.

"What now, the third stage?" Quinn asked.

Chris shook his head, like Quinn was a fool for asking such a question.

"Knowing how to use the second stage while standing still, and knowing how to use it in a fight are two different things." Chris picked up his weapons and went to walk out of the cave, while Quinn followed.

They went to a certain area that had many broken tree's and craters in the ground. It looked like a bomb had gone off in the area and completely cleared all the jungle and greenery.

"ARGHHHH!!" Chris shouted at the top of his lungs. The shout itself was amplified with Qi, and bird-like beasts flew in the air from a distance.

Soon, the sound of large footsteps was heading their way. Chris went off to the side and sat down crossed-legged on the floors, and started to eat an apple again.

"Show me what you learnt, my great disciple." Chris said.

When the loud footsteps grew closer, a large beast had jumped into the area they were in, shaking the ground as it landed. Using his Inspect skill, Quinn could see it.


[Legendary tier beast]


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