My Vampire System Chapter 791

783 Under Attack

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On the diamond-like surface where the ships of all the big factions were stationed, the rest of the groups and their people were waiting patiently inside their ships. They were unaware of how well the hunt for the demon tier beast was going, and all they could do was wish them good luck.

While the others were away, Linda was in charge of the Cursed ship, she was told to wait for Kazz to arrive back with the others, and report to Quinn as soon as possible, but there still hadn't been any signs of their return.

On her stroll around the ship, she made sure the other areas were doing well as well. Wevil had been brought over from the old Parasites faction. He was quite skillful and his speed ability was nice to have if Linda wanted to get anything.

The forgeing area led by Alex was hammering away, it was as if they never stopped making weapons. Alex was so excited because he knew thanks to the Pure planets and Daisy materials, they would now be getting new materials to work with. Finally being part of the big four, they were free to trade without any worries and Alex's dream of becoming a well known forger across the universe would come true.

Seeing his enthusiasm always put a bright smile on Linda's face, finally the last area she went to check up on, was the makeshift school. There were a few kids from the families that lived on the ship on board, but most of the faction members' families lived off the ship on their planets.

Since there were teleporters linked to each of the planets on board the ship, it felt like an ordinary job for them, in the morning they could wake up and just hop through the teleporter heading off to the faction. So most families decided to live on the planet.

Still, there were plenty of kids on board because of those Quinn had brought back with him. Peter was no longer here, and usually he would have been the one looking after them, but instead there was little Borden.

As she took a peek through the window, she could see that little Borden was holding one of the kids above him with his two small hands.

"Wow that's amazing Borden, me next, me next!" Another kid shouted.

"Are there any ordinary people in this faction?" Linda thought.

Knowing that all the areas were safe and doing well, all she could do was just walk around and check if the faction members were okay. As usual when she was left with nothing to do, her mind would start to wonder about her brother.

'I wish he was here to see all of this.' She thought. The worst part of it all was that she didn't know who to blame for his death. She had gone through so many emotions, and had gone from one person to the other, blaming Fex, blaming the Parasites, and even blaming Quinn. In the end, there was one person she wanted to blame more than anyone, but that person was already dead.

Feeling somber, the words of Quinn rang through her head. Seeing how she was, at one point Quinn tried to pick her back up.

"The feelings you are going through at the moment aren't just felt by you. So many people around the world are experiencing the same thing. Rather than thinking about what you could have done, or who to blame, we should start being more proactive and prevent anything like this from happening to others again."

Quinn was a young adult while Linda was in her mid twenties. She often thougt he was naive and his decion making skills were stupid and suitable for his age, but at times, there were moments where he seemed the most mature person in the room as if he had lived a long life.

At that moment, a whizz of air passed her, and Wevil was suddenly in front of her. His face looked panicked and it wasn't from the running.

"Linda, we have intruders." Wevil informed her.

This was something that she didn't expect to hear.

Outside of the Cursed ship, all the other ships were on standby. From time to time there would be those that went outside just for some fresh air and to check if any beasts were around that would come close. However, no such thing occurred.

Unaware to the others though, two certain groups were planning a move. Those from Pure that had supposedly run away were now returning, but they weren't returning to their own ship, they were heading for the Cursed faction's ship.

On top of this, the three people who had formed the temporary alliance were under Pure before were also leading the charge. The Pure members were on standby, hiding behind one of the large up rooted slabs of crystal. In total there were around a hundred of them.

They were waiting for the Cursed faction to open their doors and that was the job for the three from the alliance. Two people were put outside on watch, as the three approached.

"Did you notice?" Someone from the Graylash family said. "The three of them have all their beast equipment on. My guess is that they aren't exactly there to just talk."

"Then should we go and help them, their strongest members are away."

"Do you think we should? The Cursed faction are now meant to be one of the strongest factions out there, if they can't deal with something like this, then they don't deserve to be a part of the leaders."

"We are here to speak about the terms of us joining the Cursed faction!" One spoke loudly, trying to seem non threatening.

The two from the Cursed faction looked at each other and knew it wasn't their decision to make. From the look on their faces, Fareen, one of the others from the alliance, knew they were going to radio in.

She quickly pulled out her weapon and got behind the faction member, placing a dagger against his throat. While Kubo did the same with his spear pointed towards the other one.

"Open the doors nice and easy, and we promise we won't kill you." Kubo said.

Fearing for their lives, they did as they were told and the runway and door started to open for the Cursed ship. They were in.

At the same time, a loud explosion was heard off in the distance, going off one after another. It wasn't too far from where they were, but it was enough to cause the effect they wanted. The other groups went to investigate, although the explosion themselves would do nothing to the hard terrain around them.

It did attract some unwanted attention, attention from beasts. With beasts heading their way, all the other groups started to prepare for a battle in front of them. Using this confusion and panic, the Pure members came out from hiding to also board upon the Cursed ship.

They were dressed in regular traveler clothing and even if anyone did see them now, no one would really know who they were. These factions weren't close with each other, and they didn't even know what the others looked like.

They would simply think that the Cursed faction were doing their own thing and even if they did spot them, these groups were only under a temporary alliance, they wouldn't care about another group getting attacked, they would just focus on the beasts and themselves.

However, they were those that did notice, like the ones from the Graylash family. They had an idea who was behind the sudden commotion, but decided to keep their mouths shut.

"Finally we're inside." Kubo said. "Well with everyone away, this should be as easy as taking candy from a baby."

The alliance members were strong, even if they hadn't done well in the duel. They knew there were few people in the world that could go up against them, it was just they were meeting those more frequently lately.

It was now up to those on the Cursed ship, to successfully defend the attack.


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