My Vampire System Chapter 794

786 Blood Fairy Power

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Standing in front of Nog, he couldn't keep his eyes off Alex. His eyes would sweep from one wing to the other. The red color was just so captivating, in a way they looked light and see through. If a person were to touch them, he imagined his hands would just fall through, but at the same time they looked strong and alive, pulsing like a heartbeat.

There were several lines that stemmed from Alex's body going to the very tip of the wings.

"Arghh this crap hurts!" Alex shouted as he knelt over. He quickly grabbed onto a dagger that had pierced the top of his thigh and pulled it out throwing it onto the floor.

He had managed to avoid and block some of the weapons with his sword, but not all of them. A dagger had managed to hit him in the thigh and it had pierced quite deep.

"Do me a favor, try to use the workbench as cover, I'm going to try my best to get rid of these guys." Said Alex.

The workbench was large and solid, due to it having to be used to make weapons all day. It was the perfect tool for blocking attacks. Moving around it would help them avoid attacks from all directions. Now, all the forgers were bent low and taking cover.

When he spoke, his words didn't sound too confident, but what else could they do? Gripping his sword tightly, he flew over to the person who was the cause of the problem, Fareen. She tried her best to throw out weapons towards him coming from all sorts of different angles, but like a fly, he was able to quickly change direction avoiding all of them.

'All that training I did, it seems to have been for something.' Although Alex never trained in combat, when he had become a Blood fairy there was one thing he did every day, and that was practice flying. How could he avoid the temptation, humans wishing to fly where many people's dreams and he could, so whenever he got the chance, he would practice.

Lifting his sword above his head, he struck down, but creating a wall of weapons it was blocked easily.

"You don't even know how to use that thing," Fareen said, as she moved the wall of weapons to act like a claw, grabbing onto the sword, then picking it up, she struck with her own short sword stabbing Alex in the stomach.

From the pain, Alex let go of the sword, and flew back in a hurry, he had never been hit like that before, and he soon realised he was filled with something, fear.

"You are no fighter I can tell, it's a waste of time trying to fight back," she spoke, continuing to walk forward and pulling the weapons stuck all over the room to her once more.

Holding onto his stomach, blood was starting to fill his hands, the pain was one he hadn't felt before, it was no longer hurting, but just looking at the wound was causing him to worry.

'The others, they always get hit like this, but they carry on fighting. Who would go through this type of stuff? I don't want to do this. I can't!' Alex thought.

He noticed his hand was shaking, but then looking around the room, at the other forgers inside, he could see one of them had his hands held over his head, his teeth chattering, and him mumbling words.

"Pleasejust leavepleasejust leave"

The man was clearly frightened for his life, and the reason he was here was because Alex chose him to be here.

"Maybe if I was Quinn I could have done something." Alex said smiling, which soon turned into laughter.

Fareen thought Alex had gone mad.

"You guys are so sick, attacking while our leader and the others are away. All we wanted to do was protect what's ours and you're trying to take it away. You're worse than beasts!" Alex shouted as he flew towards her.

Thinking that he was going for an attack, she placed the weapons in front of her creating a shield again, but he had gone right past her and grabbed the sword on the ground. However, one of the Pure members expecting him to do this, swung their axe down hitting Alex's hand right in the center just short before he could reach the weapon.

"Arghh!" Another scream at the top of his lungs.

Fareen then turned around and quickened her pace walking towards Alex, she smiled as if she was enjoying this. Seeing that smile alone, something was building up inside, anger, it was causing him to feel the energy clearer in his body.

Grabbing the axe, Alex pulled it out from his hand and yanked it out of the Pure member, before grabbing his head with the other hand, and chucking him off to the side. A display of strength just not possible for a human, especially one not wearing beast gear. Picking up the sword again he charged forward.

He wasn't going to make the same mistake twice, now when attacking, he would quickly fly in and out hitting around her. Fareen using the weapons as cover thought she was safe, but what she failed to notice was how worn out the weapons were getting with each attack, and how Alex's weapon was glowing.

Then, with another strike, Alex had broken through her shield of weapons she had been using, then out of nowhere, he reached out with his other hand as if to grab her, but her movements were fast, and she had jumped back.

"If only I could reach her!' He thought.

At that moment, the energy that was building up inside him went to his left hand. A red form of aura like a laser shot came out, hitting her in the head. All the metal weapons fell from the ground and so did she.

Huffing and panting, Alex looked at her body, maybe he should have been upset as it was the first time he had killed a person, but instead he just felt relief.

"I did it! I did it!" He shouted as he too fell to the floor.

"Damn it, take all their weapons!" A Pure member shouted, they were on the move, but it looked like Alex could do nothing, he was spent on energy.

"Leave the rest to us." Nog said, as he had his forging hammer in his hand. The other nine were ready behind him to fight. Seeing Alex fight so hard for them, they couldn't just sit down. Now the biggest threat was out of the way they had a chance.

They would soon realize they didn't have to, as reinforcements had arrived from the portals, to take care of the others.

'Thank you Quinn, thank you for giving me the power to protect these guys.'

Over on the left side of the ship, Kubo was also exploring the ship to see if there was anything interesting. He had attempted to contact the other two to see how things were going but there was no reply.

'They're probably too caught up and excited in fighting. How come they get all the fun. Why haven't I found anyone yet!' Kubo said, running his fingers up and down his spear.

Out of the three he was quite the bloodthirsty type, and he didn't care whose life he would have to take to achieve his goal. Eventually, him and his group's search had led him to one of the training rooms.

When they entered, they were surprised to see a room full of kids, and a really short little man the size of a small dog in front of them.

The Pure members thought after seeing these, they would just turn around, but instead, Kubo licked his lips and started walking forward.

"What are you-" A Pure member tried to call out, but his friend quickly covered his mouth.

"Are you crazy, if you say something to him, he could snap and kill us all, it's better you just leave him be."

Pushing his friend's hand away, he just couldn't agree.

"Are you really going to just watch him do that to children? I agreed to help Pure, to create a world where our children can grow up safe, not to harm them."

The Pure member took a step forward, but at the same time Kubo turned around, and with a single stare, the man froze and fell to the floor.

"Now kids, who wants to play a little game?" Kubo said, as he spun his spear round and round.

Moving in front of the kids was Borden, he looked up to Kubo from below, with his head tilted back.

"Are you trying to hurt my students?" Borden asked.


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