My Vampire System Chapter 798

790 A Final Tes

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A demi-god tier beast. A tier of beast that was just under that of a demon tier. How strong it was Quinn had no idea, but he wasn't too afraid. One of the main reasons for not being scared was because his system made him believe it wasn't a reason to be.

After defeating the legendary tier beasts, even with the first kill reward, Quinn wasn't even close to levelling up to the final stage. There were times when they were out on their training and a demi-god tier beast was approaching them. Using his inspect skill he knew so, and somehow Chris would know as well, as he had warned them and the two of them were running before it arrived.

The thing was, even after using his inspect skill on the demi-god tier beast, he still didn't receive an instant level up reward. Which meant as long as Quinn used all of his powers and abilities, the system believed it should have been something Quinn could deal with.

Right now, it looked like obtaining the demon tier crystal was the only thing that could level him up. Still, Quinn was conflicted with how strong a demi-god tier beast would be.

There was one thing that did worry him slightly, maybe the demi-god tier beast Quinn had seen at the time wasn't strong enough. If they ran into a humanoid one, or maybe something similar then it would definitely be a problem.

"Will I be taking it on my own?" Quinn asked. He wondered if there was a chance he would have to use his shadow abilities to get out of this one.

Chris started to laugh, a deep laugh from within and fell to the floor punching the ground. Quinn felt like it was an overreaction, but Chris was often this way.

"Come on man, you can barely beat legendary tiers, and honestly I've never really fought a demi-god tier beast myself, even I don't think it's something I can deal with on my own. Of course I will be joining you on this one, and I will be using the demon tier weapons as well."

Gulping, now Quinn was worried. Was Chris just bluffing about this? Perhaps he thought due to him having the demon tier weapons there was no chance he could lose.

Still, Quinn had no idea of the extent of Chris's full power. He hadn't seen him use the third stage, nor what the third stage of Qi was capable of, and Chris hadn't seen Quinn's abilities.

'Maybe it won't be too dangerous?' Quinn thought. He did have one thing to worry about, how much time had passed being down here. The others might have already left the place, or they were busy looking for him.

Quinn would hate it if the Cursed faction came down and were suffering trying to find him. The only thing that didn't make him worry so much, was Sil and Sam. With Sil's strength they could deal with anything apart from a demon tier beast, and with Sam's smarts they would never risk bringing everyone down to a place like this.

"Come on, what are you daydreaming about, let's go looking for that beast!' Chris said with a big smile.

While the two of them were walking around the jungle with Quinn following Chris' lead. Quinn wanted to ask Chris some questions he hadn't asked before.

"Chris, have you tried to look for a way out of here? And I mean recently?" Quinn asked.

"I already told you everything. I tried, but even if I found a way out I don't think I would leave yet." He replied. "Not until I taught that damn crab a lesson."

Apparently, Chris still had a grudge towards the crab for bringing him down here in the first place. Through their time together Quinn had found out a little bit more about him. He didn't say if he came with others or not, but did say he tried to take on the Crab demon tier beast. When it was planning to escape, he jumped and held onto the crabs back only for the crab to drag him down and he eventually passed out. Later on he woke up and found himself in this place.

The two of them had been walking around for a while now and what was strange was, like the days before they hadn't run into a single legendary tier beast. There were though, a couple of emperor tier beasts that had approached them.

These were beasts similar to horses in appearance that had bodies made of a stone substance and green plants growing from their bodies. They would be able to control the vines and plants from their bodies to trap their enemies before stabbing them with the sharp single long horn on their head.

At first, Quinn stepped forward, thinking this was a chance he could practice his Qi use, but Chris placed his hand in front of him and went up ahead instead. The horse charged forward with its horn pointed out and was running quite fast. When it got within range, vines from its body started to tangle around Chris's arms.

"Where the hell are all the beasts!' Chris shouted, as he ripped the vines and held out his hand. When the horn hit the palm of its hand, it didn't pierce through but instead it crumbled to pieces until he was able to hold the head of the horse.

Only now seeing this did Quinn notice how large of a guy Chris was.

'Was he always this big?'

Grabbing the sword from his back, he cut the beasts head clean off, killing it in one swoop. Quinn was about to approach the horse's body to help find the crystal. But then Chris had let out an almighty roar. He swung his sword out once again and it looked like the links on them started to open up and extend.

Each of the sections of the short blade opened up, and now it was nearly four times as long and was moving like that of a snake. The trees that were in front were each hit and falling on top of each other one by one. When he was done with his attack, the sword retracted back to its original size.

"Maybe that will be enough noise to bring one of them over here." Chris said.

After waiting a while, the two of them still could find no legendary tier beasts or demi-god tier beast.

"It was so easy last time, we saw one by accident, so why can't we find one now!" He started to complain.

"Well, demi-god tier beasts are rare in the first place, but I do think something is strange. Let's just head back for now and see if we can find anything in the opposite direction." Quinn suggested.

Upon returning Chris was quiet and Quinn had never seen him like this before. He often loved to talk, and Quinn kind of just nodded along, only asking questions about Qi when he had them. When they finally had reached the waterfall and cave, Chris stopped.

"No, as your teacher I can't disappoint you. I won't fail you Quinn." Chris said with a passion holding his hand by his chest.

"It's okay." Quinn said nervously. "I never knew you were taking this whole thing so seriously."

"You have been the best student I have ever had, the only student!" Chris started to speak even more dramatically now. "So I can't let you down, I have come up with an idea. In those old movies, the final test between master and disciple, the student must overcome the master."

Now Quinn was really starting to worry, often Chris would quote things from martial arts movies, and a lot of the training seemed to be based on them as well. But now he was starting to wonder if this crazy acting was because he had been down here too long. Originally, Quinn had gone along with it, perhaps that was a bad idea.

'Argh what the hell, let's just go with it.'

"Thank you master, I will be willing to do anything to please you." Quinn said with his hands held out, his face was bright red as he looked at the floor. He didn't want to admit it but he was kind of enjoying the role play.

"Excellent. Then for your final test, you and I shall fight each other, in a final duel."


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