My Vampire System Chapter 800

792 Unknown Man

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It didn't take long for Sil and the others to find out just how dangerous the place they were in was. Sil had already dealt with a legendary tier beast with ease before, a single strike even. However while searching for Quinn they soon found themselves coming across more than they bargained for.

It had been a few days since they landed and began their search. Due to Sil's persistence, they agreed that they would look for Quinn first. According to Logan, the Demon tier beast was remaining still in one place and unmoving, and it seemed to stay that way for the entire duration.

This was one of the reasons they eventually agreed, the other, was because they didn't want to get on Sil's bad side. It was clear he had a short temper and the level and strength of his powers were heard to gauge.

Of course with each day, after twenty four hours had passed, Sil's ability would reset, although the others wouldn't know this. Resetting meant Sil no longer had the abilities stored and he would have to touch the others again.

Touching Owen was easy as he would allow this, and the same could be said with Logan. Helen and her two sisters had been left to look after the ship, but each day the group would return to the ship after searching. Therefore touching them was still rather easy for Sil, a lot easier than he imagined.

It was a strange feeling when the girls saw him, a powerful person who even caused fear in the leaders, but at the same time very childlike. The girls found him quite cute and often would play with his hair, or pinch his cheeks, so there were no problems there.

Still, after displaying his powers in front of everyone, there were two people who were cautious of him, and that was Duke and Oscar. They would keep their distance from Sil so that he couldn't get anywhere near. There were no secrets about this child, as Duke knew his ability well from the files they had received when he was in school, but they didn't know the in and outs of the ability.

Regardless, they didn't want to be anywhere near him for now. Because of this, Sil's attack power was significantly weakened compared to before. But it was still strong enough for him to defeat the beasts with ease.

The group were standing in a dark muddy field, it was strange as there was no greenery while the rest of the place was filled with jungle. All their problems with the beasts seemed to stem from when they stepped foot in this area.

A giant silver gorilla with a tail of a scorpion came out from the jungle to the clearing they were in. When it got in range, multiple plants would pop up and start firing away at the gorilla. It was the thorns from Helen's skill, unfortunately he didn't have their soul weapon so it was basic. By the time it got close, Sil was able to finish it off with his lightning bolt. That was now the fifth beast that had attacked them while they were there.

They didn't know why but it was as if something was radiating off them, all the beasts were now starting to make their way towards the group, and that included the strong ones.

"Why do they keep coming?" Bonny asked as she was starting to panic.

As soon as she finished saying those words, another beast had come into view.

There was a problem though, Sil couldn't keep doing this forever. His MC points and level would have been above everyone there and it was true he could combine the levels to make an almighty attack, but the stronger the attack, the more MC points it would still use, and Sil was starting to grow tired.

'It looks like they're doing this on purpose.' Logan thought as he was observing both Duke and Oscar. 'The two of them haven't done much in terms of helping fight the beasts. Even Owen is firing his abilities, you would think they were just preserving their strength but that's not it at all. They're afraid, afraid of Sil.'

Logan's hunch was on the ball. Both Duke and Oscar didn't want to help Sil and were glad he was getting tired out. They felt like he was a loose cannon that they couldn't control. Because of him, they were wasting time and effort when the Demon tier could be escaping for all they knew. They wanted him to weaken.

Soon, a loud rumbling was heard and the ground was felt shaking from underneath them. Bonny and Void fell off their feet the shaking was that rough. It went on for a good few minutes and it was only getting stronger.

When the shaking stopped, they realised that the beasts had stopped coming from the jungle area.

"Was that an earthquake?" Bonny asked.

Finally, with a moment's rest Logan could pull out his computer to check something

"Hey!" A voice was heard shouting in the distance, When Sil and the others turned around to look, they could see Quinn walking forward with a red haired man behind him.

'Quinn, you're safe..' Sil thought, and a giant smile beamed on his face.

However, Quinn's mood soon turned sour and his facial expression had changed when he looked at Duke. It was so intense that even Chris who was standing next to him could feel his Qi building up.

'Whoah, Quinn must really hate one of them.' Chris thought. When he looked over, that's when he recognised just who Quinn was waving over to.

'Wait a minute, isn't that the military supreme commander Oscar, and Owen the head of the Graylash family? What the hell are they doing here, and this kid knows them. I really shouldn't be here.' Chris thought, as he started to turn away and hide his face.

When he did, that's when Oscar spotted the two weapons on his back and his eyes widened.

Back on the surface where the others had fallen through the crack, Mona had begun to make herself comfy. She had brought out a nice comfy levitating seat with her, and the others were busy chatting away.

It turned out that there weren't many beasts on the surface of the planet. For what reason she didn't really care.

'This has turned out quite nicely. While they are doing all the work, I still get my part of the deal - having access to the Demon weapon on request. Even if it isn't successful, I can always build up a force later on and try for the other demon tiers thanks to Logan.

'The only thing I didn't really calculate was the strength of the demon tier, who would have thought that they were that strong? I'll have to prepare more in the future, but I'm sure I'll be able to do something if I pick and choose my battles.' She thought.

While relaxing away with her eyes closed and deep in her thoughts, she felt her eyelids darken even more as a large shadow was cast over her. Opening her eyes, she could see a large spaceship but it was not one that she recognised and it definitely wasn't one of the ones belonging to any of the others.

'Could it be Pure?'

"Miss Bree, what should we do?" A man shouted.

"Prepare yourselves, this could turn into a nasty battle." She said as she prepared her beast by her side. All groups were ready and standing behind Mona, waiting for her command. The ship slowly landed and the ramp started to defend first.

"Lets see how you deal with this," Mona thought, as she commanded her beast that was like a spirit, to head over to the entrance of the ship. When the doors lifted, a large dark red fire hand was seen grabbing onto the beast and it was turned into ashes in a second.

"What do we do? Miss Bree, Bree, Mona!" They shouted but she wouldn't respond.

They thought it might have been due to how easily her beloved beast was killed, but it wasn't. It was because of the three people seen walking out of that ship and heading towards them.

"I heard there was a demon tier beast on this planet." A deep voice said.

When the person in front got close, Mona immediately got down to her knees, and tears were running down her face.

'What is he doing here, why is he here now? Why did he leave that island!' She screamed inside her head, as she feared for the whole world as they knew it.


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