My Vampire System Chapter 806

798 Another Monster

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Some of the strongest people on earth were all teaming up to face one man, and in that team of people, Sil had joined their side as well. The one who had managed to convince him, was Logan in the end.

During the fight, Logan had managed to snatch Sil slightly away from his family, and through his own words he made Sil think.

"Sil, you know what's going to happen if Hilston beats them all, right? Quinn isn't strong enough to take on your grandfather, it's just not possible." Logan said. "But with you, they might have a chance."

Sil looked over to his father and mother who hadn't joined the fight and then his grandfather looking at Oscar with a smile. That smile started to build up a slight anger in him. It was because of him he lost all of those close to him but whenever he thought about fighting, that anger started to turn into fear and his hands started to shake again.

"Sil!" Logan snapped. "We saved you once, we risked our lives to break you out of there and if it wasn't for you back then, we all would have been dead as well."

But last time Sil had Vorden and Raten by his side supporting him, this time, he was on his own.

"When your grandfather finds out that we were the ones that took you from that island and hurt all of his people on his precious island, do you think he will let us live? Do you think he'll let Quinn go peacefully?"

The answer to all those questions were clear, and that was when Sil finally plucked up the courage to fight against his own grandfather.

'Quinn, even if you are too afraid to fight, I will protect you this time.' Sil thought as he looked over to Quinm.

Bonny was also looking at Quinn, wondering why he wasn't joining in the fight, even the stranger who had been claimed as part of Pure had joined. Instead, Quinn was just standing there. As for Fex, if Quinn wasn't going to go in, then Fex wasn't going to either. At the end of the day Fex was a vampire, who owed Quinn, not the human race.

Besides, Fex wondered how much he could really help anyway.

'Why isn't my inspect skill giving me a quest. It has come up before no matter how hard the task was, even against Pai and Vicky, so why not against Hilston?' Quinn thought.

'Is that what you're telling me system, are you telling me that it's impossible?'

The others didn't even have time to notice that Quinn was just standing off to the side because they were more worried about the monster in front of them.

"Oscar, I need to borrow your power." Sil said as he approached him. Not moving away, Oscar let Sil press his hand against his body.

Oscar knew the highest chance of beating this man was with the kid and he was going to do what he could to protect him. The green glow around his armour had gone away and his body was fully healed, however, he wouldn't be able to use the active skill again for a while, and was doubtful if Hilston would even give him the chance to.

"I'm going to scratch up that old man's armour just like I did against that crab!" Chris shouted as he charged forward and extended both his blades, swinging them coming towards Hilston at both sides.

At the right time, Hilston with the bottom of his hand, slammed both of the blades into the ground. His Qi body was even stronger than the Qi that Chris could produce and his strength from the Demon tier armour would always out weigh whatever stats Chris's weapon gave him.

Soon after, a flash of blue lightning appeared by Hilston's side as Owen had transported himself right next to him. Acting fast, Hilston fired out his own lightning strikes towards Owen. Throwing his fan on the ground, the lightning was suddenly drawn to the fan causing no harm to him, and now Owen was able to attack Hilston.

However, a dome of earth was quickly risen above Hilston while the others were busy blocking any of the attacks. When the dome came down he was nowhere to be seen.

"Is this how you do it?" Hilston said, coming down like a lightning bolt himself, he was behind Owen and had grabbed him on the shoulder, slamming him onto the ground. With his other fist covered in flames he was ready to finish Owen off.

Before he landed his hit, the ground started to shift underneath Owen until he was covered in a box made of earth, he was moved back over to where Sil and Oscar were standing.

Chris, lifting up his weapon again, tried to strike Hilston. This time Hilston had grabbed the blades, then swinging the weapon, he managed to lift up Chris' whole body up off the ground and slammed him back down. Before he tried to get up, four strikes of lightning in a row were thrown out, keeping him on the floor.

The ones watching from the side had seen it all, what Hilston had done was far more impressive than the ones fighting knew, because during the whole time while they were fighting, Sil was firing his lightning bolts at Hilston, yet not a single one had hit.

Sil needed to stay far back, because he didn't have super speed or good armour to give him extra stats, but now he couldn't even hit him with lightning.

"Owen." Hilton said. "I'm surprised you agreed to join up with them, I always thought you were the smartest of the other leaders. Especially when I took your dear grandfather. Don't you care for his life?"

Owen, getting out from the earth box Sil had created looked hurt, but was still well enough to continue fighting.

"Do you really not understand?" Owen said. "When you captured my grandfather his life was already over. I'm sure some of the chained you have would rather be dead than kept alive, and I don't want to live in fear from you or anyone else. If we have any chance of beating you, now would be the only ideal situation for it."

Hilston started to laugh.

"Look, two of you are gravely injured, one of you is hurt from before, and I haven't had a scratch on me. To me it makes no difference fighting you together or one at a time. Maybe you have confidence because my grandson is on your side, but let me tell you why you can never beat me Sil." Hilston said, turning to look at Sil, and looking right into his eyes.

"There are three reasons why. Firstly, even if we both can copy the same abilities, I'm better at using them than you with my years of experience. Secondly, you never completed the training on the island, maybe then you would be somewhat of a threat, but you have a body that isn't even comparable with your mother and father let alone me. And finally, you can store more abilities than me Sil, I can tell by the power of the abilities that you have returned to your former self. But there is a difference between the abilities I have and the ones you have, and that is quality."

After his speech, he fired off a large blue lightning bolt more powerful than any others and Sil out of reaction had done the same. When the two hit though, there was a clear winner as it continued to push forward against the other lightning strike.

Before the strike had hit, the ice barrier was raised up once again, but it was only a repeat of last time. Even when the strike was returned, it had hit Hilston's chest piece and had no effect whatsoever.

"Now, what was the point in that, you have only delayed your passing." Hilston said.

When the ice barrier went down, there was one more person that was now with them who wasn't there before. A kid with black curly hair.

"Oh, and who is this?" Hilston said.

"According to the information father, he is one of the new leaders." The mother Blade spoke.

"A new leader, and you think you joining now will change the tide somehow, right, you are all idiots."

"No." Quinn said. "I don't think even me joining would help us win. To put it simply, I think you're a monster that can't be beat."

Hilston smiled at these words, he thought monster was quite a powerful sounding phrase and this boosted his ego.

"However, I know more than one monster exists and to defeat a monster, I just need to call another monster."

By now, Chris had recovered enough to look at what Quinn was doing. His second stage of Qi and great body had helped him survive the lightning attacks. He knew Quinn's strength, at least he thought he did, and thought that there was no point in Quinn joining in, he should have ran off while the others were fighting...

'So then, why does he have this much confidence?'

Placing his hand on the ground, a shadow started to spread out on the floor. While observing Quinn also noticed something else about Hilston, he would give the others plenty of time to show their power. This man was crazy, all he wanted was a strong opponent, which was why he was always waiting for them.

And he knew that Hilston would now do the same.

When the shadow was spread out across the floor, it started to bubble up, and soon a figure could be seen rising through it. A tall long black haired man, who wielded a chained sword on his back.

Seeing this, Fex fell over on his back side.



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