My Vampire System Chapter 807

799 You Have To Live

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Bodies of those from the great families were scattered on the surface. All of it done by the one and only Blade family. Some of them upon seeing the old man didn't know it would be the last thing they saw before they moved on from this world.

They were fighting for peace, fighting against the Dalki, but they never expected to be fighting against an unknown enemy. When attacking those on the surface Hilston was sloppy, some would think this wasn't in line with what the Blades did in the past.

The truth was, Hilston was always sloppy, leaving traces of the Blade family behind wherever he went, there were plenty of witnesses that had seen his power before, yet no one outside the big families knew who the Blades really were. Why? Because someone was always there to cover their tracks, to silence those that knew about them.

The problem was this time, it was too big to silence, too many people were involved, and the Blades were making it clear - they were now getting involved in this mess. They were no longer hiding.

Because of Hilston's sloppiness, there were a few unexpected survivors. It was those that were stronger than he thought, those that were a little more special than regular humans. One of the first ones who had come to and body was slowly healing was Sam.

Sam had remained on the surface hoping to provide help or information if Quinn had ever needed it. He wasn't a great fighter and he hadn't learnt an ability yet. However, his body was slowly healing enough to keep him alive, but not enough to get his body back to the way it used to be.

His legs were still broken in places and several burn marks were visible on his body. Looking up, opening his eyes, he was trying to see if anyone was alive.

"Nate Dennis Paul are you guys okay?" These were the others that had remained on the surface along with him. They too weren't much against the Balde family, but then again no one was a match for them.

One of the others that fared better though, was Paul. His arms were still intact, even though the bottom half of his body had been crushed.

'I can't die here.' Paul thought. 'Everyone is still alive waiting for me to come back, and what would Hayley do, she still doesn't know the truth.' Thinking about his daughter, he was worried for her. She had remained back at the ship with the rest.

After witnessing what Hilston had done, it would have been easy for him to have destroyed the other ships and everyone on board as well. The strongest members were there with him on the hunt. All he could do was hope that they hadn't gone there first.

'What if she's alive, what is she hanging on just like me?' With these thoughts running through his mind, Paul dragged himself across the floor, putting one hand in front of the other and digging into the hard ground.

Using his hardened nails, he dug into the icy surface and pulled himself towards the closest body. The person was already dead, but what Paul needed was something else.

He had never taken blood directly this way before but he had no choice. Digging his fangs into the veins of one of the dead bodies, he started sucking the blood into his throat. A tingly sensation was felt all over his body and from there it didn't take long for his legs to heal.

His legs were only crushed and his limbs weren't torn. Still, if he was a regular human he would have already died from blood loss. When his body finally healed, he looked around and could see someone nearby who was struggling, trying to lift themselves off from the ground. That person was none other than Sam.

Grabbing another body, Paul brought over another body and dropped it in front of Sam.

"Drink up, you're like me, right. So it should heal you." Paul said. "I don't know where my flask went and I'm guessing you lost yours in the fight as well."

It didn't take long and Sam didn't really have to think about it, before he had dug his fangs into the body in front of him. Just like Paul, his body was soon healing and he was able to walk like before.

"My flask was completely destroyed." Sam said. "What about the others, have you checked if they are okay?"

"The Cursed faction members that were around me at the time, well they were all dead. But I haven't had the time to check everyone here yet." Paul replied while looking at all the bodies. It was reminiscent of scenes he saw during the war, something he didn't expect to see here too, especially not done by another human.

With their search for any survivors they found a few, but their conditions were always unfavourable. They mostly were in so much pain they were asking to be killed, or would soon die anyway.

For those that were like this, Paul using his poison ability was able to give them a painless death. When Sam was searching he had his best friend in mind. When they first had gotten off the ship, Nate had managed to grab onto Hilston's arm and activated his soul weapon slowly solidifying it with his hardening ability.

They soon found out that Hilston allowed that to happen, even with his arm heavier than usual, the old man was still able to move it just as fast and had hit Nate away, from that single punch Sam didn't see him get up again.

He was hoping that maybe he had activated his hardening skill in time and would still be alive, but it was difficult to tell. Multiple craters from different abilities being used were all over the place, and if Nate hadn't recovered, he could have been hit by one of those as well, the same as what happened to Sam. The only difference was, Sam wasn't human.

Eventually, the two of their searches allowed them to find the two Cursed members they were looking for, Dennis and Nate. They were still alive, but were in horrible conditions.

Moving them and carrying them to the side they were wondering if there was anything they could do, but just like the others they were soon to both die.

"I think the only thing I can do is make them pass away peacefully just like the others." Paul said with regret. At first he didn't really care for the Cursed faction, but they did start to grow on him as he spent more time with them.

In particular, he was close to Dennis who was closer to his age, they had a lot more in common.

'Is this my fate, to always let people down at the last hurdle?' He thought.

Sam was equally feeling as bad, he had tried talking to Nate but his jaw from where he had been punched was shattered, and it looked like he was hardly responsive at all.

"If it's the only thing we can do, then I guess we should do it." Sam regretfully said as tears fell from his cheek and onto the floor.

"There is one more thing the two of you can do." A voice said.

They both turned their heads to try and see where the voice was coming from, but they couldn't see anybody. They both knew from their reactions that they were hearing the same thing, so it couldn't have been in their heads.

"Just like someone did to you, to make your bodies stornger, you can do the same to them. You two are strong enough to create another." The voice continued to speak.

"Who are you!" Sam shouted. "Show yourself, why should we listen to someone who is hiding themselves?"

"It's up to you two to listen to me or not, but you know that this can save their lives, and the man who did this to all of you has gone underneath. I fear the same fate will have fallen to your friends as well. The least you could do is save the very lives in front of you." The voice explained as it slowly faded away and the two of them could feel that the presence was gone.

They thought about it for a few seconds and they understood what the voice was saying.

'To do to them the same thing that Quinn once did to us? He wants us to turn them, but is that even possible?' Sam thought.

He remembered the tales Quinn would tell about the vampire world, whether or not it was possible, it was certainly illegal via vampire law, but did that really matter. Was the law or his friend's life really more important?

Nearly at the same time, the two of them slit their arms, and started to pour their own blood down the other two cursed members' throats.

"You guys have to live!" They both shouted, as the ritual for the turning had begun.


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