My Vampire System Chapter 809

801 Summoning The Grea

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Total confusion would be a word to describe the look on the faces that were staring at the mysterious man who had just appeared. Out of the shadow that Quinn had cast on the ground, a man started to rise through the fields.

"Have you seen this guy before?" Bonny asked.

"No, I don't think we have any details of anyone looking like that or using a weapon that looks similar. How did he get here? Was it to do with Quinn's ability?" Void replied.

Many of the others were wondering the same thing, but there was a lot that they didn't know about the shadow. It was a mysterious ability that they had seen lock people, transport them, move them, as well as block attacks, so something like this could have been quite possible.

"Arthur, what is he doing here!" Fex said, still shocked by the whole thing. "How, how did Quinn even manage to bring him over? Is this what he was doing the whole time?'

When Quinn realized that the system hadn't even given him any type of quest, even one to survive, he was starting to lose hope. Seeing Hilston's equipment tier and displays of abilities just showed what he could do.

Desperate to get out of this situation in any way possible, Quinn could only think of one person that might have stood a chance against Hilston. Arthur, the question was how Quinn would summon him and get him to help fight.

Arthur didn't know Quinn that well. He had protected him against the other vampire leaders at the time, but it seemed like that was out of misunderstanding more than anything. Arthur didn't really have a reason to help Quinn other than the fact that the two of them shared the same ability.

Still, what else could Quinn do? So, he tried to activate his shadow skill once more. Suppose Arthur was using his shadow ability, or any other shadow users out there were using a shadow ability. In that case, Quinn should have been able to tell where they were from the skill, Shadow link.

What came as a surprise was that he had found a connection when using the skill this time, and it was none other than Arthur himself.

Unknown to Quinn, Arthur used his shadow abilities to set up a shadow clone in the Shelter. If the shadow clone were active, it would also count as Arthur using his ability. Arthur did this so he could use the shadow link ability and travel to his shadow at any point and time, regardless of where he was.

The skill acted like some type of shadow portal. When the link was made with Arthur, he could feel that someone had connected with him with the same ability. Knowing that there was only one other person, Arthur could only assume it was Quinn.

Each person who did a link and connected would feel slightly different. Arthur could remember using the link the first time on Quinn and could remember what it felt like.

Usually, when one would make the connection like Quinn did, they would be the one to sink through the shadow and teleport to them. However, Quinn did not do this despite creating a link. Arthur certainly found this strange.

Quinn did have the choice if he wanted to, to go over to where Arthur was, escape from Hilston and the other Blades, but then what about the rest? Once travelling to Arthur, there would be no way for him to return, and unlike other skills, shadow link was something only Quinn could use himself.

Not being able to communicate through the link itself, Quinn kept the active link on, and the longer it was kept on, the more Arthur started to become curious.

'Is he trying to call me over?' Arthur thought at the time.

If that was the case, then there were a few possibilities. Either Quinn was in trouble; he had found the first king or possibly another shadow user or something that needed Arthur's aid.

At this point and time, Arthur was not too busy. If his shadow clone was up, he could always come back, so he thought there was no harm in him coming over through the shadow, and it looked like he had been thrown into the middle of a battle.

"I was kind of hoping I wasn't going to be thrown into the middle of the battlefield." Said Arthur glancing at Quinn, who was behind him.

"I'm sorry, Arthur, this person, he's too strong, I don't even know if you can beat him," Quinn mumbled at the end.

"Hey what the hell!" Arthur complained. "You bring me here, and then you say you don't even know if I can beat him, so you are basically trying to get me killed."

He took a deep sigh and looked at those in front of him, there was no way for Arthur to gauge their strength off a simple look, and he had not done such a thing in a long time. He couldn't even remember when there was a need to know how strong his opponent was.

"Well, while I'm here, I guess I can help you, that's what we Punishers are meant to do after all." Arthur said as he looked at Hilston in his armour.

"Useless flies keep on popping up out of nowhere." Hilston said. "You seem to think because there are more of you, you have some type of chance of winning."

The whole time Arthur stood opposite him, he had his arms folded; his sword was still on his back. It was clear Arthur was not taking this too seriously.

"Arthur, this person is strong." Quinn said, heading another warning.

"Strong, well, you're pretty strong yourself. So if you called me, he has to be strong," Arthur replied.

Not waiting around any more and as a test, Hilston fired a dual lightning bolt towards Arthur, holding both of his hands together, but before it could reach them, the shadow from the ground rose up, blocking it.

Although Arthur still had his arms folded, his calm expression changed.

"You guys move out of the way, he is strong."

The others split up into two groups and moved to the left and to the right. Then when the shadow was lowered, Arthur moved out of the way of the sped-up lightning bolts. Hilston now continued to fire lightning bolts, and Arthur would move the shadow blocking them each time.

'I know how powerful Hilston's attacks must be.' Quinn thought. 'If I tried blocking one of these attacks, then my MC points would have already been at zero, but Arthur is blocking so many of them.'

Hilston, who was continuing to attack with the thunderbolts, started to think along the same lines. He had thought that the shadow was being used as some shield, but if a shield was needed to block a strong attack, then it would use up a lot of MC, and there should be no human other than his family that had such a huge amount of Mc points.

After blocking more strikes, the lighting finally stopped from Hilston.

"Oh, are you finally going to do something different, I'm surprised you can keep up attacks that strong for so long." Arthur said.

Hilston, who had been quite talkative up to this point, was quieter than before.

"How can you have such a large MC pool, or is it your ability?" Hilston said, his expression soon changed into a smile as he thought he had found someone strong for once.

And the stronger his opponent was, he could use that against them, by taking their MC level and points.

A mass amount of shadow started to form along Arthur's back, slowly building up, making a particular shape. Just like last time, Quinn knew what this was. Arthur was making his large shadow wings on his back.

When the shadow was finished expanding, the wings themselves were ten times the size of Arthur.

"When you have lived for thousands of years, taking other people's shadow, your powers grow a little bit." Arthur said.

Excited more than ever, Hilston slammed his two fists together, causing significant vibrations in the air each time he did so. His black and golden armour started to light up as well as if it were glowing.

"Is he only activating the beast aura now to aid himself." Quinn thought as he could sense Hilston's body getting stronger than it was once before.

It looked like they hadn't seen Hilston use all of his strength, but Quinn hadn't seen all of Arthur use his either. Although Quinn wanted to stay and watch the fight, he was worried, worried if Arthur couldn't finish the job.

If there was anything he could do to help, there was one thing. He looked off in the distance where the demon tier crab could be seen, still recovering. Even though it should have been able to sense or hear the fighting going on, it should have moved.

Just as Logan said, it was gravely injured and on its last legs.

'I have to try.'

While the two were fighting, Quinn thought his time would best be used to get the Demon tier crystal and complete the quest. When completing the quest, his evolution should begin, and as a vampire lord, he also should gain some new strength.

With his goal in sight, before moving, Quinn had a few last words.

"Good luck Arthur."


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