My Vampire System Chapter 810

802 Chains Dropped

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The others were off to the side, looking at both Hilston and Arthur. Even the Mother and Father Blade had stepped away from Hilston, fearing that they might get caught up in what was about to go down.

Most of the leaders had minor injuries, and surprisingly, Chris was able to recover relatively quickly thanks to his Qi, Oscar due to his chest piece, and Owen hadn't really been hurt much but was the most hurt out of all of them, grabbing onto his shoulder.

"That person can use the shadow ability as well." Oscar said, seeing how easily the attacks were blocked. "The question is, will he be strong enough to turn the tides."

They looked at Sil, who although he hadn't been hurt, was now almost gasping for air on his knees. Even before meeting Hilston, he had been fighting a lot, using nearly all his powers to help them.

'I wonder why the boy appears so weak when the other one seems to be fine?' Oscar thought.

However, Oscar was unaware of how the ability worked. Due to the chained that Hilston collected, he had gathered a lot more MC points and stronger level abilities than Sil had. That's what Hilston meant by quality of abilities.

"The black-haired man's demeanour hasn't changed. Although he is more serious, he is unafraid even after taking his attacks." Owen commented as he observed Arthur's body language. "I think he will be fine. What we need to worry about are the others."

Trying to not get hurt, they had gone away from where Arthur and Hilston was. They were still in the open field, where everyone could be seen clearly and walking towards them were two others.

"I think these two might be here to finish the job." Chris said as he looked at the mother and father Blade walking towards them.

Swinging his sword and gripping the hilt tightly one more time, Oscar was ready for another battle. "It's been a long time since I've felt like an underdog in a fight. Since coming here, it has felt like the war against the Dalki all over again. I guess I have been too relaxed lately. If there is a chance that man can defeat the old man, then the least we could do was take out these guys."

Although they didn't know who the stranger was that had come to their aid, both Oscar and Owen had an unknown confidence in Arthur. Most of this stemmed from Quinn. They had seen how useful and strong his shadow ability was. He had told them he had found the ability book, which meant someone else had to have known how to use the shadow in the past.

For Quinn to know this person, the others were thinking that this was Quinn's master, especially judging by how much more shadow he could control.

Arthur stood there with his two large wings made from shadows on his back. One of the wings fell to the floor, looking like it was almost melting, and when it touched the ground, it started to spread outward.

Not knowing what it was, Hilston tried to attack it, setting the shadow on fire. When that didn't work, he switched to using his lightning, and trying to move the earth around it, but it would still spread across the floor. He first allowed the shadow to briefly touch his foot and slowly touch the other parts of his body. When he realized it had no effect, he was less concerned.

Still, on Arthur's left side, the large shadow wing remained.

"Your ability might be strong." Hilston said, "But let's see how you are physically."

Using his own body's natural strength, with the beast armours power, Hilston lifted off from one foot and had covered the entire distance in an instant. This had come as a huge surprise to Arthur, who still had his arms folded.

He knew his opponent was human but had never seen a human move that fast before, even one with a top-level super speed ability wouldn't be able to do this. Since the attack was an unexpected one, all he could do was take the strike head-on. He allowed the fist to hit his head while moving it himself at the same time. He flung it in the direction of the strike to take less damage from the punch. At the same time, Arthur threw a punch from underneath, aiming right for the elbow in an uppercut position.

It was a perfect hit, and Arthur hadn't pulled any of his power when punching. It caused Hilston's arm to fling upward, but it looked just fine, unhurt, and when Arthur looked at his own fist, his was the one covered in blood and bruises.

"I never expected you to be strong enough to fling my arm like that and overpower me," Hilston said. "But with the hardening ability, I now have the hardest body in the world."

"We'll see about that," Arthur said.

A lightning strike was fired from above his head but was blocked from Arthur's one wing covering him. What surprised Hilston next was when the lightning attack hit Arthur's wing. It reappeared directly underneath him on the shadow he was standing on and was going right through his body.

The attack was strong, and although it wasn't doing much damage to Hilston, it did slightly stun him. A punch was returned to Hilston head just like the one Arthur had received, then another to the stomach, again to the side of the rib.

In anger at the constant attacks, Hilston screamed, and his body became engulfed in flames. Stretching his limbs, flames shot out everywhere, going widely, and it looked like it was going to interfere with the others' fights. Before it could, the shadow from the ground rose up, blocking them all. Instead of slowing down the attack like Quinn's, each of the attacks sunk into the shadow and were redirected to one person in the centre, Hilton.

The flames had no effect on his flame body, and Arthur looking at his hands, they were still getting bruised from each of his punches.

Trying to change his tactic, the ground quickly rose around Arthur, covering his arms and legs. Using his strength, Arthur could break out of the earth restraint, but the ground kept reappearing and attaching on to him as quick as he could break out of them.

The two of them seemed to be in a stalemate, as Arthur wasn't able to be completely covered in earth, but at the same time, couldn't really move due to how quick it was covering his body.

"You can't do this forever; eventually you will run out of MC points," Arthur said.

Hilston smiled while walking forward with his arms held out using his ability.

"I'm glad I met someone like you." Said Hilston. "But do not think for a second you have won this fight. I have four pieces of demon tier equipment on me, each with an active skill beyond your dreams, yet I haven't used one. Relying on their power wouldn't improve myself, and there was something else I wanted to do."

Finally, when Hilston was close enough, he stopped the earth ability, and when Arthur broke free, instead of going for a punch or a kick, Hilston went to grab Arthur's hand.

However, a few seconds later, and the smile on his face went away.

"They exist, the people my father spoke about, those that have abilities that I can't copy."

Side kicking Hilston away with his leg, they broke free, and Arthur moved back a little. "I never thought humans could have gotten this far, I thought maybe one day, but seeing you like this, gives me a little hope, but it's still not enough," Arthur said.

There was a problem; although Arthur was not getting hurt by Hilston's ability thanks to his shadow, his hands were being damaged by his hardened body. It had been a long time since he was unable to hurt someone with his bare fists.

Thinking about what to do next, the great large sword on his back started to vibrate a little, and the chains jingled.

"I was afraid of this, you had a taste of blood recently, and now you're still awake, will the chains hold out for this fight?"

While thinking about this, without noticing, a dark cloud was above their heads, but it wasn't up high where clouds would usually be. It was only slightly above the two of them, then raining down from that cloud were several bolts of lightning, and at the same time, Hilston appeared from one of those bolts in the cloud.

A powerful punch was felt in his rib, and one of the lightning strikes struck his arm, swinging his hand back at Hilston, he was no longer there. Then when another lightning bolt was fired from the cloud, Hilston appeared again, this time coming down with a kick on the top of Arthur's neck.

When Arthur looked up, Hilston was across the field again.

"The ability of the Graylash family, it certainly lives up to the reputation of being the strongest ability known out there, and in my hands, it's even stronger," said Hilston. "Your shadow on the ground is handy, but it has no power and can only use my own power against me. With my armour and hard skin, your attacks will never hurt me, and I will slowly wear you down."

Arthur stood there, rubbing the back of his neck where he had been hurt. The chains on his back were now rattling more than ever as if it was responding to Arthur's annoyance.

"I'm sorry..." Arthur said as the shadow raised above his body. When it disappeared, a bright red blood armour could be seen covering every bit of his body apart from his head. Then the chains from the sword fell down, touching the floor and disappearing into the shadow.

"My sword was recently fed, and it still has a lot of energy inside it. I'm sorry that it has to take out its energy on you."

Holding the sword in his hand, the line down the centre of his blood weapon was filled halfway, with a strange green substance.


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