My Vampire System Chapter 813

805 One More Attack

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During the tough battle between Arthur and Hilston, the others were busy fighting against the two other Blades who seemed to be just as troublesome, especially as a pair. They soon found out that fighting these two members of the Blades, came with its own set of different problems compared to when facing Hilston.

Even though the Blades could copy more than one ability, only one ability could be used at any given time. However with two of them, they could cover each other's backs quite easily as they used different abilities. The earth ability was used for defence, while fire and lightning was used for attacks.

"I'm getting sick and tired of these walls of earth!" Chris shouted.

Watching Chris fight, Oscar was starting to wonder something. He was sure that the weapons Chris was using right now were the same ones that he had clashed briefly with before, the only thing was, they seemed to be weaker in Chris's hands.

'Does he not know how to use them properly?'

While not thinking about his MC points, Chris's impatient nature caused him to rush in extending his two blades.

'I've finally recovered to do this again, and this time it's going to be a little bit more of a bang compared to before, you two better be ready after this!" Chris said.

Although it seemed quite rash, Chris had already been fighting them for a while trying to get them to show every ability they had up their sleeve, and so far, they had seen three different abilities, so he was sure there wouldn't be any surprises.

Once again a wall of earth had been put up between them, and several attacks with the earth was made towards Chris, but he ignored all the attacks, the spikes and poles that hit his body. When they did, they crumbled to the ground, not leaving a mark on him.

If he had just spread the Qi around his body thinley than the attacks would have gotten through, but Chris was paying attention, moving the Qi around each attack point.

Oscar's skills had all come off from cooling down and he was now following closely behind Chris, and Owen had his own trick up his sleeve.

'If I use this, then maybe we can get out of here, but I was saving it for that old man.' Owen thought. Still he was ready, Owen still hadn't activated his soul weapon, however he was unsure if he could rely on Chris to do the job properly.

Just as Chris was ready with his swords, the large explosion over from the side of the field came at them. The first thing they felt was the immense wind from the explosion that had pushed their hair back. If it was a normal human, then they would have gone flying from the power of the explosion alone.

When they turned their heads, they could already see the shadow encasing the explosion.

'What is happening over there?' Owen thought, the real question he wanted to ask, was who was winning.

Chris, trying to keep focus, quickly destroyed the earth wall in front of him and just when he was ready to teach the two a lesson, he could no longer see them.

"Huh, where the hell did those guys go?" Chris said, as he twisted and turned his head but could see no signs of them at all.

"They're gone." Oscar said. "I guess they must have had some teleportation ability just to run away just in case, and it looks like the big boy has disappeared as well."

Chris slammed both of his swords into the ground, piles of dirt were thrown in the air and fell back down on the floor again. It was clear he was just venting his frustration.

With the two fights over, now they could all finally get a breather and it was only then that they would come to find out that Quinn was no longer with them, and he was in a struggle between life and death fighting against the king tier crab.

Over on top of the large hill that had mostly been flattened due to the crab using it as some type of nest, Quinn was down on his knees having expended most of his energy. There wasn't much he could do to stop the water spout attack. The water jet coming from the beast's mouth was a large one, it covered more range than his flash step would have allowed him to dodge and he would have been hit.

Shadow hop also wasn't possible because he could only hop to another shadow created by him, that's why he always activated the shadow dome when trying to use it, and shadow dome was a skill that just wasn't possible to use against the demon tier beast.

It was too large in size, if Quinn even could create a dome big enough to trap it, it could have easily broken out with a single strike.

With no MC, barely any Qi, and his blood bank and flask empty, there was nothing he could do. Now he had wished maybe he did snatch some blood to put in the flask from Chris, but he never did.

Staring at the crab, it looked like it was heading towards Quinn. It had crystallised it's uninjured claw and opened it up, then swung straight towards Quinn and it's claws had already surrounded him.

With its power, one snap would be the end of him.

'I could call Leo for help.' Quinn thought. The system allowed him to summon his vampire knights to his side whenever he wished.

'No, I don't think Leo could even face this thing, and why should I risk him getting hurt, I already called Arthur for help. There has to be something I can do.'

Looking at the crab and it's crystallised claw around his body, it hit him. In the crab's attempt to get rid of the enemy in front of it, a ray of hope was seen for Quinn. When it crystallised it's hand, the crystals on it's back moved and dissipated.

The group in the last attack had caused a large crack and wound on the crab's back. With how weak the crab was, only one last move needed to be completed to kill the crab. With the amount of Qi Quinn had right now, one last move was properly all he could muster but it was enough.

Now he just needed to figure out a way to get out of the current situation he was in. The claws were open and were ready to snap him in half.

[Shadow equip]

Shadow equip was a skill that didn't use any MC points, and when the shadow covered his body then disappeared again, in its place was red thick armour that made Quinn look like a solid boulder. It could be seen covering his body.

The claws snapped, but unlike the crab had expected, for a brief second its strong grip strength had been stopped. Due to the large empty space the suit of Armour had, there was plenty of space for Quinn to move. At the right moment, Quinn leapt in the air, and tried to place the set of armour back into his shadow, but by then it had already been crushed.

'Sorry Alex, but you'll thank me when I get you more crystals in the future.'

Inside Quinn's dimensional space was the emperor tier armour. An armour that seemed mostly useless as it didn't give the user any particular stats, and even gave Quinn less strength and slowed him down. At the time, Quinn thought it was useless and there wasn't really much use for it.

But right now it was the perfect thing. Using the armour, Quinn was able to block the weakened attack from the crab. It was probably one of the strongest defensive armours at the emperor tier in existence, and even though the crab was weakened, it was able to crush it into pieces.

'The armour you created wasn't a failure Alex.'

Still, Quinn only needed to survive that attack. Landing on the crabs' claw, Quinn started to run up it's arm at an amazing speed until finally he had reached the creature's back.

He still didn't have his MC points back, nor did he have blood, but he had a last bit of Qi and stamina inside of him. Standing on top of the wound, Quinn started the process of raising the energy in his feet using all of the Qi he could, then lifting up his leg towards his face, he slammed it down on the crab, performing an axe hammer strike and hitting the crab with his heel. At the same time, Quinn had also performed the blood crescent kick.

The hammer had penetrated the surface of the flesh of the crab and created a large open wound where its insides could now be seen. Then the crescent kick was further propelled by the strength of the attack and went through the body, tearing it to shreds.

[3/100 HP]

'One more, I have the strength to do one more!" Quinn said.

Raising his leg again, he was ready to perform the strike one more time, but a loud thud was heard, and the breathing from the crab had stopped.

'Did I do it?'

Looking down into the large hole that Quinn had created, he could see it. The crystal was hanging on a piece of the crab's flesh. It was so clear to him, clearer than any crystal he had ever seen before, it was like a diamond but also there was a shine to it all over.

Not wasting any time, Quinn went straight to grab it and pulled it out. He held the crystal up against the sun to admire it.

[Quest has been completed]

[Obtain the demon tier crystal]

[Instant level up received]

[Congratulations you are now level 40]

[Your evolution will begin.]


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