My Vampire System Chapter 814

806 The White Coa

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With the Blade family having run away, the group finally had time for a breather. Making their way over with caution, Oscar and Owen were on their way to greet the perosn, who was strong enough to take on such a monster, as it was clear out of the two of them, there was a winner.

Unfortunately, they hadn't seen the fight due to their own and were at least hoping Bonny and Void were able to capture something. To Oscar, knowing that there was someone so powerful, someone like Hilston that could take on all of the leaders, perhaps any of the factions was a surprise.

And now, they were walking towards the person that had supposedly even dealt with him. Now there were two great powers that were beyond what Oscar and the others thought were even capable.

'Just how much is this world hiding from us that we don't know about.' Oscar said.

Arthur seemed to be casually talking to Logan and Fex, who were updating him on the situation. After all, he had just been thrown into the deep end, and the first thing Arthur had to do was face an enemy tougher than most.

After the last incident in the vampire world, it wasn't too frightening for them to talk to Arthur, but when Fex tried to speak to him, he was a little starstruck. He had a glowing fascination in his eyes and a new appreciation for Arthur's powers.

'I don't think there is any leader that's stronger than Arthur, not even the k' Fex stopped himself before even thinking about his next word. 'No, you can't say that, not unless I want a thousand wooden stakes shoved in my heart.'

When the other group had walked over, they didn't know what to really say to Arthur. They needed to be thankful, but was this person on their side, and who was he?

"Did you notice?" Owen whispered while looking at Arthur from behind.

Looking closely, Oscar knew what Owen was getting at. Arthur's body didn't have a single bit of damage on him. They who couldn't even touch Hilston, were now about to go and greet a man who was beyond even him.

"Quinn was the one who summoned him. I assume it is his master," Owen said. "Maybe it would be best if we asked him to introduce us. I would hate to offend someone like this."

Hearing this, Oscar thought it was a good idea. He was on the more cautious side, and after lashing out at an unknown person last time (Hilston), he didn't want to do the same again. He had been contemptuous with thinking he was one of the greatest powers in the world and that there were hardly any humans in existence that could match him.

At times, it allowed him to act first and think about things later, but now learning there were those stronger than himself, he needed to become more humble. He knew all this, and this little experience was a great way to remind himself that he should stay humble.

'Quinn, how did you come across such a great man?' Owen thought.

That's when the two of them noticed something while looking around in the area. Sil stood behind them and went ahead to talk to Logan, Fex and the other two, and that's when Sil realised it too.

They were all looking for the same person, but he was nowhere to be found.

"Where's Quinn?" Sil asked.

Instead of giving an answer, Logan just looked up the hill where the giant crab could be seen. It was hard to tell what had happened to it from how far they were, but the beast did remain stationary.

"Thanks for the catch up on everything guys," Arthur said with a smile. "I'll go check up on Quinn. That beast looks like it might be quite troublesome."

Before Oscar and Owen could even introduce themselves, Arthur was off, travelling in his shadow towards the giant crab.

'It looks like those two wanted to talk to me.' Arthur thought. 'According to the kids, they were the current leaders of the human race huh, it would be best to not get involved with them. Not now anyway.'

Seeing Arthur go away like that, Oscar and Owen couldn't help but feel a little rejected. For the first time, there was no excitement, respect or anything when someone saw them. Instead, the person seemed to treat them just like any other regular human being.

Having this strange feeling, Owen started to laugh.

"I think I might have been quite the fool without realising it. The gift of the thunder, all I wanted to do was share its great powers with all the others. Now, I'm beginning to question myself if the power is really all that great, because of a single person."

However, Oscar felt like it was more of a loss to not get in contact with such a great person. He was thinking about the future and how best to utilise the possible connection and person's ability. Thinking about this made Oscar think about another person.

When looking around, he noticed that the red-haired man too had disappeared entirely from the scene.

'That man, he was not the same one that I fought against in the past, but he is definitely a part of Pure. Those weapons from before, I fought them when they belonged to another. Why did they seem so weak in his hands though?'

Then a horrible thought started to run through Oscar's mind. What if those weapons weren't demon tier in the first place? Did that mean the person he fought against before was just so strong that it felt like he was going up against a demon tier weapon?

If this was the case, then Oscar needed to reevaluate just how much of a threat Pure was without knowing what they would be doing next. According to the intel they had gathered, Pure had definitely killed a demon tier beast, which meant they had a demon tier weapon.

If the real demon tier weapon now belonged to the leader of Pure, his power would far outweigh his own.

'It looks like I'm not one of the great one's after all.' Oscar thought. He then turned his head into the direction of Duke, whose body had been flung across the field from the fight. 'The military everyone needs to get stronger if we have any hope of winning this fight against the Dalki.'

Suddenly, the ship that the Blade's had come in started to make a sound and soon, it was floating in the air.

"We checked the ship; there were no signs of the Blades on board." Said Oscar.

Before the ship set off, they could see a man standing up against the glass. It was Chris. He gave all of them a quick salute and a wave before the ship had set off into the sky, getting out of this place once and for all.

While the ship was flying away, he couldn't help but think about Quinn.

'So you managed to defeat the demon tier crab. Even if it was weakened, that is quite an accomplishment for a young kid like yourself.' Chris thought. 'You will get stronger in the future, Quinn. I hope we will meet again, but I just hope we don't meet as enemies if that happens again.'

Soon after the fight had ended, Chris was able to sense that the crab's energy had severely weakened to the point where it would have had to have been killed and quite recently as well. He could also sense Quinn's Qi off in the distance.

With the crab dead, there was no longer a reason for him to stay down here, and it was clear that Oscar knew Chris's identity by the daggers he was shooting into his back with his eyes.

After leaving the place, before taking the ship, he needed to get one more thing before leaving. Something he had lost on the way down here, and he had seen during the fight.

"Damn, it's a little roughed up and ripped. Maybe they can get me a new one?" Chris said, as he threw over the large white overcoat on his back, with a large number one displayed.


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