My Vampire System Chapter 815

807 A Vampire Lord

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Standing on top of the crab, Quinn had gotten the notification that the quest had been completed and his body began to feel weak. His grip around the crystal had weakened and he had dropped it, hitting the shell of the crab and sliding down onto the floor.

In this situation, usually someone would have done anything to try to get the crystal, especially a demon tier one. Quinn's plan to keep the crystal for himself had slipped through his fingers as he saw it fall away from him. He reached out his hand but that was the only thing he could do with the little strength he could muster up, before he had fallen and started to slide down the shell of the crab.

His body bounced off and was now laying on the floor.

'No, no, no!' Quinn started to scream as the usual pains that came with every evolution had started. However this time it was worse, a pain greater than any before and the main problem was his thirst.

When evolving, Quinn always needed to be careful about such things, and one time Quinn had needed more human blood to complete the evolution. If he didn't receive any at the time, there was a good chance he could have died, now Quinn was worrying if the same thing was about to happen now.

There was always a risk when completing a quest, especially a hard one like this of evolution and it was why Quinn wanted to do it away from the others. It was the perfect opportunity to evolve while everyone was busy.

What he did not expect, was to use so much HP fighting the demon tier beast and by that point, running away could have been the death of him as well. When seeing the crystal, something was drawing him to it. After achieving something so great, he just had to grab the crystal, not realizing that would be the catalyst to completing the quest and levelling him up instantly putting him in his current situation.

His skin was tightening around his whole body and his throat was starting to tire out. His body structure was changing as the bones in his body would break down and rebuild itself, all while Quinn was feeling everything that was going on.

'Will I really die, after surviving something like that? Or maybe something else will happen, maybe I'll turn into that blood sucker, and go crazy for blood.' Looking around he was searching for options, there was the black blood from the beast, but it was poisonous to vampires and he honestly did not think he could even crawl over to anything if he did see someone dead nearby.

At that moment though, a shadow across the floor was approaching, and popping out of the ground was Arthur himself.

Immediately Arthur knelt by Quinn's side and out from his shadow he grabbed one of the same flasks that Quinn and Fex used.

"I was going to congratulate you for beating this thing on your own, or maybe tell you off for forcing me to fight, but I didn't expect to see you like this." Arthur said, as he popped open the cap from the flask and started to pour the liquid into Quinn's mouth. However, the liquid that was being poured wasn't red, instead it was green.

"Don't worry, I know it looks strange, but this liquid actually has more effect on us than regular blood, so even less is required for you to go through an evolution, and honestly it's the only thing I have on me for now."

After pouring the blood and seeing Quinn no longer look like he was gasping for air, Arthur decided to take a step back, it was not a small one either.

Feeling the pain, Quinn punched the ground with both of his fists, and the ground was destroyed underneath it. He coughed and a strange red sludge had come out from his mouth and started to float in the air, with each cough, the red thick sludge continued to come out and was swirling around his whole body.

"You're evolving into a vampire lord Quinn, the final and strongest stage of becoming a vampire. Only leaders have the potential to get up to this point, and it takes hundreds of years, you really are a special kid.' Arthur thought, but he did not have a smiling look on his face, it was one of concern instead.

The red sludge that was floating in the air suddenly all went into Quinn's body through his skin all at once. It was a shock to the system and his eyes opened wide, glowing bright red, as his body jerked up. A few seconds later and his eyes returned to normal, and the area around him seemed fine once again.

[Congratulations! You have evolved into a vampire lord]

[Quest: Become a True vampire leader has been updated]

[Current status Incomplete]

[Reach level forty and become a vampire lord - Complete]

[Select two self turned vampires to become your knights 1/2 incomplete]

[Create ten members of the Cursed family through the blood ritual 9/10 incomplete]

There were several messages appearing on Quinn's screen as his evolution had finished, and slowly the energy was coming to his body as the messages continued to come in.

[Linked Quest - Become a True vampire leader]

[Quest: Return to the Tenth leaders tomb once the Quest 'Become a True vampire leader' has been completed.]

Looking at the quest reminded Quinn there were a lot of things he still needed to do, but when he stood up, he was more interested in his current body than he was when the quests appeared.

When evolving to each stage, Quinn felt different each time and his new body felt stronger than before. However, for the first time he felt so powerful. He could feel all the blood moving through his body, the fine control of strength through his fingers, the delicate sounds and smells his body was picking up.

All these things in the past, he would have to fine tune how to use them to a degree, now he just knew how to use them with this new body of his.

"You finally look like an adult now, your looks really don't suit your age." Arthur said. "Well, at least you aren't stuck looking like a kid for the rest of your life, that would have been awful."

[New stat required]

[Blood control: 10]

[Blood control is a stat that is only achieved by a few vampires. Improving one's control of blood will improve the strength of the blood skills used, as well as allow the user to control blood depending on how high the stat is.]

Looking at the stat, Quinn noticed it was incredibly low compared to all his other stats, which meant that he was starting from the beginning. After reading the description, he realized now why even though the other leaders did not have Qi, their blood attacks and blood swipes seemed more powerful.

It was because of their blood control, the better one's blood control was, the stronger attacks like blood swipe would be.

'Doesn't this mean, I can still get stronger? If I can increase my blood control, and still add Qi"

While deep in thought, in the distance Quinn could see that the others behind Arthur were making their way towards them. They were walking over as a large group.

Quinn was happy to see that they were all safe and was wondering where Chris had gone. Still, if they were fine, he would be as well.

Just as Quinn was about to wave over to them. Arthur stood in Quinn's sight of the path.

"The two of them look to be in good condition and the crab looks to have been defeated." Oscar said with delight. "As tough as this hunt was, we were able to get through it in the end to obtain the crystal."

At that moment, when approaching they could see that Quinn was not the one with the crystal. Instead, Arthur was the one holding it in his hand. The group paused for a second, as Owen and Oscar were leading at the front and were trying to decide their next course of action.

If Arthur wanted to take the crystal, they could not stop him from doing so.

Quinn wasn't worried about seeing the demon crystal in Arthur's hand, he knew he had dropped it when falling off the crab and thought Arthur must have just picked it up.

With Arthur's other hand free, he held out his palm and opened it up.

"I'm sorry Quinn, but I need to speak to you away from the others."

'Shadow lock'

A portal of shadow opened behind Quinn, consuming him and quickly closed after. It was the same skill Quinn had used. Shortly after, another portal that looked identical to the first one opened and Arthur had disappeared into it as well.

In front of them, both Quinn and Arthur had disappeared.

"Did they take the crystal?!" Oscar shouted. "Is this that what they had planned?"

"No." Owen said. "Didn't you see Quinn's face before he was sucked into that portal. This was certainly unexpected, and he might have been taken against his will."


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