My Vampire System Chapter 817

809 The Dalki Mothership

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The beast solar system was extensive, filled with many planets and all sorts of creatures. However, humans only had access to half of the planets in the solar system. Some of the planets were unexplored, and there were some that the humans were to never set foot on.

This was because part of the solar system was known to already belong to the Dalki. In the Dalki half of the solar system, a giant unique looking spaceship could be seen. It was the size of a small planet, but what was unique about it was the ship's look.

Its outer surface was a bronze-gold like colour. A large circular ring around it. Which acted as a significant bridge around the whole ship. From it, many smaller bridges would connect to the main body of the spaceship. As for the body of the spacecraft, it looked like a large deathly castle, floating on a flat piece of land.

The ship itself was the Dalki's mother ship. The humans were never able to locate where the Dalki had come from. With that, they also never knew just how large of a force the Dalki were. This lack of information was worrying and left everyone on edge.

There was a chance that those that had invaded earth had just come from a single mother ship of many. It was part of the reason why the humans had agreed to the terms back then, why both sides agreed to peace.

Unaware of just how close or far they were to defeating the Dalki. If only they knew they had no home, and this single ship was where they all lived.

Inside a room located at the centre of the spaceship, several Dalki themselves seemed to be gathered. The room itself was dark but was lit up by small blue crystals all around, hundreds of them. Even though they were inside a building, it looked more like a meeting was taking place in a cave.

Here five people were standing around the table. Or, to be exact, five Dalki.

"We've searched everywhere for that demon tier beast, and we still can't find it!" One of them shouted as he slammed his fists on the table. The strike was so powerful that the room started to shake, and a few pieces of the ceiling had crumbled.

The Dalki, who was huffing and panting with anger, had a single horn sticking out from his head. Although most Dalki looked quite similar, they had differences; just like how a human might grow an extra finger or toe, this Dalki had a horn sticking out from the top of its head, which was slightly broken.

Because of this, he came to be known as One horn.

"One horn, many times do I have to warn you. If you cause the ceiling to fall in on us like last time, you will be responsible for building a new one." Another Dalki replied.

Most Dalki's had a short temper; they were battle addicts filled with rage just like One horn, but not this one. He went by the name Graham. He stood out from the other Dalki for a simple reason, he was wearing clothing as if he was human, even though special holes had to be made on the back of his shirt to fit the spikes on his back.

Usually, a Dalki would be mocked for such a thing. It was as if a Dalki wanted to be like a human and the same for his name. The name was too human to be considered a Dalki, but no one mocked Graham, and this was because of the number of spikes on his back.

On top of this, Graham seemed to have done a lot for the Dalki and was leading the group in order to better all of their lives.

"But yes, we have searched all the beast planets in our side of the solar system, and it looks like the demon tier beast can't be found. That includes all the previous unexplored planets as well." Graham said.

"What's next?" A female looking Dalki replied. She was the only female Dalki that was currently present at the table named Slicer. Her nickname came from her abnormally long limbs and tail. She would use these to slice her enemies apart.

Some Dalki were born without tails; even if they were, they would usually be too small for one to notice, but Slicer's tail looked like that of a large dragon, and it was sharp as well.

"It means one of two things, the demon tier beast is on one of the planets that the humans own, or it's on earth," Graham replied.

"Earth!" One horn shouted. "We couldn't find it no matter where we searched."

"Yes, but now we know why." Said Graham. "We are running out of time, so we don't have much choice."

"Then will we have to go to war with the humans again? I heard they recently took out one of our fortresses." Slicer said.

"That's still under investigation," Graham replied. In truth, he had received reports that it was all done by a single person, but that fortress had a couple of two spiked Dalki. He could not imagine anyone who was strong enough and not recognizable to have managed to do such a thing.

They were keeping tabs on the humans they thought were troublesome, and they weren't in the area at the time.

Just then, in the darkroom, the sound of a door lifting letting white light into it appeared, and two figures could be seen walking in. These two figures were not like the rest in the room. They were far smaller in terms of height and width, and they did not have any dragon-like features at all.

They looked like humans. The person stood in front was slightly smaller than the man in the back, and he walked forward towards the table where the others moved to the side, allowing him to join.

One horn had a displeased look, and so did another of the Dalki. It was clear not everyone was welcoming to this person.

"I overheard you guys from outside." The man said.

"Eavesdropping as usual..." One horn mumbled.

"It's clear that you have two options, and it would be best if we act now. We already know the location of one of the demon tier beasts needed for your people. The other we can only guess. The question is which is more troublesome." The man said.

"Aren't you the one who told us that it was best to wait before trying to attack the other side?" Graham asked.

"Yes, that was before." The man said, smiling as if he had expected that question. "There have been some changes in the current situation. The relationship between the vampires and humans is at the weakest it has ever been. There was always a worry that if one of these sides would get attacked, someone would interfere and protect one side. The vampires are still strong, but the humans have been weakened from the Civil war. I will leave it up to you guys to pick the best choice."

"How has this changed? Did you manage to find the person you are looking for?" Graham asked.

"I have not." The man replied. "But I found something that may be even better. Someone who will turn the tides and has agreed to join us."

Stepping aside, the man bowed down slightly as the more significant figure stepped forward. His long black hair could be seen and a large, chained sword on his back.

"I present to you all, Arthur. Possibly the strongest vampire in existence."

While Arthur stood there, he did not say a word. His expression was emotionless. It looked like all feelings had been drained from his body.

"Arthur here has agreed to join our side, and I believe a couple of you have already met him."

Two of the Dalki at the table looked almost embarrassed after seeing Arthur. While the others were unaware of who he even was.

"With him, our goal of getting the demon tier beast will be a walk in the park, but he does have some conditions before joining."


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