My Vampire System Chapter 818

810 Missing Person

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Sweat was dripping down her face, her feet were sore from the hours she had been walking, and her throat was dry from the incredible thirst. She took one more step forward on the hard diamond surface wondering if she would live to see another day.

'I have blisters on top of blisters!' She said, as she sat down under a slanted piece of large crystal that stuck out from the flat ground. She proceeded to take off her boots and as expected, the skin on the back of her heel had rubbed off. She felt like she had no skin left to protect or cushion her feet.

'How many days has it been, was the ship really parked that far?' Cia thought.

Cia was originally with Nate and the others, she was waiting patiently for Quinn and the others to return, and while walking around she had bumped into one of the others from the other faction. When this happened, a vision appeared in her mind, of his death but not just his, several people around him as well.

Noticing that the area where the man had died was not too far from where they were standing, she decided to go ahead and touch a few of the others as well and every single one of them experienced the same fate. She didn't know when it was going to happen, but it had to be soon considering the area they were in.

Thoughts of warning the others went through her head, but she thought nobody would believe her, especially when she couldn't see what or who was the cause in her vision. There was also the chance that telling others would risk her own life. Maybe the future she had seen was due to her warning in the first place, this was why she hated her own ability sometimes.

Just in case, she had gone up to Dennis, and saw the same devastating scene when touching him. His body was badly beaten and coughing up blood soon to die. Seeing this, she had made her choice, the only way to live was to head off without letting anyone know.

It was just too risky, and her life was most important after all. The only problem was, she hadn't taken a ship, how could she with so many people standing around, unaware that death would be upon them.

With her abilities lacking, she needed to be careful about where she walked, making her journey on the planet that much harder.

"Maybe I should have at least told Dennis, then he could have flown me back to the ship." Thinking about this, the scene in her head appeared again. "Arghh! Why am I such a horrible person? I didn't even try to save them, and I just cared about myself."

As she got more tired during her walk, she often thought about weather or not she had done the right thing.

"Come on Cia, it's not like they would have saved you if they were in the same boat, it's only natural, right?"

Was it though? If Quinn was in her position would he have done the same? Sil was also adamant to try and save Quinn. There were many in the Cursed faction that would have risked their lives to save each other, but Cia didn't have a close connection with anyone.

There was one person though, maybe if she was there Cia would have at least warned her, Layla. During their time at Pure the two of them had gotten even closer together. If it wasn't for her and the vampires possibly knowing a way to get her memories back, she would have already attempted to leave Quinn and the others by now.

Unlike the others, she didn;t really have a reason to thank or stay with Quinn.

While attempting to put on her boots back on, she was halfway through putting on the second one when she heard a familiar hum.

"Isn't that the sound of a spaceship!?" She thought with excitement. Wasting no time, leaving one boot off, she rushed outside, and could see a medium sized spaceship moving ever so slowly.

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, she started to scale the large crystal that she was under using her sore feet. She fought through the pain and eventually made it to the top. Waving her arms jumping up and down, it looked like the ship would soon go past her without seeing her as it was heading in a completely different direction.

'No, don't leave, I'm over here. Come on you have to see me!" knowing that this might be her only chance, she did the only thing she could do. "I can only do one thing!' She thought as she placed her hands around her mouth.

"OVER HERE!!!!!" She screamed so loud, the cry of the banshee skill was activated and the sound seemed to cause even the spaceship to shake a little.

The only worry was, that she was sure such a loud sound would attract beasts in their direction as well. However, it had worked as the ship was soon heading over to where she was, and when it landed, she was happy to see familiar faces come off the ship.

"Hey, is she crying?" Nate asked, and next to him was Dennis and Sam.

"I thought you guys were dead!" She said, wiping away the tears from her face. Maybe she did miss them more than she thought.

"Haha.." Nate started to laugh nervously.

"Do we tell her that we thought she was dead as well?" Nate whispered. "And that's why we forgot about her?"

The smile on Cia's face looked so sweet, that the boys decided to say nothing.

"Hey, I never noticed this before, but don't you think Cia is kinda cute?" Nate whispered over to Sam.

"Is there anyone you don't think is cute? Sometimes you need some water." Sam replied.

"Need some water, what does that even mean?"

Dennis slapped him on the back a few times, as they went back onto the ship.

"There is more to life than girls young boy, trust me, sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth. I mean did you hear her scream? Could you imagine what would happen if you did something wrong?"

On the way back, the boys updated Cia on what had happened so far, and who had attacked them, and what had happened with Quinn and the others so far, especially with how injured Quinn was. In the ship it was a short journey back and Cia could see that all of the other faction ships had left apart from the large Cursed faction ship that still remained.

"It seems like a lot happened while I was away." Cia said, looking at the ships, she was imagining what would have happened if the cursed ship left as well. Did it mean that no one would have ever seen her on the planet? Dying from hunger and thirst wouldn't have been the best way to leave the world.

"Wait, what I don't understand, is if all the others have already gone, then why did you all decide to stay here, and how did you even know I was alive. Why were you looking for me?" Cia asked.

The smaller ship docked, in the bay inside the large Bertha Cursed ship. When they exited the four of them continued to talk.

"Actually, you can thank Quinn for that.' Said Sam. "When he eventually healed from his injuries, he said he could sense that you were still alive. And that's when we realised." Sam stopped himself, as he realised himself that they hadn't even bothered checking to see if Cia was alive amongst the bodies.

In all honesty, Sam, Nate, and Dennis didn't even know Cia that well, which was why they had forgotten about her and it was the first time they were really talking to each other so much.

"Okay I think I understand everything now, so I guess now that Quinn is alive and now that he's part of the leaders, earth and the rest is going to change quite a bit, so where are we headed to next."

The three boys then looked at each other for a second before replying. They had a worried look on their face.

"For now, I have been doing the meetings with the leaders table as a few things have happened. '' Sam said." But I don't think we will be leaving this planet anytime soon. For one, The Bree family can't locate where Mona, or at least her body, is. Nearly every body from the Bree family has been accounted for apart from hers. Even after searching there were no traces of her, but they had to leave so as to not worry the other planets they were on.

"We agreed that while we remain on the planet, we would keep an eye out for her. As for the second reason, it's about Quinn" Once again Sam paused which was starting to worry Cia.

"What about Quinn?"

"Well, Quinn made a full recovery. It didn't take him long, but the problem was shortly after that. Just as we were getting ready to leave, he went missing."


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