My Vampire System Chapter 820

812 Completing The Leader Ques

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Although the injuries Quinn had suffered were brutal, and everyone who had seen him that day couldn't have imagined the pain he had gone through, it was nothing that a vampire couldn't heal with human blood.

With the new Qi he had learnt and his new body as vampire lord, it was actually a quicker recovery than the others expected. But by the time he had arrived at the Bertha Cursed ship and placed in the medical bay, he was already back to normal. At least his body was.

When Quinn came to and saw this, he looked around and went through a mix of different emotions, the first one confusion. In truth, at that very moment Quinn didn't really know what he was feeling, and with everyone trying to come in and check up on him, he couldn't really think straight.

This was why in the end, he had decided to cast the shadow lock skill on himself, sending him to the black room. A skill that Arthur had taught him.

Back to the first emotion, confusion. Arthur was a vampire that had lived for a long time, he wasn't stupid and he too would have known although the injuries were devastating, unless killed he would have lived. So what was the point of even injuring him to that point in the first place if he was sign to let him go? Was there a need to go that far?

Then his previous actions were even more troublesome, Quinn would have probably died if Arthur wasn't there to save him. No matter how hard he tried to think, he just couldn't understand it.

Eventually though, being in the black space allowed him to move on from this thought and feeling, and this was where he had felt hurt, hurt by Arthur's actions.

Maybe some would find it weird, after all Quinn and Arthur didn't have much interactions and hardly knew each other, but Quinn felt like he had a closer deeper connection with Arthur. When he was in trouble and no one was on his side at the vampire council table, he was there to protect him during that time.

And if there was anyone that understood Quinn and the situation he was going through right now, it would be Arthur. They both shared the same shadow skill, at one point they were both human, and it seems like they were going through the same experiences.

It was because of these things he felt closer to Arthur than he really was. Looking into things deeper, Quinn was starting to think about the others that disappeared around him as well.

'Why, why does this keep on happening?' Quinn thought.

Vorden, Arthur, and even Vincent.

'Why did you all choose to keep secrets from me, did you think I wouldn't understand if you told me the truth? Was it for my sake, or maybe you just thought I was too weak to help?'

Quinn saw similarities in all of these cases, and he felt slightly betrayed by all of them as well, including Vincent.

Not being able to understand Arthur's actions, eventually he started to think about Vincent. Although Vincent hid things from him, he hadn't betrayed him and he started to wonder about the quest.

'Maybe there is a chance for me and you can talk again, there's a lot for the two of us to catch up on.' Vincent in a way was Quinn's ancestor and part of the reason why he was more involved in both sides of this than he wished.

Eventually, the dark feelings he felt were still there but they weakened, and he started to think about what he could do. Had the goal changed? No. Were there things that still needed changing in this world? Of course, and now he just had another question he needed asking on this list.

'So Arthur, you want me to get stronger. Stronger than you. Well, I'll get stronger so I can return the damage you did to me, and then I'll ask you why, why did you do all of this." Quinn said, picking himself up.

'There are those that haven't betrayed me, those in the Cursed faction, and before I stood by while they got hurt. Why, because I was scared of what the vampires were going to do? No, I can't carry on being like this.'

While in the dark space, Quinn noticed he could use the dimensional space and shadow equip as well. It was something else he had seen Arthur do when he took the demon tier crystal. From there he grabbed the dagger and started to cut away at his long curly hair.

Since the evolution, his hair had grown slightly longer and was covering his eyes, but Quinn didn't want to be reminded of his old self. No, just like how the world needed to change, he needed to as well.

When he was finally ready, he activated the shadow lock skill and appeared back at the medical bay. Both Wevil and Linda were waiting for Quinn to return and when he did, Wevil immediately ran all over informing everyone of Quinn's return.

It didn't take long for them all to head to the medical bay and when they did, their eyes were glued to the person in front of them and their mouths were left wide opened.

"Quinn?" Nate asked.

"I'm pretty sure it's the young boy, it has to be. Although 'boy' probably isn't the right word to use anymore." Dennis said.

"Of course it's Quinn, he's just...different." Fex said, knowing full well what had caused the change.

It was hard to say Quinn looked like he once did. For one his body structure was now that of a middle aged man, even though he was still only seventeen years old. There was no more room to grow here and there was a sense of maturity coming off from him.

His facial features were slightly more sunken in, and a light stubble could be seen on his face. It was clear that he hadn't shaved while in the dark space but there was one thing he did do, and that was cut his hair.

His old curly hair was no longer recognisable, for he had cut the sides quite short, leaving only the middle parting and a small fridge. Still, it was impossible for him to get rid of his normal curls, but without a doubt Quinn looked like a new person altogether.

Just then, vibrations could be felt moving around Sam's wrist watch and that's when he noticed the call was coming from the other world leaders.

For a second Sam looked at Paul, but then looked back at Quinn.

"Are you ready to get back to work, or do you need more time?" Sam asked.

"The world isn't going to sit around waiting." Quinn replied.

Straight after coming back, Quinn was pressed to be a part of the meeting table. On their way to the main command centre, Sam tried to catch Quinn up on what had happened so far.

Those from Daisy were doing a great job in helping secure the planets they got from Pure, and true to their word they had given the Cursed faction access to everything as it all now belonged to them.

However, Oscar was now suggesting that the compulsory school military system was to start back up again on Earth, and with the threat of the Dalki, he wanted Quinn and Owen to make their main base on earth as well.

The school base would be condensed down to just three bases, and those from the Cursed faction and Graylash faction would have to send their students there as well. This time, the focus of the academy would be on unity rather than trying to bring out those that were strongest.

Sam had suggested some changes he thought Quinn would be happy with, such as consistent checks from the other factions, for them to also have their own people employed as teachers and not just the military as before.

Quinn knew that the other military bases weren't as bad as what he and the others were subjected to, mainly because of Duke, but that didn't mean there wasn't discrimination still going on in the other bases either.

This was why he was happy with the things Sam suggested.

"I do have a couple of things I would like to add." Quinn said. "I suggest that the ability books on the market place up to level five should be mass produced and handed to all the students.``

"I understand why you want that, but I'm afraid that it might disrupt the economy." Oscar replied. "And if we were to allow this and another civil war was to happen, we would find ourselves in a more difficult situation."

"I understand, but what economy will we even have left if we are all dead? And another thing, get rid of the levels on the wrist watches the academy uses. I understand you want there to be competition, but they cause more trouble to the students than you think. If you can't accept at least this demand, then we have a problem." Quinn said as he hung up the call. Not even waiting to hear their reply.

Sam didn't know what Quinn thought about while being in his dark space, but he certainly did have a different feel. It felt like Quinn was now more focused than ever.

'Now to move on to the next thing,' Quinn thought. 'To complete the quest there are two things I need to do, the first is turn one more person using the blood ritual, and the second, to select a second knight. The question is, who?'


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