My Vampire System Chapter 821

813 In The Head

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Once the meeting with the other leaders was done, Quinn stood there for a while thinking about what to do. There were a few others in the command room as well, including Paul, Logan, and Sam.

"I know it might be a bit early to think about what we should do next, but do you have an idea?" Sam asked.

This question wasn't just asked out of the blue, honestly the words of Paul were ringing in his head and he was doubting if Quinn really was fit to lead at the moment.

"I think staying where we are is fine." Quinn replied, which was a surprise of an answer from Quinn.

"Why?" Sam asked. "Wouldn't it be better to locate ourselves on Earth? They have agreed to give us the city that Truedream used to own, so we can build our base there. Where we are now is quite risky because we're close to the Dalki. We also have the matter of all the planets we have been given and the resources, as well as gathering those to send to the military bases."

Thinking about this, Quinn wondered whether the fact that he was seventeen and technically should be in his second year of military school, meant that they were expecting him to go back to school with the others. Surely Quinn could request an exception for certain members in his group, it would just be a waste otherwise.

"This was my line of thought," Said Quinn. "You told me that Daisy is doing quite well at the moment. I think their experience with running a big faction and controlling multiple planets can be used. Let Helen and her sisters be the middlemen and deal with all the planets and we will just collect the resources off them."

"Won't that be a problem?" Paul interrupted as he walked up the staircase to the table where Sam and Quinn were at. "Giving them so much control, the others might think that Daisy is their leader and not you, Quinn. What happens if they plan to take over?"

"Then let them." Quinn snapped almost instantly, and he almost sounded annoyed. "We can't control other people and their desires. But I will make it clear that if they do betray me, then the lesson will be taught. Someone recently told me I can't be giving people second chances."

Although Quinn was a lot more assertive in the answers he was giving, Paul seemed to not mind that, while Sam felt conflicted. He was worried that he might be straying down the wrong path.

'If you do Quinn, don't worry. Me and the others will stop you.' Sam thought.

"For your other questions," Quinn continued, "Building a base on Earth will be nice but it will take time and we are in no rush. We have already established ourselves here. Thanks to the teleporters we can send a few people to slowly build a place until it's acceptable. I'll be honest, right now the only ones I feel like I can trust is the Cursed faction. So I still don't like the idea of setting up a base on Earth.

"As for why I think we should stay here, the answer is simple. When I was down on the inner planet by myself, there were a few legendary tier beasts and demi-god tier beasts down there.

"I don't know what's going to happen but I feel like something big might happen soon." Saying this, Quinn started to think about what Arthur was doing, and possibly Hilston's next move as well.

With Arthur no longer there to help him, if Hilston came back for Sil, who would be strong enough to fend him off this time?

"Rather than relying on others I want to make our own group stronger starting with you guys. The main leaders all need to have at least legendary equipment, and I think this is the perfect place to be. If the Dalki come, we should be able to use the teleporters before they can do anything."

Sam gave a short smile at Quinn.

"I'm just glad you haven't gone crazy." Said Sam. "I think what you said makes sense. You can leave the preparations for the military school to me. They told us to send a couple of teachers there as well, and I need to decide who would be the best fit."

With the talk over and done with, Quinn was going to go back to the task at hand, but before he could leave, Paul wanted to have a word with Quinn.

"Quinn, I'm glad you're using your head a little and I don't think what you said is wrong."

"I have a feeling there's going to be a but" replied Quinn.

"But I feel like this might delay the original task given to us by those vampires." Said Paul. "If we waste too much time here without going back, or giving them an answer, don't you think they'll try to do something? We still haven't found out anything."

It was true, but before they weren't really in a position to investigate, especially since there was a civil war going on. It was hard to gather any kind of information, but now they were in a position to start looking.

"I understand you're worried Paul, you always have been," Quinn said, giving out a sigh. "When Kazz comes back, I think it's best if we send out some type of investigation team with the two of you to start having a look."

Satisfied with the answer, Paul didn't say anything and started to walk away. Quinn felt indifferent about Paul. He was someone who he wanted on his side, but it felt like he was more in it for him rather than anyone else.

'I guess I'm the same way. Come to think of it, Kazz has been gone for a while now. The system still says they're there. Wait, would the system even update me if they died?'

Still, even though he couldn't feel the connection due to how far away they were, he thought the system would at least inform him if one of them did die.

Looking at the number on the screen he could see that it said 9/10. There was one more person he needed to turn. When looking around, he could see Logan tinkering away at one of the consoles to control the ship. He had several strange items by his side.

The ship had impressive tech on board, the best humans could develop, but Logan still felt he could do better. A teleporter had been set up on board the ship and from time to time he would go back and forth bringing back items from his houses.

'No, Logan's ability is still too useful, same with Sil. There should be some others I can pop the question to. It would also be best to turn someone while Kaz is away.' He thought.

Then there were two others that came into Quinn's mind when pondering who to turn, so he decided to go explore the ship while looking for them. Eventually, Quinn managed to find them, but when he did, to his surprise they were together and immediately Quinn could smell something.

The two of them happened to be in Quinn's private training room and they were in there along with Linda.

"What the, what happened to you guys?!" Quinn said.

The two people he was looking at were both Nate and Dennis, and from their smell alone, he could tell that they were both no longer human.

Nate started to rub the back of his head as if he was embarrassed.

"Oh, I thought Sam was going to update you on that, I guess he might have been a little busy. But Quinn, don't you think I look different, like, as in better!" Nate said excitedly.

Quinn thought based on Nate's personality of someone who was independent and always looking to improve would hate to be turned, but it turned out he was actually very happy about it. The main reason being he was starting to get a little attention around the ship.

'Hah, I guess Nate cares more about girls than he does his martial arts. I should have asked if he wanted to turn a long time ago, although I would have never said looking better was one of the benefits.' Quinn thought.

"Who cares about that." Dennis said. "Quinn, we wanted to ask you, what exactly are we?"


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