My Vampire System Chapter 822

814 The New Guy

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Originally, Quinn was on the search for Nate and Dennis with different intentions. He had decided that he would ask either one of them if they wished to be turned. Telling them the risks and benefits of turning. He could trust the two of them to keep a secret while Kazz was away and even if she did find out, then Quinn had already decided what he would do.

Just from the smell alone, Quinn could not tell what type of vampire they were, He was not good enough, and his nose wasn't a skill he really tried to train. He only knew that they were different from humans. Still, there was something he could do.


"So, what are we?" Nate said, with his heart beating so loud everyone present could hear it. Although, that was also due to their senses being improved. "Sam said the two of us could turn into," Nate gulped for a second. "Monsters..."

"Well, the two of you can relax." Said Quinn. "The two of you are regular vampires. Which means the two of you will be on the blood diet for now."

Usually, Quinn wouldn't joke about in a situation like this, changing someone was changing their life, but he had done it that many times, and the two of them didn't seem to be overly worried, in fact they seemed more thankful.

"So, what did happen to you two anyway, how did you get turned?" Quinn asked.

The two of them began to tell their story of the attack, and how badly hurt they were at the time. They couldn't move and if left there, they would have bled out. They were still conscious and could hear the same voice that was guiding, both Paul and Sam as well.

"Those two champs said that it was another vampire." Dennis explained. "Although we never did see them."

'Another vampire, and one they didn't recognize?' To be able to know the blood ritual meant they couldn't have been a vampire that I turned, and Arthur only came later due to me. So, who the hell helped them and why?' Quinn thought but couldn't think of anything.

There was another thought that entered his mind while thinking about that. Based on the story the two of them had told, they were near death. Quinn thought he had figured out the system and blood ritual, if the two of them were near death, then shouldn't they have turned into a type B vampire, an undead like Linda and Peter?

'Was it because they were turned by Paul and Sam who are both vampires, Is there now a limit to their evolution?' Of course, this was all guess work by Quinn, but he did know one person who would know the answer. Vincent.

Without Vincent, there wasn't much Quinn could do but to try to explain to the boys what they will be like from now on.

However, it did make Quinn wonder, if his theory was right, what if Alex tried to turn someone? Would that person change into a blood fairy as well? Through this method, Quinn could choose certain classes he wanted. There was the limit to how many people one could create and there also was the limit on how many vampires were allowed in the tenth family.

It didn't seem to affect his own limit either. When checking the system, it still allowed him to use the blood ritual one more time.

The two of them seemed to be nervous after Quinn had explained but a little excited at the same time.

"Can the two of you use your ability?" Quinn asked.

After that question, their mood soured a little, as they both shook their heads. It was strange what abilities vampires could and couldn't learn and he knew for these two, their abilities felt more like a part of them, it did for a lot of people.

Quinn thought that originals could use their abilities, but that didn't seem to be the case either, as Linda and Dennis both couldn't use their ability, despite being an original. Which meant trying to change Logan or Sil would be a significant risk.

"Don't worry Quinn." Nate said. "I'm just going to see it as a chance to get better. A new ability will be a new challenge, and who knows maybe I can get something like your shadow now, huh." Nate said shoving him with his elbow.

"Yeah, maybe" Quinn mumbled. "And what about you Linda?" He said with a greater smile. "You seem to have changed a bit as well."

"You can tell?' Linda replied.

When using the inspect skill, Quinn had seen all three of their classes and Linda had changed from a Draugr, and had evolved into a Great Draugr.

"Wait, you're not a vampire like us?" Nate asked.

Linda shook her head, she had explained to the boys about what had happened, and how Quinn had saved her, but she didn't go into detail of what she was.

"Is there anything new you can do?" Quinn asked out of curiosity, when he evolved, there were slight changes and it was the same for Peter.

When Quinn asked this though, Linda's face went a little red. Which was odd because it was something he had never seen before on such a straightforward serious person.

She took a step back from the others, a few steps back more, and then even more until she was quite the distance away from the others, then she proceeded to take off her armor one by one, until she was wearing nothing but the special suits made from the beast crystals that were on the ship.

They watched intently for a while, the redness on her face was appearing again. It got too much that she turned around. That's when they noticed something happening to her body.

"What the..." Nate said, as his head started to tilt up increasingly.

Linda could now change her size at will, getting bigger than her original size, now she was as big as the Dalki warriors, but she soon retracted her form and went back to what she once was and turned back around.

"I don't know if it improves my strength yet or not, but I can move and jump and do everything just as fast as I could previously. The only downside is the beast armor. The uniform can expand along with my body, but the beast armor can't."

"We could always get that hammer hitting kid to make some giant armor for ya body." Dennis said.

"But then where would I put it?" She replied. "I would need to carry it along with me somehow, and also switch between the smaller armor and larger armor."

Hearing this, it sounded like if Linda had something like the dimensional space and shadow equip Quinn used it would have been perfect.

"Maybe we can think of something." Quinn said, and he soon left the three of them. If they had any questions about being a vampire, Quinn left it to the usual helper, Fex.

By now, Fex had a lot of experience of looking after newly turned people. With turning the two of them out of the picture, Quinn still needed to find another person.

So, he continued to walk around the base while trying to rack his head. Leaving his own training room, he went into the ones next door to see what others were doing.

Borden was teaching the Balde kids.

'I wonder if.."

Quinn didn't want to put any children through the troubles he went through. Looking at Borden, Quinn was starting to imagine some Dalki vampire hybrid. However, Logan had stated that Borden's condition was too unstable in the first place. Trying anything like that could kill him.

Seeing no one of potential in this training room, he then went on and headed into the next one.

Here, he noticed that the training room had been turned into a type of games room. There were many VR pods, as well as a couple of soul machines. Compared to only the one they had before, and in the back, Quinn could see they were even playing a familiar game.

The sound of the automatic doors behind Quinn were heard opening and a young snapper Quinn didn't really know who was entering the room.

"Hey, I don't think I've seen you before, are you one of the new recruits?" The young man asked.

Quinn pointed at himself and was confused for a second, but he then realized that a lot of people he met had the same reaction. Due to his hair, face, and body change, no one recognized him unless they were taking a hard look.

Only when someone mentioned it, or he pointed it out could they see the resemblance.

"Don't worry, whatever family or faction you were from doesn't matter, we're all part of the Cursed family now!" The man said putting his arm around Quinn's neck. He couldn't hate a friendly stranger. Especially one that was this welcoming to new people.

"All this new equipment for the training room, it was given to us from taking over Daisy and the Pure planets, it's great right? Let me show you something here." The man said dragging Quinn along.

Eventually they went to the very back, where they were all playing a game Quinn had seen when he had entered.

"The game is called Block Block, are you any good new guy?" The man asked.

"I would say I'm pretty good," Quinn replied, with a smirk.

Placing his fingers in his mouth. The man whistled.

"Hey, you guys, we got a cocky one here, let's put him up against Jumbo!"

Another man walked out, who had a small frame. They were a similar size to Wevil, but instead of the green hair it was a light blue. The little man also carried two daggers and was in the middle of sharpening them. What use he had for them while playing the game Quinn didn't know.. If there was one thing about the person, they sure were popular with the crowd.

"Alright everyone, time to place your bets, we have Jumbo currently undefeated, going up against the new guy! Thanks for doing this by the way, we were looking for someone to spice things up." the young man said. "Just don't lose on the first level."

Quinn honestly didn't know what he had gotten dragged into, but maybe there would be someone here he could find in this group that was worth turning.


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