My Vampire System Chapter 823

815 The Tenth Person

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It was a tricky situation for Quinn to say no to what was happening. Suddenly, he was dragged into playing the game, and everyone was too excited. After seeing the look on their faces, he was afraid that if he said no, he would disappoint a lot of people.

'All these guys seem to be having a lot of fun. Maybe I should put on a bit of a show for them?" Quinn thought.

Seeing how everyone was welcoming and Quinn looking around at all their faces, he realised that he didn't actually know many people in the Cursed faction apart from the leaders or those in a higher position. Even the original Crows, who were the first to convert and become part of the Cursed faction, Quinn didn't recognise.

"A 1000 credits on Jumbo."

"Ah, I keep betting on the newbies and keep losing; I'll bet on jumbo as well."

"Yeah, but those are some bad odds. I'll guess I'll bet on the new guy, even if he does look a bit clueless."

'Ouch, that comment hurt a little,' Quinn chuckled to himself, but he knew he must have appeared to be dazed to the others.

The small Jumbo walked up to the block block game with cheers from the crowd, and he placed his two daggers back into his side, down by his legs.

"Let's start with level five. If you can't do that, I don't want everyone to lose any more money." Said Jumbo.

"Hey, we're not all losing money. I have faith in you, Jumbo!" Someone shouted from the crowd.

The others turned to look at Quinn's expression, who just shrugged his shoulders.

"That's fine with me, whatever is best for you."

Just because one was good at the block block game, didn't mean they would be strong in real life, but it did focus on reflex, speed, prediction and other things. When the game started for Jumbo, he excelled at these things and swiftly blocked the attacks from the machine and dodged without moving out of the zone.

'His movements are good and smooth. He reminds me a bit of Wevil, although less robotic.' Quinn thought.

The last fifteen seconds were where it really sped up, and not keeping his eyes off the machine, he managed to finish the game without getting hit. Walking out of the game room, Jumbo looked proud of himself, it was the best performance he had done so far. At best, he could pass level six, but he wouldn't be able to so a hundred percent of the time.

'No one on this ship can beat me at this game apart from my teacher. Your whole act is obviously a bluff.' Jumbo thought.

Walking up to the game room, Quinn decided that eventually, these guys would find out who he was, so why not put on quite the show for them.

"Let's get this over and done with. How about level eight?" Quinn suggested, which was the highest level the block block game went up to.

"Is he crazy? Why would he go up to level eight? He does know you can't use abilities in this?"

"I don't think I've ever seen someone complete a level eight without using abilities."

"He doesn't have to do this. He could just do level six; he can't be serious about the level eight thing."

Giving a nod to the person who was controlling the game system to the side, the man started the game.

'Ha, you want to try level eight, go on then, show us something amazing.' The man thought, setting up the game.

At that moment, a particular person had entered the training room, that very person was Wevil. Wevil often went and relaxed with the others in the ship and played a few games with them from time to time.

He was growing closer with the group, and his bond was getting better with them. He felt like this was what a real faction should be like, not like that of the Parasites he was with before. As soon as he entered, he could hear the sound of cheering and talking at the back.

"These guys, they're doing bets again?" Wevil thought, walking over. Pushing through everyone, Wevil eventually reached the front and could only see the back of someone entering the game.

"Teacher!" Someone called out to him, and someone who was the same size as Wevil approached.

"Jumbo, I'm guessing you're the one playing again?" Wevil asked.

"Yes, teacher, but can you believe this new guy? He comes up to the game and asks for level eight. He's just going to embarrass himself." Said Jumbo.

"Level eight, on the Block block game?" Wevil started to chuckle. "There's only one person who could do" His speech started to slow, as the screen above the game centre showed who was inside. Maybe the others didn't recognise him, but Wevil, being the first one to see Quinn did.

He placed his hands on Jumbo's shoulders.

"I'm sorry, Jumbo, ten thousand credits on the new guy!" Wevil shouted, taking advantage of the whole situation.

"Teacher, how could you bet against me!?"

"I don't think there's a person out there better than him at this game."

The game had started, and Quinn perfectly blocked everything. He didn't do his usual tactic, where he would hit the moving parts before they came at him until the very end. When the last fifteen seconds had started, getting a little too excited, he had blocked a part of the machine, and at the same time, activated his Qi.

'Oh crap!'

It was a habit when an incoming attack as fast as the one coming toward him did. The next second, the machine's top half went flying and crashed into the wall. Crumbling to pieces.

"What!, he broke the machine. Does that count as a win?"

"He must have used an ability."

While the others were arguing amongst others about who won, Jumbo had his head down. He had seen Quinn's impressive display and knew he wouldn't have even lasted while playing the game at level eight.

Walking up to the front before a riot started, Wevil turned around, facing the crowd and cleared his throat.

"You idiots!" Wevil shouted. "Don't any of you know who this is? This is Quinn. Leader of the Cursed faction and now also now one of the first world leaders!" Wevil shouted.

They were hesitant for a second. Some even thought it might have been a joke, they had seen Quinn a couple of times and watched the videos, and the two of them didn't look to be the same person. But after seeing the look and serious tone of Wevil's voice. They soon all bowed down as a sign of respect.

"We're sorry." They said as they wore worried about what Quinn might do to them. They saw his power in the duel, and when dealing with those Pure members.

Not knowing Quinn that well, they were wondering if he would deal with them the same way.

"Well, that was a little fun." Said Quinn. "Don't worry about it, you guys didn't know, and I kind of liked being treated just like one of you for the day. And Jumbo, you have talent. Just try not to be so arrogant, let me tell you, in this world, there always seems to be someone better than you."

Saying these words, Quinn felt like he was more saying them to himself.

From Quinn's reaction, the others were getting a good impression of their leader. Quinn decided to use this to mingle with those on board and talk to them; he hadn't done this much, and he felt a little awkward.

He wasn't a very social person and didn't have many times when he needed to be social at school. If people talked to him, it was usually to ask him to do a favour for them; if he didn't do it, he would get beaten.

This attention felt strange, which led Quinn to try and get out of the training room as soon as possible, but the heavy crowds were making it impossible. Seeing the discomfort, Wevil was the one who eventually spoke up.

"Alright, everyone, give Quinn a break; he has very important things to do and can't be talking to all of you every day for the whole day," Wevil said as the two of them walked out of the room, and headed to somewhere quieter.

'Thanks, Wevil," Quinn said. "You seem to get along with them well.

"Well, after they saw me play the block block game a few times, they kept asking me to teach a few them, and it just went from there really," Wevil replied. "Of course, I didn't cheat or anything like that." he laughed nervously.

"Quinn, thank you for forgiving me, and bringing me on board. I really like it here."

Seeing Wevil have a genuine smile on his face, Quinn started to consider Wevil as a candidate for the next turn. Not being close to Wevil, he never thought of this as an option.

Sure, he could command Wevil and force him to do his bidding, but he wanted those that would help him out of their own choice. However, it looked like Wevil was treating this more like his home than others.

'Wouldn't he be a good person to turn? His ability is super speed, so if he's a vampire he would have that anyway. With a new ability, it's a chance to make him stronger as well.'

There was also the chance that he wouldn't turn into a vampire and something else, but Quinn thought a regular vampire suited him best, and maybe the system would think so as well.

When the two of them had reached a quiet spot on the ship, Quinn had decided to pop the question and explain everything to do with them.

Wevil was listening in carefully, and Quinn was waiting for the surprised look on his face, but it never did appear. It was as if Wevil already knew.

"I Don't have to eat people do I?" Wevil asked out of the blue.

Although Quinn couldn't deny based on what he could be turned into, he thought it was a specific thing to ask. Usually, the word vampires people would think of blood.

"What makes you ask that?" Quinn said.

Wevil revealed what he had seen Linda do, and now he understood the lack of surprise. After explaining more about the different possibilities of turning and their powers, he let Wevil think and ponder about it more.

"You don't have to give me a reply no-"

"I'll do it," Wevil said. "Quinn, you not only saved us from the Parasites life, but you released us from that torture. I now realise how much of a prison we were in that faction. If I can help you out, get stronger while doing so to protect this new faction, then I will happily accept."

The two of them went ahead and walked over to Quinn's private training room. Both Nate, Sam, and Linda were still present. Based on the room's condition and the look on their faces, it looked as if they were busy training.

They quickly stopped when they saw who Quinn had entered with.

"Don't worry," Linda said. "He already knows.

"Wevil, I'm going to ask you one more time. I know you said you owe me, but I don't want you to be doing this just because you feel like you owe me. I want you to do this for you as well." Quinn asked.

"I'm positive," Wevil replied

With that all and done, it was time for Quinn to turn the tenth person using the blood ritual, getting that much closer to completing the Quest.

The usual ritual was completed.

[10/10 ritual completed]



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