My Vampire System Chapter 824

816 The Last Turn

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Once the blood ritual began, Wevil whirled around in pain just like all others before him. Quinn was getting ready for anything to happen. So far nobody had turned into a creature that needed to be dealt with like Edward had warned him about, but there was a first time for everything.

'Come to think about it, wouldn't the Blood fairy and the Dhampir count as 'dangerous types' that need to be dealt with? Just because they weren't wild, doesn't mean they won't be troublesome for the vampires.' Quinn thought.

Finally the evolution was complete.

[10/10 Blood rituals have been completed]

[Updating Blood ritual skill]

[Currently 10/50 Blooded]

Strangely, the 50 in the message started to be scratched out as if the system had changed its mind, and the next message confirmed Quinn's worries.

[Error, unable to complete upgrade to Blood ritual skill.]

[Added prerequisite: Complete "Become a Vampire leader" Quest for skill upgrade]

The new amount Quinn was able to turn had come as a surprise to Quinn, but when he thought about it more it started to make sense. Usually there were around 50 of those that were closely related to the leader that knew their ability, and those that had been turned by a leader would have the same blood.

[Congratulations, you have successfully created a Strigoi]

[A Strigoi is a type of vampire that has not yet chosen its path. Evolution will commence once the Strigoi has decided on its future path. Possible evolutions include the Strigoi Mort, a dangerous vampire that focuses on physical abilities or a Strigoi Vu that is a sorcerer among vampires.]

[Strigoi are not affected by sunlight, they also consume human blood via simple touch, powering their ability to transform into an animal-like creature. Strigoi are just as mortal as vampires, but apart from their speed they share only a few physical traits. (Even this may vary depending on what animal they are able to transform into)]

'Another new subclass. I was expecting this after having had so many normal vampires lately, but at least it doesn't look to be anything dangerous.' Quinn thought.

It remained to be seen just how powerful this new subclass would be, judging by the description Quinn felt it would be somewhere between a Class C and a Class A type vampire. He was already curious about what further evolution Wevil would undergo in the future.

'So I'm a Stonkie?" Wevil asked.

"No, you're a Strigoi." Quinn corrected him after explaining all the details to him.

"Wow, he can actually transform. Sounds like it would have been perfect for someone like me." Dennis sighed from the side, wishing he still had his wings.

"Are you going to show us what you can turn into?" Nate asked, curious and now starting to feel that just having a bit of power was a little boring. Fortunately, the blood abilities were certainly something fun to use.

"Didn't Quinn say I would need human blood to transform? However, I don't see any humans around here." Wevil replied.

Taking out his flask, Quinn wanted to check if Wevil could also consume it directly. Unlike the others though, Wevil didn't feel a sweet scent enter his nose. In fact, when he attempted to drink blood from the flask he felt disgusted as soon as a single drop was placed on his tongue, which wasn't the reaction of a normal vampire at all.

"It seems that the bit about consuming it through touch is quite important." Quinn suspected. "Let's leave it for now, but if you get the chance it would be best to learn how to use your powers as soon as possible. As for your ability, and that goes for all of you, I would hold off learning a new one for now."

They didn't understand why, so they just assumed Quinn had a reason for telling them this. Quinn left them wondering as he walked to a different part of the ship to carry on with his business.

Taking a look at his Quest, he could now see that there was only one thing to do, selecting a second Vampire knight. After completing this Quest, Quinn would also have to head back to the tombs to meet Vincent again.

'Maybe I should hold off on selecting someone until I'm back in the Vampire World. That way I could go do the other Quest straight away.'

Honestly, Quinn just didn't have a single person in mind who he felt was undoubtedly suited for the Vampire knight role. He would also prefer to get the opinion from his current Vampire knight.

When Quinn stopped, he found himself heading into the forging room. As usual the busy sound of hammers striking down on metal was audible before one even entered the room. Looking inside, Quinn was surprised that it looked the same as before.

He had been told that Pure had attacked them, leading to some areas of the ship getting damaged, but although it could be seen in some parts, the forging area appeared as if new.

'I guess they can fix anything if they put their mind to it.'

When Alex noticed who had just walked in, he immediately put his hammer down, and rushed over pulling Quinn by the arm.

"I'm sorry Quinn, please, please you're not going to kill me, are you?" Alex asked worriedly.

The others also started to slow down their hammering as they noticed Alex acting strangely.

"Is this about you showing your wings to everyone here?" Quinn asked. "Don't worry about it. The good thing is, no one knew what your ability was before so we can just cover it up saying it was your ability. The only reason I wanted you to hide it was because of Kazz, but you don't need to worry about that anymore."

Wiping the sweat from his forehead Alex looked relieved.

"Thank the Smithing Gods, I thought you were about to drain my blood, forcing the others to make weapons out of me."

Quinn had no idea why Alex thought he would do such a cruel thing.

"On a separate note I have a few requests. Would you be able to create a large scale piece of armour, one that could fit a Dalki? Quinn asked.

"Of course, but is there anyone in the Cursed faction that can use such armour?" Alex answered, as he started to mentally go over each Cursed member. Perhaps it was someone who had recently joined.

"You don't have to worry about that, as for the second thing, everyone in here saw you change, as far as I'm aware?"

Alex looked at the others and nodded slowly. Even if he wanted to lie, something inside him prevented him from doing that. He was afraid that even if Quinn wouldn't kill him, perhaps he would get rid of all the witnesses.

"If you think someone is interested in sharing your type of ability, tell them to come meet me, it might be interesting." Quinn told him. He was thinking about the theory he had come up with earlier.

If Alex could turn someone, would he turn that person into a Blood fairy? If that turned out to be the case, then it would certainly be very helpful if they ended up having to fight the vampires.

"I know you're not a fighter, but I've realised after last time that there might be a chance that another surprise attack happens on the trip, so I think it would be best if you did some fighting training and made some gear for yourself, just in case."

Pulling a piece of red armour from underneath, Alex had a smile on his face. "I'm already one step ahead of you. It's light in design, so I can even work while wearing it. After all, I really don't want to die on this ship."

"Great, unless you have something very important that can't wait, meet me in my personal training room around 6 PM." Quinn instructed him, before walking off, heading to his own room, away from the eye of others.

When Quinn was finally alone, he decided to use the Shadow lock. There was no longer any need for a private room for him to practice in. The Shadow lock was even better than that, a large empty space that went on forever. Nothing could get destroyed in here and he could use his full strength. It also had the added bonus of being away from everyone.

'Alright, let's try this.' Quinn thought to himself, as he closed his eyes.

A few hours later, Alex left the forging area and entered the training room. When he arrived, Alex saw that he wasn't the only one that had been called here.

"Did Quinn tell you to come here as well?" Nate asked with a grin. Next to him were Linda, Dennis, Nate, Sam, Wevil. Alex, still baffled, just nodded, having thought that Quinn wanted to give him some one on one training.

"We need to try think about what we all have in common." Sam started to speculate, his mind always went to things like this. Seeing everything as a puzzle. "All of us aren't human, that's the common factor between us."

"But then where is Fex and Paul?" Linda asked.

"Perhaps they will come later." Sam shrugged his shoulders.

However, when the doors opened again, it wasn't Paul or Fex, but Quinn.

"It looks like everyone is here, that's great. Seems like I'm the last one to arrive, so sorry about that." Quinn apologised with a kind smile. "I guess let's just get started straight away then. All of you here have lost your ability. As most of you know, the abilities vampires can learn differ from the ones humans can. Unfortunately for all of you, the abilities you had in the past belong to the group that are not compatible with your current bodies."

"If you want to, starting today, I'm willing to teach you all how to use the Shadow ability."


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