My Vampire System Chapter 825

817 The New Punishers

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The idea of teaching everyone the shadow ability had popped into Quinn's head more than once, but it all started when Sam first asked if he could learn the shadow ability. It was a strong defensive ability that could be utilised in many different ways. Due to vampires and subclasses being strong and having their own set of skills. The two things worked well together.

In the past, those with the shadow ability were known as the Punishers, and they were so strong that they were feared by other vampires. It was clear it was a good ability and worth teaching others. They had all seen how Quinn was able to use it in battle and didn't question whether the ability was good or not.

As time went on, Quinn found more reasons for the others to learn how to use the shadow ability, such as Linda with her transformations. The shadow equip, and dimensional space would have been perfect for her.

The problem was, Quinn had learnt the ability through a book using the system. He didn't know how to actually use the ability and would just activate it using the system. His hope was that maybe Arthur could teach someone else and Quinn one day.

It was also why Quinn felt like he wasn't allowed to teach others this ability even if he did know-how. Arthur was the leader of the Punishers, so it would be up to him who could learn the ability or not. It was safe to say Quinn didn't think this way anymore.

"You do all have a choice if you want to learn this or not. I just think it will be advantageous to you all." Said Quinn, as he waited for someone to speak up and object. Everyone stood there in silence which was there was of agreeing and had a determined look on their face.

Still, one person did raise their hand, and it was Nate out of surprise.

"Quinn, why did you choose to teach all of us, as in what was your criteria?" Nate asked.

"Criteria? I mean, all of you are vampires who have lost their ability. I can't teach it to Paul or Fex since they already have an ability." Quinn spoke like it was quite obvious.

"Then can I ask, why did you choose not to invite Cia, or is she on her way?" Asked Nate.

Quinn gave Nate the silent treatment for a few seconds.

"You forgot, didn't you?" Sam said, smiling as he remembered that they too, had forgotten about Cia.

Cia was the one who had the missing memories, not Quinn. Usually, he would leave everything about her down to Layla. He just felt awkward interacting with her ever since he had removed her memories. When Quinn was around her, he could feel the shift in the air between the two of them.

'She did save us when we were fighting against that demon tier beast. Her scream and future warnings are useful, but at the same time, I'm a little scared to know the possible future.' Quinn thought.

"Permission to be the one to go grab her?" Nate asked with his hand raised and his body stiff like he was back in military school.

"Sure, sure, go ahead," Quinn said, still feeling a little embarrassed that he had forgotten about her. "Just don't mention this to her. She might pierce all our eardrums."

A few moments later and Nate had returned with Cia. When she entered, Quinn had started his speech all over again, telling them why he had gathered them all as if the others had never heard it and even spoke in the dramatic fashion he did the first time.

Some of them giggled and were unable to hold in their laughter at this after Quinn was done.

"Is there a Joke or something I don't understand?" Cia asked, looking at the others.

"Don't worry about them, they are just immature, unlike me," Nate replied with his chest puffed out, standing next to her.

Moving on, it was time for Quinn to teach them what he knew about the shadow. To teach someone the shadow, they needed to know a lot about their ability, and usually, those who taught abilities were the originals who discovered them.

For Quinn, he really needed to start from the drawing board, and doing this, he would do so while in his shadow lock space. Silence, time to think and a way to be in tune with his body. Thankfully, Quinn was quite skilled at feeling the different energies that were in his body.

There were times when learning how to use different skills, he would do this and learnt more about how his abilities worked. It was even how he turned the standard blood swipe, and created the blood crescent kick. Using this knowledge, he thought he could do the same with the shadow.

The other advantage he had to learn about the shadow, was his more vast knowledge about Qi. Thanks to learning the second stage of Qi, Quinn also needed to fine-tune his control over the first stage of Qi. All of his experiences so far and the little training of the shadow he had done with Arthur, allowed him to understand the shadow more.

Quinn started to think back to when he first learnt the shadow, the basic things he could do with it. Then when using the shadow, just simply controlling it and moving it around, he focused on everything that was going through his body at that time. It was difficult, as every skill and everything he did when using the shadow was slightly different, and he somehow needed to explain this to the others.

So far, Quinn had only learnt how the shadow control skill had worked, and he would be teaching them this first. It would be a while before he learnt the other skills and would be able to pass it on to the others.

Explaining to the others wouldn't be enough, and would take quite a long time, So Quinn had a shortcut in mind. Just like how others would infuse Qi and red aura energy into him. Quinn would try to share his shadow energy with them.

Placing his hands on their backs one by one, he would try to move a little bit of his own Shadow aura into their bodies to allow them to get the feeling. This would also turn what Mutant cells they had in their body, into those that would allow them to use the Shadow ability. No longer letting them learn another ability.

'Separating the different engines in my body is a little hard, but it doesn't matter if these guys get a little bit of Qi and vampire energy in the process.' Quinn thought.

There was always a risk like what nearly happened with Chris and Leo happening to others, but everyone here was already turned.

"Okay, all of you should have the feeling of the shadow in your body, and you need to remember this feeling," Quinn said, then pulling out from his own shadow Quinn had a book in his hand. "I wrote down everything in this book about how to use and control the first skill, shadow control, as well as the feeling of the actual shadow. We will come back every day at this time, and keep moving on from there."

In Quinn's head, even though he didn't know much about the shadow, as he learnt about it more, he would teach them what he knew. It was as if someone was going for piano lessons for the first time, and teaching somebody else. As long as Quinn was one lesson ahead of the others, he could teach them what he had learnt.

"Our own personal ability book written by Quinn," Nate said with a smirk.

"Perhaps what is happening right now is exactly how the ability books and skill books came into circulation," Sam commented. "History repeating itself."

When everyone left, they were in a bright mood. The sadness from having lost an ability had disappeared, and they felt the joy of learning something new again.

Quinn felt like the future would be bright, if everyone here knew the shadow ability, then if they were ever in trouble, or needed to support each other. Those with the shadow ability could help.

But without an adequate teacher, and the system. The learning would take a long time compared to Quinn. How long was up to them.

Waiting inside the room, Quinn heard the door open as there was another person he had invited here but asked to come a bit later.

"How are you doing bro?" Fex said, walking in.

'Tired." Quinn replied.

"I'm not surprised, you went through a pretty big growth spurt" They both chuckled.

Fex was a more talented vampire than the others knew or gave him credit for. One, he was a young vampire that used to be the strongest of the direct dements before he was punished. That never stopped Fex from improving. He was also the first one to discover how to use a blood weapon without having to kill a vampire, an amazing feat that no one had yet discovered that surely would put Fex in the council's good books, a game-changer.

Although Quinn did want to talk to Fex about this, that wasn't what he had called him over for today.

Instead, he wanted to talk about another skill that Fex could do that Quinn couldn't.

A new stat that Quinn had only gained recently.

"I was wondering if you could teach me more about blood control?" Quinn asked.


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