My Vampire System Chapter 826

818 A Special Item

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Before asking to meet with Fex, Quinn did try to increase the blood control stat by himself. Now that his body had evolved into a vampire lord, Quinn was sure his stats should have been able to increase beyond what they were all currently at.

Before, they were all maxed out at sixty points each. He had hit the limit of a vampire noble. Thanks to Quinn's system, he was able to gain a stat point from consuming other peoples blood. He had gathered this from the members of the faction. Once again, he had asked Sam to bring him more blood from faction members he had yet to consume, and this was where the problem started.

Increasing a single stat point, now required ten or sometimes even more of the same blood type. The good news was that if consuming ten O types, Quinn would still gain a free stat point, where he could use this however he wished and could place it into any stat, including the blood control.

Eventually, he managed to raise some of his stat points.

[Strength 64]

[Agility 62]

[Stamina 61]

[Charm 60]

[Blood control 14]

Then the real problems started. Consuming so many different blood types in one sitting was making his red aura run wild, a burning sensation going through his body fighting to get out. Quinn had felt this feeling once before. It was blood addiction.

In the past, Quinn was able to mix the blood with his Qi to curb the blood addiction, and from that day forward, he had no problems consuming peoples blood while having to worry about the blood addiction.

The difference was, he never had to consume as much blood in one sitting as he did now, and it looked like the same symptoms were returning. When trying to calm it down like he did with his Qi before, it seemed like his blood powers were now stronger than his Qi powers.

'Was there a balance before? It looks like if I want to get rid of the blood addiction and power through my stats with blood, I might have to find a way to increase my Qi. But is that even possible? Didn't I already reach my limit. The size of Qi I can control hasn't increased for a while now.'

Not being able to improve his Qi, and afraid of consuming too much blood, Quinn needed to focus on another way to increase his stats. Which eventually led him to think about Fex, the only person who currently knew about blood control.

"Ah man, you know I'm terrible at explaining these things. It's just a feeling ya know?" Fex said, pulling his hair back like he usually did. Quinn started to notice when Fex was in tough situations and didn't really know what to do, it was a habit of his.

"I had a feeling you would say that" Quinn replied, remembering last time he had asked Fex to teach him how to fight. "Why don't you just tell me what you know, or show me what it can do?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, I can do that," Fex said, hoping he wouldn't disappoint.

Fex started to throw out his red blood strings out on the floor while they were still attached to his finger tips, he then detached them and left them there lying on the floor, and soon they started to move and rise up off the ground.

"Blood control is something that all the leaders know, and from what I know not all vampires can even do it." Fex started to explain. "Blood is everything to a vampire, and it's how our powers work, and the more control they have over it the more powerful their attacks."

So far, Fex had said the same thing that the description had already told him, but was wondering if there was more to it.

"My blood control is still weak, but it lets me move the strings even after they have been detached, allowing me to create more points and connections. Usually, I can only make ten, but with my needles and the blood control. It's like fighting against multiple people from the thirteenth family. If I could use it well enough, I could probably control a puppet to do my bidding and fight myself like my father, but I'm not at that point yet.

"There's also Blood hardening, which is also a form of blood control. I'm sure you remember some of the leaders and vampire knights using that. But as I said before, the strength of one's blood control is dependent on the person, unless you're the king of course, they have the best blood control."

"The king?" Quinn replied. "I thought the king was voted in, not chosen because he was the one who had the best blood control."

"You're correct, a king is voted in, but think about it, if a weak king was placed would people listen to him? Especially for those vampires that see strength above all. After the first king went to sleep, he did so, leaving something behind.

"Some say he used his ability to create it. Some said it was an item that belonged long ago. The item is given to the next king and with it are the secrets of how to obtain absolute blood control. Once that king vacates then it gets passed on to the next one."

When Fex was talking about the first king, he was sure he was talking about Eno and not the original king from where Arthur had gotten his shadow abilities from.

The first king Eno, a person with the ability of equivalent exchange. A mysterious powerful ability where the limits were unknown.

"That would be a nice shortcut huh?" Said Fex with a smile. "If we could just get that item then you could learn blood control easy.'"

"Yeah, but I would have to be king for that, and I think with those old men at the council, my chances are pretty low." Not that Quinn ever had the idea of becoming king in the first place.

"Hey, if I was one of the vampire leaders, I would give you my vote!" Fex said, punching him on the shoulder.

When Fex said these words, he heard Fex's heart skip a beat. A sign of pain. The fact that he was no longer a part of his family still hurt him somewhere deep down.

"Why don't you show me that blood control again, and this time I'll place my hand on your back," Quinn said, trying to move on from the conversation.

Quinn had a reason behind this. If he couldn't increase his stats from consuming blood there was one other way. In the past, Quinn repeatedly tried to use his charm skill, learning the phantom punch. After suffering with headaches, and pushing on, his Charm stat naturally increased on its own.

So he knew there was a way to increase his stat points by improving one's self. The idea was if he figured out how to use blood control, maybe he too could continue to train in it, naturally causing the stat to rise.

The problem was, he didn't really know how to use blood control. Which was why he was planning to focus and feel what Fex was doing with his body instead. After learning how the shadow worked, maybe he could do the same thing with Fex and figure out how blood control worked.

The more he understood it, the easier it would be to use it and improve it. But it seemed like it was a little harder than he thought.

'Is it because my stats points in blood control are so low in the first place?'

After trying for a while, Fex was tired, and so was Quinn. He had just had a whole session of teaching everyone the shadow ability, and focusing used a lot of mental energy. He could only do it for so long.

"Let's call it a day," Quinn said.

"I'm sorry man." Fex replied. "I wish there was someone better to teach you. Maybe Edward could teach you when we return back to the vampire world. He's a good teacher and a cool guy."

"He is different from the other old dudes there," Quinn said.

Hearing this and thinking about the vampire world, made Quinn wonder something.

"About your blood weapon and soul weapon, do you plan on telling the other vampires how to do it?" Quinn asked.

Fex had thought about this a lot. He knew that some vampires had bad intentions, and he was potentially making them stronger, but if he told all of them, then the power of those opposed and against would be equal. The other problem was Kaz had already seen him use it anyway.

"I want to... at least tell my family." Fex said. "But I know if I did, they would have to reveal this information to the others."

"I think for now, it would be best if we kept it a secret, just until we see what will happen." Said Quinn.

When leaving the room, Quinn was planning to finally head back to his room and rest up for the night. He imagined that training every day for the next few days would be quite tiring.

The group continued their training for the next week or so, and didn't leave the planet. Until they were well versed in the shadow, there were no planned hunts on the planet. Quinn also continued to learn the blood control little by little and eventually, a week later he had increased his control by a single point.

[Blood control 15]

"It's still a little too slow."

"Quinn! Come quick!" Sam said, entering the training room, where him and Fex stood.

"It's Kaz, she's finally returned, and she's alone, saying she needs to speak to you about something urgently."


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