My Vampire System Chapter 827

819 Older Women

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On a planet where the sun never shined, blocked out by a strange contraption. There stood a castle. Many other castles surrounded it, but this castle was different. In front of the castle were mansions, gardens, living areas and more. However, every single one of them was empty.

This was the tenth family's castle area. Although the buildings were repaired, the damage done from Rowa, and his bloodsuckers were irreversible. For one, the number of people that now remained in the tenth family was significantly less.

There would be around a hundred vampires living in the inner area castle in the other castles, then fifty or so living in the castle. For the tenth area, there was Leo, Timmy, Xander, Amy, Erin and the ten students that had survived and agreed to stay.

There were more in the tenth family, but they were in the pooling area. They were only in the tenth family because the other families were full. Even with Timmy's plan of handing out high tier beast gear, they just didn't wish to join the inner family.

They felt like the tenth family was not strong enough to protect them from certain dangers. Still, Leo, with the help of Timmy completed their duties, helping those in the tenth family whether they wanted to or not.

Leo was currently on the second-highest floors, and he had changed the room to suit his style. The floors were now covered in wood, and the surrounding area was made to feel like a dojo. He didn't like to use the throne room as he never felt like it was meant for him.

Right now, in front of him, he had paperwork spread out across the floor that usually Edward would have to deal with. One of the Royal knights had come by asking for updates, but Timmy didn't know about it either.

It turned out; Edward did a lot more than they thought. Each castle had a plot of land given to them, where the inner castle area was, and the leaders of each land were like lords back in the past. They had to decide where they wished to focus their resources on.

Standing up, Leo was struggling.

"That kid, he just left the room, telling me to deal with it since it was grown-up stuff, but he forgot one thing. how is a blind man meant to do paperwork if I can't even see what's on it?"

"Do you need some help?" A soft voice said.

Taking off her shoes, and walking in wearing high white knee socks, Silver sat down next to Leo and started to sort through the piles of paper.

"I was starting to think you weren't blind with how well you use your sword." Silver commented.

"You were quite skilled yourself. Maybe in the future, we could duel and learn some skills from each other." Leo suggested. "It would be an honour to learn something from a sweet lady like yourself."

Silver couldn't help but smile at the comment. She had been complimented many times, but it always felt like there was an alternate motive. Here, she knew that Leo was just being a gentle, kind person.

"You should be careful with what you say to people who are older than you." Silver replied.

"Older? By the sound of your voice, and your body figure, I would have thought you were someone in their late twenties." With Leo's ability, it was impossible for him to see clear features of someone. He could only see an outline, and judge by their voice. Unless he started to touch her face out of the blue.

'It seems you have a lot to still learn about vampires." She replied.


While Silver was going through all the paperwork, she would discuss with Leo what he would want to be done. There were certain decisions to be made and requests from those in the tenth family. Such as building applications, requests for repairs and even minor disputes. It was starting to feel that the vampires weren't really that different from humans.

With the two of them, they eventually managed to complete all the paperwork for that day.

"Thank you for your help, but I assume you didn't just come over here to help a blind man," Leo said. "I have my own questions I would like to ask you as well."

"I think that young boy was right to make you a leader." Silver replied. "You have great insight; Edward would have been proud. Why don't you ask your questions first?"

"What is going to happen to the tenth family? A lot of our forces are no longer, weakening our power. When I first joined, there were many that would pick on those from the tenth, but slowly we were starting to change that. Suppose nothing is done about our position, or a rebalancing between the families. In that case, the tenth will struggle more than ever. I'm sure that is not the intention of the king?" Leo thought this, based on the king's actions that day. He was a good leader, someone who had personally come to try and save the tenth family and based so far with his decision making, he tried to please everyone.

"Things have been moving slowly." Silver replied. "Dwight, the royal knight, was meant to oversee what would happen to the tenth family, but instead, he has been too obsessed with trying to find out who was aiding Rowa. Of course, there have been no leads."

"There have been several meetings about this, and I know you haven't been invited to any of them, so that's why I have decided to come personally. Honestly, this is something that would be unacceptable treating a family like so.

"The past tenth leaders in their eternal sleep would be rolling around in their graves. They helped to create this society, and now they are treating the tenth like this." It was clear that Silver was angered by this. She was a caring person even if it wasn't to do with her family.

"They are taking advantage that your leader isn't present. What I can tell you for now, is all the leaders are preparing something big. If my hunch is right about what is soon to happen, eventually they will have no choice but to see you."


"See me, or the tenth family?" Leo replied.

"They will come after Quinn. The reason I am telling you this is because you are his vampire knight. Me myself as a vampire knight, I know how vital our duties are, and we must be prepared to sacrifice our own lives for our leaders.

"Unfortunately, no matter what, the tenth family plays a significant role in all of this, and when they come, they will either do one of two things. Ask you to join their side or attempt to get rid of you.

"I owe a lot to the tenth family, but I still belong to the thirteenth, so this warning is the most I can do, and maybe this is selfish of me, but I have a request. I know my brother will help Quinn no matter what, just like Quinn did for him, so please, protect my brother."

Leo, experiencing what he had experienced in his life, knew what Silver was implying. The vampire council was split. Which meant that the tenth family would be the deciding factor. They would either try to convince the tenth to join them or force them.

"Is this a request from you, or a request from the thirteenth family? Otherwise, this could get you into trouble, and it could be seen as the tenth siding with the thirteenth family."

Standing up and getting ready to leave, Silver turned her head before leaving the room.

"This is a personal request; maybe we can have the duel some time." She said, and the next second she was gone.

As soon as she disappeared, Leo's eyebrows frowned inward.

"Things might start to get difficult. I should continue with teaching the kids Qi as quickly as possible."


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