My Vampire System Chapter 828

820 Breaking The Rules

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The kings castle was located in the centre of the others, larger taller and more robust then the rest. From the centre, seven castles would go out to the left and right side of the king's castle making a semi circle shape.

Inside the king's castle, there was a dedicated room where the portable teleporters they used would be locked into. This was set up for Kazz, as well as the other vampire agents on earth to use, and was guarded at all times by a group of Royal vampires.

There were no expected visits, so when the guards could see a portal opening up, they were on guard with what was about to appear. Soon after, they could see Kazz with two people. Layla who was still knocked out and being held in Kazz's arms and Peter, who had decided to walk himself while carrying his severed arm.

"Kazz, Vampire Knight of the first family. I am here to make a report, I also request permission for these two to be seen by the second leader." She said.

The Royal guards recognised her straight away and went ahead to report. Until she got the okay she was unable to move out of the room. Not that she would if she had tired. Inside the room were four Royal guards with their royal blue trim around their uniform.

Each of those had the same strength as a vampire knight. If she wanted to try to fight them, it would be a quick demise even for her. There ranks holding the same weight, she had to make sure to show the respect that came with it as well.

Eventually, Dwight had entered the room, each step with convection and his hands behind his back.

'Has something happened?' Kazz thought. She knew straight away something was up. Dwight was the calm and collected Royal knight, but this was an impatient angered man.

"You may make your report to me," Dwight said.

She gave a respectful bow before asking her own question.

"Has something changed? I usually make my reports in front of the king."

"The king is having troubles, you may speak to me and I promise I will report to him."

Kazz started off her report explaining what had happened so far, and then went into detail about Quinn's current position, how he had now become one of the world leaders and how they should be able to dig up information easier now.

"That's one bit of good news." Said Dwight. "But I'm afraid I don't know how much it really matters." He mumbled, but it was still heard by Kazz.

Dwight had a feeling that possibly the incident with the agents, had to do with the betrayal as well and were one in the same. So his focus was still on finding who had teamed up with Rowa.

"And why have you brought these two with you, I didn't expect you to return with anyone, not without the tenth leader anyway?" Dwight asked.

"It was from the request of the tenth leader, he had asked me to come earlier than expected due to two reasons. The first, during the duel I just informed you about. These two suffered injuries that are unable to be healed from their natural regentive abilities, as for the second reason, Quinn I mean the tenth leader has said he has some concern that something might have happened to those at the tenth castle."

Hearing this, Dwight's eyes winded. How was Quinn able to know what was happening here at the vampire world? Was he in communication with one of his own somehow?

Going closer and having a look at Peter, Dwight looked him up and down. He could see he was weak.

"Your a Wight correct?" Dwight asked, to which Peter responded with a nod. "You are known for being unkillable while having the best regeneration abilities to offer, so how is this possible?"

This was certainly a concern for the vampires. If the humans had found a way to suppress the healing abilities that vampires had, then that was one advantage less they had over the humans. However he didn't know how much of a concern this would really be. Were the vampires a bigger threat to themselves at the moment. Or the humans who seemed to be growing at a rapid rate.

"You have permission to take them to see the second leader, about the tenth's situation, I'm sure you will find out what is going on from your leader. Also, don't return back to the tenth until we have certain things sorted here, I have a message I would like you to deliver to him, but now is not the right time." Saying these final words, Dwight started to walk off as if he was in a. He was even in a rush when speaking the whole time, it felt like he was trying to get everything out as quick as possible.

'Is it the king? Is his condition really unstable at the moment?'

"Sir Dwight." Kazz called out. "There was one more thing I wanted to report. It's about the thirteenth decedent Fex, somehow-"

"If it's not related to the task that was requested then you can leave it for now" Dwight had cut her off, and he had already left the room.

'Maybe I should have mentioned it at the beginning, but I was unsure whether or not to report in the first place, but I'm sure Fex was able to use a blood weapon, just like how humans are able to use soul weapons.

Unless given permission, no one was allowed to enter the upper floors of the king's castle, and her being only a Vampire Knight and not even a leader, she wouldn't be granted a second meeting so soon, so she decided to leave it for now. After all, Dwight did say he would meet her again to deliver a message to Quinn and she would always inform him before she went back.

A quick journey was made to the second castle, and they were informed beforehand of Kazz's visit. The three of them, including Layla who was still being held in Kazz's arms, were escorted to the top floor where the second leader Cindy was at.

When they entered the room, they could see a woman around her forties wearing a large grand black dress where the bottom half was puffy like a huge flower Similar to a wedding dress. She gently drank her tea as she looked out the window.

"Kazz, I wonder what your father would think if he knew you were doing such tasks for the tenth's family and that you decided to come and see me, the second leader personally."

Layla was placed down on a makeshift bed in the room, it was basic but there were many of them in the second leader's throne room. In the past at the worst of times, the room would be filled with patients waiting for her to use her ability.

Peter also sat down in a chair next to Layla, he didn't know how much longer he could walk as his wound was throbbing with pain. Something he wasn't used to. Still, he decided to listen carefully to the conversation as it seemed these two didn't get along.

"I don't understand what you mean, I am doing a task given to me by Dwight." Kazz replied.

"Of course, but you're not so silly to not know about the politics going between our two families are you? The king is soon to go into his eternal slumber, everyone is aware of this and the two front runners are the first family, and the second family.

"We all saw how much the tenth cared for his people, if I save these two then he will owe me a great favour, turning the tide to our side, and you have personally delivered them to me. If he knew about this, I'm sure he would punish you. So the question is, why didn't you kill them when you had the chance?" When Cindy spoke this, her eyes were glowing red.

Cindy was often known as one of the gentle kind hearted leaders, but right now Kazz wasn't feeling this was the case.

"The first leader is not like that, just like me he follows the vampire code." Kazz replied, not backing down. "The first family, just like all the other families, works for the king. The current king, there is no new king yet." Kazz said as she left the room.

Leaving the second castle there was one more place that she needed to visit, the first castle. She was wondering what to tell her father's and what he would think of the vampires he sent after Quinn. Although she used to believe her father was a man who cared about the law more than anything, she was starting to think he was straying from this path, she just hoped the incident was a one off.

When finally entering the castle, she had gone straight to her father's throne room and had given a report of everything. Including the fact that Quinn had killed the vampires that were sent.

"It was expected, honestly if he couldn't do that much then he never deserved to be a leader in the first place. Don't worry too much, times have changed and I think the tenth family won't have much use soon." Bryce replied. "Even if she helped them two, that young boy will be too angry at what happened to the tenth people. Especially since it was the previous second leader that caused that mess in the first place."

"Are you talking about Rowa?" Kazz replied.

Bryce explained what had happened to the tenth family while away, including how the king got involved, and now things were making sense, if Quinn knew about this, what would his reaction be? With those he needed to protect on the Cursed ship, would he come back to protect the vampires? She thought.

Kazz had seen how much he did and cared for those in the Cursed faction, but she wondered if he thought of the tenth people the same way. It couldn't be possible, after all Quinn only knew them for a short while.

"There is one more thing I would like to report that I was unable to report to Dwight." Said Kazz. "It's about the ex descendant of the thirteenth family Fex. I believe he has somehow discovered a way to summon a blood weapon from within one's body. Without creating a weapon from a crystal."

A large smile appeared on Bryce's face as he got up and out of his throne, and started to walk over to Kazz he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Good job, this is definitely great news, tell everything you know to him." He said walking off laughing to himself.

"Wait, are you not going to report this to the king?" Kazz asked.

But her father didn't say anything and had just left the room.

'Please don't tell me you will break the rules again father, otherwise, I don't know what to believe anymore.'


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