My Vampire System Chapter 829

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 822 - Secret meetings

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Peter had the ability that allowed him to transform into others he had seen before, and it was now at the level where it was perfect. The body composition, facial structure and even hair would be identical. At first, Layla didn't really have concern or worry due to this reason, maybe he needed to work on his speech if he was caught but she was just enjoying herself too much in the castle to worry.

Lying down hoping to take a quick nap, soon after something had dawned upon her.

'Wait a minute, when Silver had come over that time, Fex said something. Vampires can tell that the others have different smells. Not just vampires, but the differences between the subclasses as well. That idiot, if he runs into Cindy, he'll get caught!'

Throwing off the sheets, still wearing the strange gothic clothing that had been gifted to her, she rushed out of the room shortly after Peter, but not without a side of caution, looking around and down the hallway first. If the others saw her running about it would definitely cause some concern.

Walking down that very same hallway, up ahead, Peter was heading in the direction he had last heard Cindy's footsteps.

"This isn't the first time you have headed this way, you think a vampire leader would be more busy than this.' Peter thought, and eventually he heard the sound of others speaking by a large double door. The vampires had better hearing than him, so he was careful to not get too close. The problem was with not getting close, the only thing he could hear was the sound of mumbling, not making out any of the words being spoken.

'That's a little strange, could it be a spell or some type of device, or is my hearing really that bad.' Peter said shoving his pinkie finger into his ear, realising that by accident, he might go a little too far without realising. There were disadvantages and advantages of feeling no pain.

Waiting by the door as if he had nothing else to do, all Peter wanted to do was see who exactly Cindy was talking to, then he could hear footsteps coming his way, when he turned his head it was someone unexpected.

"Peter what are you doing, they can smell you!" Layla mouthed but not making a sound, while also acting out the words. However, she wasn;t the best at this and looked like a strange monkey doing some type of dance in a circus.

'What the hell is she doing here?!' Peter thought, at that moment the door was heard being unlocked as the handle was pushed down. If they were caught outside, it probably wouldn't be too much of a problem, but at the same time, Peter didn't know how Cindy would act.

Using all his speed, he dashed over to Layla in an instant, while forming an earth mask in his hand, and shoved it on Layla's face. Soon, her body and appearance started to change into one of the other servants they would regularly see outside.

"Thank you for coming, maybe next time everyone will need to meet together again." Cindy said as she opened the door, and she noticed the two outside straight away.

Touching her face, Layla was wondering what Peter had put on her, but there was one thing that she couldn't feel and that was the horns on top of her head.

'Did Peter somehow use the transformations skill on me? But how?'

"You two, shouldn't you be busy looking after our guests?" Cindy said.

"Sorry, they requested something unusual so we had come to check with you first." Peter said bowing down.

Layla was quite impressed, Peter had imitated the man's voice perfectly. His transformation ability had improved greatly from the last time she had seen him.

"I didn't know you had visitors, I must have got the schedule wrong, we will be on our way." Peter said bowing down again.

When lifting his head from the bow, he could see several people leaving the room, but they weren't just anyone, they were vampire leaders. The two of them had recognised them from the time they had tried to save Fex. Most of the leaders leaving the room were the ones that hadn't participated in the fight.

"You have guests?" Muka asked.

"Those from the Tenth family, as I said I'm one step ahead so you all don't have to worry."

Walking down speedily, the two of them tried to quickly leave the area. Thankfully, it looked like Cindy was too preoccupied with the others.

'Did she really not smell that we were different, I know we were standing quite far away, but the leaders surely have a better nose than regular vampires?' It was a worry that wouldn't escape her mind.

Upon returning and closing the door, the first thing Layla did was slap Peter on the back of the head.

"Why do girls keep slapping me!" Peter turned around in anger. It didn't hurt, but it was annoying.

"You idiot, did you forget that vampires can smell that you're different to them, what would you have done if she thought you were a spy? She might have just killed you on sight, not even realising that you were her guest, just don't do that again." She said as she went back to her bed. She didn't want to be rough on Peter, but she needed him to have half a brain, especially when they were in unknown territory and they didn't know the laws.

It was quite possible that for doing an act like that they would be executed, just like Fex has escaped.

"Did you at least find out anything useful?" Layla asked.

"I couldn't hear anything, I was too far away because I did think about their hearing and sense of smell." Peter complained back. "Anyway, did you recognise those that left their room?"

"Yeah, some of them. They were the other leaders, but it looked like only half of them were there. I don't think it's so strange leaders should meet up with each other." Layla replied.

"Yeah, leaders,'' Said Peter. "Not half of them meeting up without the others. I don't like it, and I don't like what she said at the end either."

"What did she say?" Layla asked, as her senses weren't as good as Peters.

"She said she was one step ahead, looking after the Tenth family, so we don't have to worry. I just worried that maybe Quinn will have to deal with that vampire bullcrap again." Peter said concerned.

Over the next few days, every time Cindy would visit them she treated the two like she always had done. Seeing this, Layla thought that they must have gotten away with what had happened last time, yet still, Cindy would go off and have these meetings time and time again.

One time, Peter just walked down the hallway as himself. Cindy allowed it, so it wasn't really a problem, and he could see that they were having the same meeting with the same people again.

'Something is definitely up.'

Then one day, when Cindy entered she came with news they didn't expect.

"You guys are to return to the Tenth castle. From there your vampire knight will tell you everything." She said, this time she was quite blunt and didn't have the usual happy expression on her face.

"To the castle?" Layla said. "Aren't we going to be sent back to Quinn?" She asked.

"Don't worry," Cindy said. "He will be with you all soon as well."

In the main king's castle, Kazz had finally been called back to meet with Dwight, and he had some words for her.

"You are to go back to the human world and meet with the Tenth leader to deliver this message." Dwight explained. "The king will be going into eternal slumber, and all leaders must be present. Soon a new king will be selected, rejection of this invitation is not an option."


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