My Vampire System Chapter 831

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 825 - The leader returns

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Stepping out of the castle, the others were now walking through the main vampire settlement. They couldn't keep their eyes off what they were seeing and had to comment on everything new they walked past. The only one that was now no longer with them was Kazz, as her mission was complete, and she was to return to her leader's side.

There were no sweet goodbyes as she left the group. Many of them knew their lives were harder because of her, but still, Quinn had given her a little nod of appreciation.

"It looks like a mixture of old and new. There's technology here that is just as advanced as what we use, some things even better, but then the style of those said things isreally old." Sam commented.

In a sense, it felt like they were in some type of play with how everyone around them was dressed. Wearing high end tailored clothing that was near enough a perfect fit, and many of the girls also wore gothic dresses.

Commenting on the technology, it was only later that Sam found out that most of what the vampires used ran on beast crystals rather than what the humans would use. Vampires had known about beasts crystals for a long time, so they had found more uses and had longer to experiment on them.

'So why don't they use beast crystals to create weapons then?' Sam thought.

"There's one thing that I've liked about this place ever since I first got here," Nate said with a huge grin.

"I don't even have to use my abilities to know what he's about to say," Cia commented.

"There isn't one bad looking girl here. How is it possible with their smooth skin, clear eyes and perfect hair?" Nate said.

"For once, I would have to agree with the boy. They certainly are in a different class." Dennis added before being hit by Linda on the back.

"I know these vampires may look young, but most of them are older than your parents, and besides, they are nothing compared to my sister," Fex said.

"Isn't it a little strange to compare your own sister like that?" Said Wevil. "Or is this just some other vampire thing we don't know about yet?"

Fex's ears were burning from that comment, and the others started to laugh. They were all far more talkative than they would usually be on a trip. Paul was one of the few that remained silent through their walk. The reason for them all being like this, were nerves. They were incredibly nervous.

The stares they were getting from the others as they walked through the unknown place, on top of this the building structures. Those that had never been here before couldn't get one thing out of their mind. The buildings and the material used reminded them of the Dalki.

When Quinn would explain things about what happened to him and the others, he wouldn't go into detail about Richard Eno, the vampires' past and the possibility that they were linked to the Dalki. This was more kept between Logan and Quinn. It wouldn't change things for the others anyway.

"So, you told us that Quinn is some king, right? Then why aren't the others bowing to him in the street?" Nate asked.

'He's not a king, don't say that word so lightly." Fex snapped a little. "Quinn is one of the thirteen leaders and is the tenth leader. They are a council that works together to better the lives of the vampires, each looking after those in their own family. A certain amount of vampires belong to a family, and the leaders are in charge of them, as for the other part"

"It's because I didn't tell them I was one of their leaders," Quinn said. "Rather than a position I was elected to, or rose up, it was one that was given to me, with no choice to refuse. I could have told them I was their leader, but at the time, I thought it wasn't right for me to do so. What right did I have to just come in and say I was their leader when I had never planned to stay here."

They could hear Quinn's words spoken with anger and regret, and they were starting to imagine what type of double life Quinn had to live to get him to this point. Quinn was originally human, just like them. He was turned for some reason, yet, he had an essential role among the vampires. Otherwise, he and the rest wouldn't have even been called here.

Finally, they entered the tenth area, and up ahead, they could see the large castle they were walking towards.

"You're saying that castle belongs to him!" Nate said, looking in amazement. "It's like a fantasy dream or those novel stories."

"This place isn't fantasy," Paul interrupted. "Look at the face of all of us that have been here before. I know you are young and excited, but when they came here, they fought for their lives. When I came here, I lost everything in my life. Yes, this might all belong to Quinn, and we all are part of his family in this world, but you will soon realise that for us, this is more like a prison we can't escape."

Feeling a little bad, Nate, Alex and Dennis, who had been acting like kids at the amus.e.m.e.nt park, had calmed down a little.

"Don't worry too much about it, Paul," Quinn said. "They should enjoy what they're seeing and while they are here. Who knows how long we will be here, and it won't be like last time."`

"I won't be pushed around," Quinn mumbled.

They continued to walk towards the castle, and that's when Quinn was starting to notice something strange; it was quiet. The tenth inner area had always been quiet but not like this. It was almost silent, and the lights that would be seen in certain buildings before weren't even lit.

'Something definitely happened here, that quest message to protect those in the tenth family. It failed. Those that mean they all died? Was it an attack from another family?"

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"Leo, Layla, Erin, Peter. It's good to see that you're all alive." Quinn said.

Cia had run from where she was, and had given Layla a big hug. Tears were almost coming out of her eyes, noticing that she was all okay, Logan and Peter caught up and spoke few words but were happy with each other.

Timmy, Xander and Amy were also there. They talked to Fex, and introduced themselves to the others.

"We'll get the rest settled in and give them a tour of the place," Fex said. "I'm sure you have some things to talk about with Leo."

The others were taken around the castle, leaving only Quinn and Leo on their own, who had decided to head to the throne room on the very top floor. They didn't start off with the hard-hitting question as it was nice for the two of them to just casually talk to start with.

"Every time I see you, you get stronger and stronger. I can tell you have changed a lot. Your aura is more confident and stronger than before. It's almost at the stage of the other leaders I have met, and as for your Qi, it feels more in control."

'Almost as strong as the leaders?' Now having evolved into a vampire lord. Quinn thought that he would be the same as them. There were no evolutions anymore. At least the system didn't state there were any.

'Is it because the quest is still incomplete?'

"I think there are a lot of things for me and you need to talk about in the regards of Qi that you might find interesting." Said Quinn. "But before that, there are a few things I want to do. Tell me, Leo, what happened here?"

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They were more affected than they originally thought. Because they didn't care about the normal rules, there were vampires that perhaps shouldn't have been allowed in the inner castle area who were.

Then, there was also the mention of Edwards's death, each piece of news was stabbing Quinn in the heart, but this one hurt the most out of everything. Finally, Leo spoke about the king, how if it wasn't for him, perhaps he and the few that were still in this castle would have died as well.

He also mentioned that it was most likely why the king now needed to go to sleep after that incident.

"Edward" Quinn said, clenching his fist so hard that his nails had dug into the palm of his skin. "You stayed by Vincent's side that whole time, even after he had gone, and you didn't even get to rest properly. You waited for a leader to return, and when a leader finally did, I just left.."

It was hurtful for Quinn, a lot more than he thought, and the main reason being, he felt that he had failed Vincent. Living Vincent's life, even though he abandoned the tenth, he never wished to and always tried to better their lives through inventions and more.

He knew that the one regret Vincent had was leaving his people, and Quinn was his replacement, Quinn felt like he had failed Vincent, allowing so many to die for not being there.

"Quinn, I know what you're probably thinking, but even if you were there, it wouldn't have made a difference. The enemy this time was just too strong. If you and the others were here, there is a good chance more could have died. Thanks to Edward, the kids and the others managed to live, and they still have hope for this family." Leo explained.

After hearing everything, Quinn didn't want to waste any more time. He wanted to see Vincent, now, but he needed to complete one more quest before that.

"Let's go back to the others. It's time I pick my other knight."


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