My Vampire System Chapter 832

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 826 - Choosing the second knight

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Walking around the castle and giving everyone a tour didn't take up too much time. Although the group was amazed by how big and grand it was, there was something they all quickly realised.

Most rooms were just... empty.

What's more they looked like they hadn't been used for years.

"Are all the castles like this?" Sam asked what was on everyone's mind.

"Not all." Xander shook his head. "Most other castles have around 50 members that are related to the family, and then there are of course also the servants who work to maintain the castle. The tenth family is just a 'special' case."

They had heard this line a few times already, while being shown around. Those that didn't know the full history of Quinn couldn't help but be curious.

Who was Quinn and why was he so determined to rise and become one of the World Leaders?

"Is that the same for the outsiders with all the empty houses?" Linda asked.

"That is a different thing." Erin interrupted the others before they could reply. Amy gave her a quick glance, before looking away.

Layla immediately noticed a dark smog over Erin's head. Even though she hadn't asked about what had happened yet, it was strange. Erin wasn't the only one present when something had happened, so why were her emotions affected?

Did it mean that the lack of people for the tenth family had something directly to do with her?

Seeing this, Layla tried to steer the conversation away. "You know, a lot has happened on our side as well. You wouldn't believe it Erin, but Quinn is now not only a leader of one of the Vampire families, but he's also recently become a World Leader in our world."

Erin paused for a second, and repeated the word 'World Leader' in her head. Were her ears playing tricks on her?

Quinn, the person who she had considered nothing but a useless level one only a couple of years ago was now somebody that made decisions that affected the whole Human World?!

For a second she felt disheartened learning this fact, someone had passed her by leaps and bounds, but getting herself together she started to remember her teacher's teachings.

From Leo she had learnt not to compare herself to others. She only needed to compare herself to her. If she was better then she was yesterday then she could still get stronger, and right now, she was still improving every day. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but think, 'If he can do something like that, then so can I!'

"I see all of you have a lot of questions about the tenth family." Xander cleared his throat to attract everyone's attention. "Why don't we head to the canteen and grab something to eat? Right now the other students are there as well. Since everyone can be considered to be part of the tenth family, it will be a great way to get to know each other."

Back in the throne room, sitting at the table, Quinn and Leo were going over the potential people to promote into a Vampire knight.

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"First, we should probably just sort out the people we don't think suit that role." Leo suggested.

"When you gave me the trial of Vampire knight it wasn't just a mere title I've gained. I actually found myself growing stronger and to this day I haven't reached my peak yet. I feel that making someone like Wevil into a Vampire knight, especially when he is new to the group and hasn't had much time to focus on his Vampire skills would be a waste."

"I agree." Quinn nodded. "That being said, I think there are a few more people that we can rule out as well. Nate and Dennis. Neither one was turned by me, but when checking the system they do come up under the Family branch. So it seems like I can still give them the role."

"However, these two, although strong, were only recently turned and it feels like it was against their will in the first place. A Vampire knight will have a lot of things to deal with in the Vampire World, and I don't feel like it would be right to do that to them."

"Another important aspect of a Vampire knight will be their loyalty." Leo pointed out. "They'll be your right hand man, and must therefore be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the family. Being here, I started to see the tenth family just like humans."

Quinn listened carefully to this revelation. "If that is the case, then we should also rule out, Linda, Cia and Alex. Linda has a slight hatred for vampires due to what has happened to her, still bearing a grudge against Kazz. As for Cia, she only cared about getting her memories back in the first place, and I'm sure she still dislikes me. In Alex' case, I wouldn't really call him disloyal, but he has an important job to run the forgery."

"Then that leaves us with Erin, Layla, Peter, Paul and Sam." Leo concluded.

Three of these vampires were subclasses, with one being a Dhampir. Quinn was wondering if it would be a good or terrible idea to make Erin a Vampire knight, given that Vampires patently feared her subclass.

Then there was also the fact that he didn't really know her too well. On the other hand, she had always been by Leo's side and the two of them seemed to have developed a real bond, so she wouldn't necessarily be a terrible choice.

"What do you think of Erin?" Quinn decided to straight up ask instead of worrying about it.

Leo was silent while he pondered over the idea.

"She shouldn't be strapped down to that title. I'm sure she will have room to grow into bigger things."

That was decided then, looking at the four remaining names out on the table, Quinn was now considering who would be the best choice, and eventually someone was called to come see them.

A short while later, the door opened and a single gentleman walked in.

"Paul, can you please have a seat, there is something I want to talk to you about." Quinn said.

Leo started by explaining what his responsibilities were as possible as a Vampire knight. The two of them had talked in the past, and Leo knew what Paul was like, so the two of them got on well. It didn't seem like theirs was a bad relationship.

"I haven't made up my mind yet, but I have to ask Quinn. Why me?" Paul stared into Quinn's eyes, making the other slightly nervous.

"I have to be honest, my first choice would have been Sam. I think he is great at these types of things, but he already has a vitally important role to fulfill on the Cursed faction's ship. I can't even begin to imagine what I would do without him there. Finding someone to replace his position would be a long and arduous task. Peter, although loyal, is just not suited for this role, and then there's Layla."

"Her personality might make her suitable, but it seems like she still has other things she needs to deal with."

"This position, shouldn't it be someone who is more loyal to you?" Paul questioned, not showing any outward emotions about Quinn admitting he wasn't his first choice.. "Although I don't think you're a bad person Quinn, and I thank you for saving my men's lives, unlike the others we don't really have a strong bond."

Hearing him say this merely confirmed Quinn's personal reasoning for choosing him.

"You see, when Leo told me that loyalty was important for the one who takes on this role, I had an epiphany. Whoever takes on the role, shouldn't just be loyal to me as the leader. They need to be loyal to the tenth family!" Quinn explained.

"You have seen Kazz and how she acts. Unlike you and Leo here, we have had a little more experience dealing with the vampires. But I think even with your little experience you should know by now."

"What do you think they will do to those 200 men? Do you think once we complete the task they will just let them go? The only thing they promised was that they wouldn't outright kill them. My best guess is that the only thing that can happen now, is for them to be turned and become part of the tenth family."

"You're right we don't know each other too well, but my impression of you is that you feel guilty. You might blame yourself, thinking it's your fault that they all ended up here trapped and imprisoned, which is why you're doing everything you can to get them out. So, if my impression of you is correct, would you be able to abandon them and leave them here?"

Quinn had paused slightly when asking the last question, this stung him a bit, because when Quinn was asked the same question, he probably at the time would have said yes.

"Quinn, if I say yes, I want you to promise me something. You're right, I do feel guilty, but they have their lives out there, in the Human World. I have a daughter there as well. We can't stay here forever! If I take on this role, then as my family leader you can't be a pushover with these leaders!"

"If I agree, I want you to push! To push hard so we can have a bit of our old life back, where we can still connect with the outside world! If you have no intention of doing this, I can't agree to this!"

"Don't worry." Quinn smiled. "I didn't rise to the position just so I could live my life out here."

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