My Vampire System Chapter 833

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 827 - The new group

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As the group headed to the canteen, Paul had been pulled away by Leo in the middle of their journey. Not much was said other than Quinn had called for him, but that still didn't stop the rest from grabbing a bite to eat and heading over to meet the rest.

"I just don't get as excited about food anymore, I used to love eating so much." Nate g.r.o.a.n.e.d remembering that when they said grab something to eat, they were probably referring to blood.

Hearing this had brought back bad memories for Cia and Logan. When they had infiltrated the school they had to pretend to be vampires, which included drinking human blood.

"Hey do you remember that time you nearly threw up from drinking all that blood?" Cia chuckled walking over to Sil.

Sil looked up at her for a few seconds, and just stared at her blankly giving no reaction at all.

"I don't think that was me." He replied, and continued walking off with the others.

"He seems different." She commented and Cia wasn't the only one that noticed, so did Layla. For a while now she thought that Vorden felt different and the way he spoke seemed to confirm her strange thoughts.

'It's like when we were in that cave, is Vorden no longerthere.' The two of them might not have gotten on well to start with. At Their first meeting, she had been strangled by him, and she retaliated by stabbing an arrow into his t.h.i.g.h, but there were many good memories between the two as well. Including the time Vorden, even though he had no abilities, had stood up for her and fought against Xander.

Soon, the others could smell something sweet enter their noses. It smelt like freshly baked cakes coming through the double door in front of them. This was the usual smell that came from blood, but then they could smell something different, a bit stronger husky smell, the smell of meat.

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The room was far too large and it looked odd as only one of the tables were filled with students while the rest of the place was empty.

"Xander! Amy!" Timmy called over, as he got up and started to head over.

Taking on more responsibility since Edward's death, Timmy was now in charge of the students.

"You did remember to spray that stuff from the bottle I gave you, right?" Logan asked, giving a slight nudge to Sil, to which he nodded.

Although they weren't outsiders and were allowed in the castle and vampire world, it was just easier this way than explain their position. Also, who knew if there was an extra hungry vampire around that would be attracted to them.

Logan would have usually felt safe next to Sil, but not in the vampire world, where his copying ability was useless.

"Whoa, some of you don't smell like vampires." Timmy sniffed and looked at a few of them, he already knew about Layla and Cia, but there seemed to be more. "You don't have to tell me what you guys are now, but why don't we have a little mixer, and you can introduce yourselves then."

A lot of the nerves the group felt originally were disappearing. Especially with how gentle and nice Timmy seemed. It made a lot of them forget that they were now vampires and felt like they were just meeting another bunch of students.

The ten or so student vampires moved to one side of the bench while the other group, with Xander, Amy and Fex, sat down on the opposite side. One by one, they stood up and introduced themselves.

"Wow, so we have a Strigoi and Draugr. There are so many sub classes now in the tenth!" Timmy expressed with excitement. All the students that had survived the attack were just regular vampires. Six boys and four girls. Before, Amy was the only one that was a subclass.

"Timmy, it's nice meeting them and all. "A student named Naomi said, who looked like a sweet girl with a black ponytail. "But how come these guys are in the tenth family. Did they come from the pooling area, and some of them look quite young. If they were students, shouldn't we have seen them before?"

Timmy looked a little nervous.

"I think Leo might have something to announce about this a bit later on. You will all understand what's going on a bit later." He promised. "Let's just get on and learn more about each other for now."

They talked, laughed and ate food together. What came as a surprise was there was actual meat being served. The others had only been consuming blood and didn't realise that they could also eat meat that had been lightly grilled. This allowed them to experience a whole new taste that they had missed for a long time.

In a much better mood, one of the kids, called Zane, posed a sudden question.

"So, I know you guys are new, but vampires are all about strength, so which of you guys are the strongest out of each other?"

Immediately, nearly everyone turned to look at Sil, but remembering that they were in the vampire world, knew he wasn't the right choice, so they started to think. It was a hard question to ask when they were all new to their bodies and ability.

"Don't worry, We are plenty strong." Nate proclaimed, while showing off his bicep. Saying these words he tended to point his head towards the girls of the group who had just chuckled. "If anyone tries to kick your arse, we can always come and help you out. We're family, but not related by blood family." he made sure to add the last part.

"Oh really, then why don't we have a little friendly fight then?" Zane suggested. In all honesty, the kids wanted to test their own strength because they had been training with the vampire knight Leo for a while now.

While at the same time, the group who had been practicing with Quinn weren't against the idea either since they wanted to know where they stood in this new world.

Following the steps from before, Quinn had successfully gone through the starting points of the ritual, just like he had done with Leo. What had come as a surprise was that Paul was already a vampire Noble. Quinn would usually keep an eye on the others, because when he was in the middle of his transformation, there needed to be a supply of blood. The flask they carried was a backup, but it might have also not been enough.

When asking the question, Paul said he had reached it when learning his poison ability, and at the time Kazz was there to help him,

'She helped him, when she could have let him die. I still don't really understand her.' Quinn thought.

After finishing drawing the strange marking using his blood on his back. The final stages were done, and now they just needed to wait.

While doing this, Quinn wondered just how certain things in the vampire world would work. In the past, he tried to figure out just what were vampires. Was it some type of mutation or infection or something else, but the ritual he was doing now, turning Paul into a vampire knight, the thing it seemed the most similar to, was magic.

'How did the first vampires come to be?'

Thinking this thought, he was interrupted as the messages popped in front of his face.

[You have successfully given the title of vampire knight to Paul Snelleart]

[Spqqmrare craevo lcaii vfl guur fnniaut]

[Update to Quest 'Become a leader']

After turning Paul, Quinn thought that something grander would have happened after completing the quest, but instead, he had just received an update, but reading it, he now understood why the quest was still incomplete.

[You have successfully completed the following tasks]

[Reach the evolution of Vampire lord]

[Complete the blood ritual ten times]

[Select two vampire knights]

[To complete the quest 'became a vampire leader', please complete the linked quest below]

[You may now visit the tenth's tomb]

"Well, it's time to see you again, Vincent."


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