My Vampire System Chapter 835

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 829 - The real tenth leader

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After finishing the ritual, Paul could feel that something was different about himself. It wasn't as if he had gained an overwhelming power, but something more subtle. Accepting the position, he had only been told about the duties of this position, the paper work, the political side. It sounded like trouble and something Quinn couldn't do on his own. Yet, they had yet to inform him about the pros it would bring him.

'Vampires... just how strong can they get?' Paul wondered. At first turning he thought it was a curse losing his ability and having a weakness such as sunlight, but as time went on he was starting to wonder, if he would become even more powerful than when he was a head general.

Using the inspect skill, Quinn didn't find any differences in terms of new skills Paul had been granted compared to Leo.


[Call: A skill that can only be used with your vampire knights. This skill allows you to call your knight to your side no matter where they are. It will forcefully bring them to your location. Can only be used once a day.]

Now, if Quinn ever needed to, he could summon either one of them to his position.

[Passive skill: Vampire knight's buff]

[When a Vampire knight is fighting alongside their leader, all stats and skills will be increased by 10%]

[Knight's command]

[A Vampire knight is able to form a squad of ten vampires under himself. For those under the knight's command, all skills and stats will be increased by 10% when in his presence]

'The Knight's command skill seems to be something we should discuss. It will definitely be useful in the future.' Quinn thought. However, it would have to wait. For now he was far too eager to complete his task.

"Leo, please walk him through the basics. Ideally, I would like to make an announcement tonight. The others should learn about there being a second Vampire knight." Quinn ordered, before he walked off.

His quick pace eventually turned into a jog, then into him running. He had waited for this moment for such a long time, but he had the feeling that unless he hurried, some other distraction might be getting in his way. However, nothing of that sort happened when Quinn finally reached the door to the tenth family's tomb.

He had memorised the combination after living through Vincent's life, so he entered and shut the door behind him on his own, without support from the others. This time he was going in on his own.. The blue crystals embedded in the walls started to light up as Quinn passed through the hallway, until he reached the large tomb filled with circle chambers in the ground.

Quinn stopped outside the first tomb, the one which should have belonged to the first tenth leader. Presumably who Quinn thought was Richard Eno.

'The first leader of the tenth family and the very first king? Richard Eno... was all of this set up by you? Are you actually the one behind the whole Dalki invasion? With everything that has happened with Arthur, I really can't decide who is good or bad anymore, or if such an distinction even exists.'

'Who says what I believe in is good? On the other hand is living a good life with my friends and family really so much to ask for? Isn't that what everyone wants? So then why can't everyone just leave each other alone.'

Ultimately, things had led Quinn to take on his current position, whether it had been by following someone's plan all along or by his own effort... No longer wasting his time trying to ask the ghost of a dead man for answers, he stepped away, passing three other tombs, until he was finally in front of the fith one.

[You have successfully returned to the tomb]

[Quest complete]

Suddenly, the screen in front of Quinn started to shine bright white covering his entire vision. This was something that hadn't happened before no matter what Quest he had completed. He was unsure why this was happening now. A ringing sound went through his head and he had no way to turn it off.

'Argh, my head! Damn System, are you trying to pull it apart?! Did you friggin lead me here, so I can join my predecessors?!'

Although he didn't receive an answer, cursing out the system helped him endure the massive pain. It was hard for Quinn to say how long it had lasted, but eventually it started to die down and his vision was also returning.

"It's been a long time, boy! I see you have grown into quite the strapping young man. Still, a far cry from myself when I was your age, but oh well." It was an annoying voice, one that used to patronise him and give him information only whenever it pleased, but for some reason, Quinn had a warm fuzzy feeling inside his c.h.e.s.t, as he straight away recognised the owner of the voice.

"Vincent... you are you really back? Back in the system, I mean!?"

"Looks like it." Vincent replied in a contented tone. "I don't know how you did it, and I have to admit that I don't really understand how myself, but I'm back. It appears that there is a lot you catch me up on."

[Quest reward received]

[5th family leader Vincent Eno's soul has been rebound by the system]

When Quinn had originally been forced to rely on Vincent, he had considered it to be annoying, as if he had to share his mind with two people. Quinn had felt like he had lost his sense of privacy, but after Vincent had gone missing, he had been worried and had actually felt lonely.

All the time when he had found himself in hard situations, Vincent had always been there for him. As such there was only one thing Quinn could say: "I'm glad you're back."

[Quest complete 'Become a real leader']

[Rujfztl jaii rmj gu vfrtut mpo]

[New title received: 'Tenth family leader']

[You have unlocked access to the 'Reputation store']

'A new title, finally maybe one that can be of some use!' Quinn was excited, especially since the other ones hardly did anything. He was also looking forward to seeing what the new store would offer. He could finally exchange those reputation points he had gathered which had only been gathering dust.

The title was even automatically assigned to Quinn without him having to access the system this time, and at that exact point and time, the walls in the room lit up blue entirely. Even though Quinn was unaware something else was happening. The outside of the castle itself started lighting up blue as well.

There was a difference between the tenth family's castle and the others. Since the others had an active leader they were all lit up. While it had reacted the first time Quinn had stepped foot in the castle, it had dimmed soon after. However, now it was shining for everyone to see in the whole Vampire settlement, including the students who were inside.

The castle had acknowledged that there was a new family leader.

"It looks like something is happening with the tenth family again." Bryce noted as he stared out the window from his throne room.

"Quinn, and the mysterious Eno Family. Their history, our origins, it's all connected. I guess you can't escape your fate, Quinn. Even if you were originally human." Dwight commented as the blue light sparked in his eyes.

"You are now a Vampire lord? And the castle has accepted you!?" Vincent had trouble believing it. "How long have I been gone for you? 100 years? No, maybe 300 years?"

Quinn chuckled. "It might be hard to believe, but it's merely been a year." Quinn replied.

For a second Vincent was awestruck. He had always been hailed as a genius by the others for learning things before everyone else. Completing evolutions at record speed that would go down in history. So if Quinn wasn't pulling his leg, then what do they have to call Quinn?

'Is it because of the system or was it my ability and powers infused into the book that was handed to him?' Vincent wondered. Still, even if those things did provide Quinn with a boost, explaining it as just that would seriously downplay Quinn's achievement.

Vincent couldn't imagine that other people could have reached the same position if they had been the ones to benefit from the system.

Just as Vincent was about to say words of praise, a new screen had popped in front of Quinn, and this was an even bigger surprise to him then Vincent having returned.

[A new quest has been received]

[Quest: Become the Vampire King]


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