My Vampire System Chapter 836

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 830 - The new title

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Quinn read the quest text a few times. He thought if he read it enough, it might change, but it didn't seem to be the case, and when checking the system, it would stare at him as a reminder.

'I can't even hide it. Is it just going to stay there forever?'

"Either this system thinks a lot of you, or It's trying to kill you," Vincent said, reading the same questline. Becoming King was something even Vincent was not able to do. It was something he never wished either, but if someone asked him if it was possible, he would never claim it was possible.

"I think I might agree with you there," Quinn replied. "I mean, I've been completing these quests because the system has been rewarding me, and usually, with each quest completed, the reward has made me stronger. Maybe it's the only thing it can suggest after becoming a leader."

Seeing the quest did make him run a few scenarios through his mind.

"Hey, why are you so quiet?" Vincent asked. "You're not thinking of trying to complete the quest. Although the system is like a game, this is no game. First, to become King, the old King has to either pass away or go into slumber, and then a vote between the thirteen leaders has to pass. That means seven of the other leaders have to vote you in. You, someone who was human not too long ago and had become a vampire leader only this past year."

Hearing this certainly made Quinn realise the mammoth of the task the system was asking. Maybe this was one quest that would just have to be left uncompleted. After all, there wasn't a punishment for not completing such a quest. It would just be an eyesore.

Hearing Vincent go through the requirements, it came to Quinn's realisation that there was a gap between what had happened so far while Vincent was away. He wasn't even aware of what was happening to the King.

He wasn't a mind reader, and like when Quinn had access to Vincent's memories, Vincent hadn't lived through Quinn's life.

'I'll need to update him on everything that happened, but first, let's check out these things.'

Excitedly, Quinn was looking forward to the rewards that he had received for completing one of the longest quests.

[Title "Tenth family leader"]

[Al ovu iuftuz md ovu ourov dfqaiw, ovu mru jvm vmitl oval omofi al fgiu om fllaer ypulol om val numniu. Rujfztl qplo gu easur om ovu ypulo gudmzuvfrt. Tvarel ovfo hfr gu plut fl zujfztl, Iouql, Czutaol, Buflo hzwlofil]

The first thing that was given to Quinn via the title was a little disappointing. Although it sounded quite useful, honestly, Quinn could only think of it as the same as a faction quest board. Where the quest would detail the reward at the bottom.

It might have been handy in the past, but right now, he couldn't see any real use for it, but perhaps it might work a little differently since it would be given via the system.

[The title 'Tenth family leader' allows one to access the reputation store]

[All actions of the leader now will count towards reputation points. Based on how the family perceives the leader, reputation points will be given.]

Opening up the reputation points, Quinn could see a few items, but when he read what they could do, his eyes started to glow up. At first, they looked like plain basic things such as flags, towers and statues, but when he read what they could do, he couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities.

[Level 1 tower: Anything within twenty five meters that is considered an enemy by the leader will be shot at with a beam of energy. The leader must select an area for its use. Cost 1000 reputation points]

There were also a few more options underneath the item, an upgrade button, that also used reputation points and a placement button. When pressing this, Quinn could see the inner castle area and the castle area, which was divided into five sections with the wall around it.

'Defensive rating 0 stars? This is becoming more like a game every day.

The main issue was the fact that the tower itself cost so many reputation points. Currently, Quinn only had six hundred, and it was way out of his budget. Looking at the other items, the statue cost two thousand reputation points, and finally there were the flags, which were five hundred.

[Sozureovurare dife: Irhzuflul ovu lozureov md ovu ourov dfqaiw frt ovmlu fzmprt ao gw 5%]

The flag itself also had a good effect, wondering what to do, Quinn was deciding whether to save up his reputation points on one of the more expensive items or pay for the flag. The problem was, before in the past, reputation points quests were hard to come by, but by the sound of the title, it would be a lot easier to receive after today.

In the end, he decided to buy the flag, and five hundred reputation points were used, leaving him with a hundred. What he wanted to do more than anything was test how the flag worked, and what the items from the store did.

Now, when looking at his system, the flag was in his inventory, it allowed him to either place it in his hand, or he could place it somewhere within the castle using his map.

"Are you seeing all this Vincent, was this something you could do?" Quinn asked as he was shocked by the system's great power that seemed to be getting stronger.

"A little bit, but I never thought the system could do this. The shop items from before made sense. I had stored the items in the storage room, and the system was set up so if you found the beast crystals creating them, it would transport you the item, but thisGiving reputation points for items that might not even be able to be created, something granted by the system, it's almost like my Equivalent exchange ability." Vincent explained.

It made him wonder, when using his powers, were they also transferred into the system, is that why the cost was so high, the cost of his life? The system was able to give Quinn strength, quest rewards and more. It always did seem strange, but what if this was the system's way of using the equivalent exchange. Maybe the A.I computer system for the game with Vincent's ability was what made everything possible.

After exploring the reputation store, Quinn was no longer upset by the title. It seemed like the two things came hand in hand together, and now Quinn had other things to go through with Vincent.

"I guess it's time I told you about everything that happened." Said Quinn.

"There's no need," Vincent replied. "I will live your life just like you lived mine."

The strange white light started to shine again, and Quinn's head felt like it was splitting apart, but this time, it had lasted only a few seconds, and when his vision returned, he was worried that Vincent was gone again.

"VincentVincentreply!" Quinn shouted.

"Calm down. I was just taking in everything I was seeing. You remember how you were shown my life, I just went and lived through yours, and I have to say they were some moments where you had strong, let's say, negative emotions towards me."

This was the part that Quinn didn't like. Vincent able to still do things while part of the system that Quinn was unaware of.

"Well, what do you think?" Quinn asked.

"You've been through a lot, I can tell you have grown so much stronger, but I'm afraid the question you probably want asking, I am confused with myself. I don't understand why Arthur attacked you. He has a history with the first king, something that is beyond my understanding, and I do not know what happened to the Punishers either, for the two of us were asleep at the same time.

"From his words, I can only guess that some of the vampires might have had something to do with the disappearance of the Punishers, even after they left the council, but Quinn, what worries me most is something else.

"The things you learnt from Logan and the Green family, and from my past, I can assume that there are two Eno's still out there. One being Richard Eno, who we assume to be the first king. What his goal is, I don't know. As for the second one, Jim. My old vampire knight. There is a good chance that he was the one that created the Dalki.

"If that is the case, then there are two people who we may be able to ask about that. Bryce, who was still alive during my time, and Dwight. But Quinn, if Jim is really the one behind creating the Dalki, I would be careful, because he too has the same ability that I once had, the ability of equivalent exchange."


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