My Vampire System Chapter 846

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 841 - The problem with yellow eyes

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Witnessing just how quickly Leo had gotten used to the second stage Qi, Quinn started to emphasise how other vampires must feel when comparing themselves to him.

"Don't feel so down." Leo encouraged him. "I've felt the kind of aura you've demonstrated all the time in the dojo. Because of my ability, I have always been able to sense Qi on a different level compared to others. As for control, my unique soul weapon allows me to fine tune not just mine but the Qi of others as well. So as long as I have seen and understand how it works, it's an easy feat to replicate it. If it had been anything else but Qi, it would take me a while to learn it as well."

Quinn believed he had hidden his jealousy well, but he realised too late that it had just been him hiding the emotions on his face. Which was useless in front of the blind Leo who saw beyond a person's face.

"Can you do me a favour?" Quinn asked. "Although the other students are unable to learn this, you mentioned that Erin is similar to myself, so if you have the time, away from your normal knight duties would you be willing to teach her?"

Leo nodded. "No problem, I've already planned to do that even if he hadn't asked me to. Although she blames herself for what has happened, her obsession for power is pointed in the right direction."

With nothing else to show Leo, Quinn decided to leave the training room. Unexpectedly there were two people who had been waiting for him.

"Sorry to disturb you, leader." Xander quickly bowed down. "There's something we wish to discuss with you in private. I know you must be busy these days, but we believe it's quite important for you to know this."

Quinn didn't know Xander or Amy well, only that they helped Layla and Cia during the fight, yet from the look on his face, it appeared to be something quite serious. He was wondering just what could make the boy so worried.

"Of course, if you have any concerns then feel free to come to me at any time. I don't want you to feel like you can't."

The three of them walked off, to one of the many empty rooms in the castle. They entered a smaller room that had a small bed, indicating that it was a room meant to be used for servants. It was untouched and on the first floor with the training rooms, but at the same time it was away from the others as well.

"I don't want you to take offence, but I don't know how much you know about vampires since you used to be." Xander paused, trying not to offend Quinn.

"Don't worry, I probably know as much about vampires as you guys who have been born in the Vampire World, if not more. I also don't mind being called a human. I won't bite your head off." Quinn joked, but it was clear that Xander was finding it hard to react.

'Is this what it's like to be a leader? Everyone is so uptight around me, even though we should be around the same age. Perhaps I'm even younger.' Quinn thought.

As for the comment about knowing more about vampires, Quinn was naturally referring to Vincent. At times like these it was super convenient to be able to ask a leader who was older than most members of the current generation of family leaders.

"Okay, here it goes." Xander let out a big breath. "It's about Erin. You see, we think- No, we're pretty sure she's a dhampir."

There was no reaction from Quinn's side when they accused their teammember of being a member of that subclass, and Amy noticed this.

"You you already knew, didn't you?" She spoke softly.

"Indeed, I did." Quinn nodded, pausing as he waited for one of the two to say something else, but neither one spoke out of turn. "Why? Did she do something that caused a problem?"

"No." Amy shook her head vehemently. "She hasn't done anything and she's been nothing but nice, only We didn't know what to do because there are rules to report a dhampir, but we don't want her to be taken away, so we decided to come to you."

Turning his head, Quinn was now looking at Xander who found it hard to keep eye contact.

'Quinn, it may not be my place to say this, but you need to make sure that they don't say anything to anyone else! Not at this crucial time.' Vincent advised. 'You might not like it, but you know what to do.'

"Look up." Quinn ordered them in a stern voice.

With Xander's legs shaking, he slowly lifted his head.

'What is this pressure? It suddenly feels as if I'm talking to one of the leaders!'

Finally, when he lifted his head, Quinn's eyes were glowing red.

"Will you tell anyone about this?" Quinn asked, while using the Influence skill.

As if stuck in a trance, Xander replied.

"No, since I have already reported it to my leader." He replied in a monotone voice and the Influence skill stopped working.

'What just happened? I just replied without having even a chance to think about it? Was that his power?'

"Sir." Xander suddenly looked up, putting his right arm across his c.h.e.s.t. "You are going to do great things for this family! I have worked hard under the tenth family, and I promise you to work even harder under your Cursed family!"

[100 reputation points earned]

Quinn was surprised that his actions had resulted in earning Xander's respect, yet it was a welcome surprise.

"Thanks for telling me this. You two can go now. I'm sorry for using that on you, but I just needed to make sure that this information will remain a secret for now. I promise you that I will look after Erin and everyone else in my family, no matter who or what they are! "

When the two finally left the room Quinn sat down on a victorian style large chair.

'So will you tell me what's wrong with being a dhampir or do I need to beg?' Quinn mused.

'Sorry, I was just too taken aback how the little boy in the past has grown up to the point he managed to speak like a real leader.' Vincent answered him, his tone revealing that he was half teasing and half serious.

'Your question sure is a tricky one though. I studied many subclasses during my time, and it was my duty to report back to the King. Of course, this also included information about the Dhampirs, yet it was completely scrapped and rewritten. I assume what the kids have been taught about them is false, and I can tell you the reason why.'

'Dhampirs aren't scary irrational beasts like the Wendigos and other subclasses. I'm sure even you can see that. No, the thing that scares the normal vampires is what they represent. Remember when I told you that the vampires' opinions were split into those who thought we should rule over humans and those that thought we should protect them as a higher form of existence?'

'Similarly, they are stronger than vampires, especially when fighting them, they share the same skills and traits as us, but at the same time can even overcome the one weakness all vampires have, sunlight. Don't they just sound like the perfect vampire?'

'But now think about the implication. If we feel we have the right to protect humans as the better life form then shouldn't we allow Dhampirs to rule over us? It was why relationsh.i.p.s between a human and a vampire were forbidden.'

'But once the new King took over that is on the side of protecting humans, why are they still considered a taboo?' Quinn wondered.

'Because it would cause conflict. The King more than anything must think about its people, just like a leader. If you have two sides already disagreeing about a single matter, just try imagining them trying to discuss Dhampirs?'

'As I said before, no one has been able to see the true potential of a Dhampir. Erin is still at the first stage of her evolution. According to my research, she is able to evolve just as many times as a vampire. It would be wise of you to hone her skills. Allow her to grow and maybe one day she could even become your Queen." Vincent said straight at first, but after a minute he couldn't help but giggle.

Just then, the door was opened wide, and Paul entered.

"I've been looking for you." Paul declared. "My people, they have finally arrived!"


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