My Vampire System Chapter 851

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 849 - Who, Who, Who?

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It was unexpected while looking for Fex that they had found Kazz instead. Honestly, though, when Silver had seen the trails of blood, she was worried that just maybe they had come from her brother. After seeing Kazz the way she was, she was a little relieved.

Soon though, her mind went back to being the vampire knight she was, following her duty as she should be doing.

"It looks like she's really badly hurt, and if she's still alive, she will need help immediately." Silver stated while looking at the amount of blood in the alleyway. "In a situation like this, it would be best to take her to the first castle since she belongs to that family to get treatment. Especially since she's a vampire knight. It might be best to take her to the second family, but Bryce would raise a fuss if anyone did that, so the only choice is to take her back to the first. The only problem is."

Silver hesitated for a few seconds. She wanted Leo to take Kazz back but knew that it wouldn't be such a good idea due to the relation between the two families, and Leo might not know the correct procedures. Bryce was a person who got quite offended at certain things, which might even cause a conflict while he was there.

Leo's straightforward personality that spoke his mind and did what he believed was best, wouldn't be good in a situation like this one.

"You take her, I will continue to see if there are any more clues around here. Besides, maybe when she wakes up, you can ask her what she knows." Leo replied, knowing full well what was on her mind.

With a quick nod, Silver was already gone carrying away Kazz and heading to the first castle. Leo continued to look around, wondering if there were any different signs of aura around the place but the only thing he could see was the blood of Kazz.

"Kazz, is a vampire knight, and she is strong, yet someone was able to completely overpower her to the point where there were no signs of struggle. IF there was a fight between her and someone else, then there should at least be injuries from the other, yet there is none. Someone would have seen something or heard something.

'It's almost as if the person had already managed to subdue her somehow, and this was the result. The question is. Why not kill her, to leave a trail? So that Bryce wouldn't know. Having fought this close, shouldn't the vampire connection have gone off? And The way she was pinned up there, it was like a message, the question is for who?"

What this also implied though, was if Fex was involved in this somehow, he was safe as there weren't any signs of his blood around here either.

Closing his eyes, Leo decided to increase the range of his ability. He could make it so he could see the auras and everything around from a bird's eye like view.

At that moment, Leo could sense something from above. He had noticed something odd. A bat-like shape flying through the sky.

"IFinallymade itnow to the tenth castle!" Ham said, covered in sweat, huffing and panting.


Silver had eventually made it to the first castle, and it was safe to say that the guards at the gates didn't make it easier for her to enter.

"Move aside, you idiots! I have your vampire knight in my own hands. Will you be responsible for her death. What will you tell Bryce if he was to hear of his daughter's death all because you want to do your checks!" As she finished her words, none other than the person's name she had just mentioned appeared.

It was like he had responded to his name. He had his cane held in both hands, and the veins were seen bulging on his hand.

"Who!" He shouted, hitting his cane against the floor. It was so powerful it caused the guards around them to fall to the floor.

"Who has attempted to attack a knight of the first family!"

At first, Silver thought maybe Bryce was upset due to his daughter being hurt, but she could tell based on his actions now and her fathers of the past. This man was just upset that someone had dared to go against his family.

Handing her over, Kazz was quickly rushed into the castle, while Bryce continued to stare at Silver. He didn't even turn to look, as Kazz's beaten body went past him.

'Is he waiting for me to say something? I need to find out what happened. I need to speak to Kazz when she wakes up.' But the pressure coming from Bryce's body was immense.

"Vampire knight, Silver Sanguinis reporting from the thirteenth family." Silver started her formal greeting bowing down. "I discovered Kazz between the tenth and thirteenth castles just outside of the twelfth. I am unaware of what happened to her, but brought her here immediately. From the scene, it looks like she has been in that condition for a while."

Even after mentioning this, the expression on Bryce's face didn't change, and she was wondering if he even cared about her at all.

"I will confirm what you say with her when she wakes up, but if it's not true...." Bryce stopped there he didn't need to say anything else and just turned around.

"Wait Sir!" Silver shouted, when Bryce turned back, and she could see his face, the words she wanted to ask wouldn't come out. She wanted to be the first to ask Kazz a question, but it was clear he thought of her as a suspect and would never allow it. "When she wakes up, and if she's okay would you please inform me. I'm worried about her, me and her are the same age and grew up together after all." She said, and turned back around, heading towards Leo hoping he had at least found something.

While Bryce continued to walk, he was placing his walking stick, harder and stronger, into the ground. It was digging into the ground as if it was made of butter.

'I sent Kazz to go grab Fex hoping to see how far this little development of his blood weapon had come, and now Kazz returns like this?!' Bryce thought. 'Did the tenth leader plan ahead. Did he plant something so none of his people could get hurt. If it is him, are you trying to start a war kid? It won't be the same this time, it won't be the same at all.'

When Kazz finally was able to get the treatment, the medical team at the first castle found that she wasn't actually as badly hurt as she looked. It was more made to look that way. The wounds on her hand and feat had healed once she had been removed from the wall.

But her energy was gone, she was feeling incredibly weak for some reason. The staff were unable to find out why, but eventually Kazz had regained some of her energy and started to wake up.

"Quick, inform the leader!" A member of staff shouted.

Moving slowly, Kazz started to touch her head, and touch several other parts of her body.

"You must have been through a lot, don't worry, the leader will be here to see you soon. "

Kazz looked at the girl beside her who was treating her, still squinting her eyes as if in pain. The staff found it a little strange, since she no longer had any injuries on her, so they were trying to figure out what she was exactly suffering from.

"Who are you?" Kazz asked.

The staff member smiled.

"Don't worry, I just work in the castle, I don't expect anyone to remember who I am. You are a busy person, you just get some rest."

However, that wasn't what she had meant at all. When the door was swung open, Bryce had entered the room, and everyone had stepped aside, allowing him to pass. He walked, and everyone kept their heads down, bowing to the first leader.

Eventually reaching the bed, Bryce looked at Kazz.

"What happened?" He asked.

'The same as always, he didn't even ask about her condition, or how she was feeling. The leader is always straight down to business. But this is what makes him a strong leader.' The staff members thought.

From her bed, she looked him up and down a few times, and the squint in her eyes still remained.

"What happened, I don't know" She paused. "I know you must have saved me, but please tell mewho are you?" Kazz asked.


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