My Vampire System Chapter 852

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 850 - Just a pawn

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Standing just outside the second castle, was Lee and Quinn. The other leaders had already left the area early and Lee had waited for Quinn to come out, as wanted to pass on a message to the tenth family leader.

It was something important, something he had been hiding inside of him for a long time. However, when Quinn had popped the question about Fex, a strange look of confusion appeared on Lee's face.

"What do you mean? Shouldn't you know better than me how he is doing? I know you're busy as a leader these days but didn't you just state that you were close?" Lee questioned in bewilderment.

Quinn was silent for a moment as he put two and two together. "Fex, is no longer at your place, is he? When exactly was the last time you saw your son?" Quinn asked back. Lee was now starting to really worry. He told Quinn that it was already more than a week ago. If both leaders thought the Fex with the other and he had gone missing just what could have happened to him?

A shadow swiftly formed around Quinn's hand and he immediately popped the mask onto his face, to get in contact with the castle. He tried his best to suppress his rising fury that someone was messing with his best friend, and by extension with his family at such a crucial time. It was important for him to not overreact before finding out all the details.

On the other end, Paul was the one who answered the call. He found it a bit odd that he had to wear a mask to communicate, since he was sure Logan could have just as easily created some smaller and simpler devices for them to use.

However, his request had been denied. The mask had already become a trait for those close in the family circle. Furthermore, aside from communication it had some other features as well, such as its ability to cancel out the noise from spreading to the outside, if one was to stand close they were unable to hear what the user wearing the mask was saying. This could be activated or deactivated at will.

"Has there been any news in regards to Fex after he has gone to visit his family? For example anyone that's seen him ever since?" Quinn asked.

"Not quite the latter, but there was a silver haired girl that had come to the castle earlier. She wanted to see him. Shortly after that, Leo told me to take charge since he accompanied her to investigate. They only set out a while ago, you basically just missed them. He hasn't reported back, so I doubt they have found anything yet." Paul answered.

Hearing that Leo was on the case already, alleviated Quinn's worries a little. He was the perfect man for tracking people with his ability.

Nevertheless, Quinn still couldn't figure out why someone would have gone after Fex. If it was to blackmail him, shouldn't they have contacted him by now?

'Perhaps this is a ploy against his dad, but Lee looks like he has also been oblivious to Fex' disappearance up until a few moments ago who are they and what do they want then?'

Realising just thinking wouldn't solve the problem, he called Leo through the mask. His Vampire knight informed him that he was looking around the area with Silver trying to find any clused, but they had been unsuccessful so far.

"He's missing" Lee mumbled while clenching his fist.

'Did someone go after him because of the blood weapon technique they discovered? Or is this some ploy to influence the next King's election?' Lee thought.

"Quinn, did Fex tell you or anyone else about the blood weapon technique he recently learnt?" Lee asked Quinn, who had been busy fiddling with his mask.

"No, I was actually the one who..." Quinn stopped for a second, as he realised there was one more that knew about it. "Kazz! When Fex used the technique successfully, there was one time that Kazz saw him!"

"It has to be Bryce!" Lee shouted. "He knows that I have already decided to cast my vote against him! If he knows about the blood technique, then he has two reasons to capture Fex! It's his way of telling me to vote for him, and he can get even more power for himself!"

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"I have to return to my castle, I will try to gather as much as I can and find Fex." Lee informed the other before storming off.

'Bryce, why does he keep doing things like this!' Quinn was beyond angry. 'Vincent, you said he wouldn't get involved, that it was too important at this time, so why would he go after Fex?! I trusted you.'

'Quinn, listen to me, I think you and Lee are both acting rash here! To me it just doesn't make sense! Things might have changed in the time I've been away, but Bryce should still be a smart person. He wouldn't do something like this since the risk of him being found out is also great. Think about it, even if he were to use it and succeed, once it would come out, his authority as the King would be greatly undermined!' Vicent argued.

'Even if I'm wrong, you're still playing into his hands by getting angry and attacking him. Without any proof connecting it to him, you will be just a young leader who has rebelled. We must find that proof first. I suggest you meet with Dwight and inform him of this news. I'm sure it will help him greatly and maybe he can convince you.'

Quinn was taking some deep breaths before calming down again. He asked Paul to put in a request to meet Dwight but before that, just in case anything else had happened, Quinn decided to head back to the castle. Once there he immediately called for an emergency meeting with the main group in his family.

His first priority was to find out if anything else had happened to the others that he had been unaware of.

He still was trying to figure out whether this was a ploy against him, Fex or Lee. With everyone gathered, Quinn insisted that if anyone was to leave the group in the future they needed to do so in at least a group of five. This was said before but he told them this again to get it through their heads.

In cases this wasn't possible or if someone wasn't willing to, Quinn decided that the minimum requirement to leave would be to have someone accompany them who knew the shadow ability, and that the chaperone would have to keep it slightly active at all times.

This way, when something unexpected happened, Quinn could get to their position quickly when needed. Leo still hadn't returned to the castle and there had been no updates from their end, however at least the request for Quinn to see Dwight had been quickly approved.

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He was worried that if he didn't collect his benefits now, then after fulfilling his part of the deal by voting against Bryce, they might just change their mind and go back on their word.

As such, he decided that on the way to the King's castle, he would be the one to escort Cia, and have Nate as backup, at least inside the castle.

Soon enough, they stood outside of the second castle, having arrived with no problems.

"What are we doing here?" Cia asked, feeling a little strange without Layla or any of the other girls next to her.

"Do you remember me promising you that I would do my best to get your memories back? Well, the second family leader's Cindy has an ability that just might help you. At our meeting earlier one of my demands was that she would do her best to help you." Quinn explained, and for the first time he smiled at her.

He sincerely hoped that his guilt for hurting her life would go away if this turned out to be successful.

"Nate, I have to go, but remember, keep your shadow active at all times! And contact me via the mask if ANYTHING suspicious happens! Don't leave the castle, until I return." Quinn ordered.

Nate responded, with a playful salute and Quinn was off in his shadow.

"Well pretty lady, why don't we head inside?" Nate suggested playfully, placing his hand out, towards the castle's entrance.

Arriving at the King's castle, Quinn was forced to undergo the same procedure as last time before the guards led him to the same dining room as before. As soon as the other guards had left Quinn immediately told the Royal Vampire Knight about Fex and what Lee believed to have happened.

However, he didn't mention the blood weapon technique, only that Lee suspected Bryce might have done this to influence Lee's vote for the next King.

"I see, but this doesn't sound like something Bryce would do at all." Dwight replied to the dismay of Quinn. "I looked into him, especially since I suspected he had been working with the Bloodsuckers... however I found no such thing. I know you hate him, but blackmailing really isn't something that would work against the leaders!"

"Honestly, I'm stumped as to why someone would have taken Fex. I know you're worried and wish to find him and I hate to say this but, we need more information before we can go around pointing the finger, which is why I haven't done that myself either." Dwight explained.

This type of answer wasn't good enough for Quinn. Not that one of his best friends was involved. It had been over a week since either side had heard from him, and Quinn just felt like the more time that had passed, the less chance they would have of finding him alive.

Exting the King's castle, Quinn felt like the meeting had been nothing but a giant waste of time. He had been doing everything by following Vincent's advice so far because he felt the vampire by his side knew better, but now he was starting to have serious doubts whether that was really the case or not.

On his way out, there was a large man in black armour who appeared to have been waiting for him. It was the ninth leader, Muka Fortuna.

"I have heard what has happened to Fex." Muka bowed. "I actually came here to try to meet with you. Quinn, there isn't a doubt in my mind, that the person who is behind this is Bryce! I know Dwight has his ways of doing things, but I feel like we are going to lose this battle if we are playing by the rules while our opponents aren't."

Honestly, Quinn couldn't agree more, especially when the rules were working against him at the moment.

"So what do you suggest?" Quinn asked.

"Dwight needs evidence, and I can only imagine there has to be something in the first castle. Unfortunately, my skills, body frame and abilities don't make me the ideal person for such a thing. You on the other hand, you have been gifted the power of the shadow. Find the evidence that we need in the castle, and maybe you might even find Fex there." Muka suggested.

'Don't listen to him, Quinn! Remember Dwight's words, don't trust anyone!' Vincent warned. 'Don't you find it awfully suspicious that he appeared just after you have met with Dwight?!'

Quinn felt he was at a crossroads, he had been pushed around his whole time as a human, and now the same thing was happening as a vampire.

He didn't want to be used as just a mere pawn any longer, he would find out things himself!


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