My Vampire System Chapter 854

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 854 - True feelings

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The next morning after Ham had arrived, Quinn came to visit the hospital room where he found Silver looking over Fex' familiar. She hadn't left it, and by the looks of it she hadn't gotten any sleep either.

'It's a good thing vampires don't need much sleep, I guess.' Quinn thought to himself. With Ham not having woken up, he left the room without even greeting Silver who was fully focused on her task.

"Keep an eye on her and let me know if Ham's condition is getting better or worse!" Quinn instructed Linda who was standing outside of the room. Just like Peter, her subclass didn't need any sleep at all, which was also the reason Quinn had specifically chosen her to guard the place.

Over in the dining hall, the other students, the old army and those from the Cursed faction were all enjoying breakfast.

At the start everyone had kept to their own groups, but as everyone got to know each other and started to get along, eventually their members started to mix and mingle, leading to the creation of new groups between the members.

Most prominently the groups had been split into those consisting of only girls and boys for the meals.

At one of the boys only tables, Nate was currently busy boasting to his peers about how he had been the centre of attention when he had been over to the second castle. "I'm telling you guys, all the girls were bringing me gifts! They were totally all over me."

Then, making sure no one else was eavesdropping on their conversation he whispered. "And they're also a 'little' prettier then the girls we have over here."

"So you're saying that someone like you with zero talking skills, who freezes every time a girl comes up to you, with your blocky head was not only surrounded by pretty girls, but they all seemed to be into you?" Alex summed up all of Nate's negatives. "I don't want to call you a liar, but you gotta admit if you have no chance here, it's hard to believe they would all be so into you over there."

"I assume they were just being nice to him. Who knows, if we were to visit them they might treat us the same way." Sam theorised. "I mean we could always go over and have a look."

"Did the second leader treat you that way as well?" Peter suddenly perked up. He grinded his teeth against each other as he thought back to the slap he had received from Cindy.

"I'm not lying! Everyone over there really DID treat me nicely. Well, Cindy was polite at first I guess. However, once I tried following her and Cia into the throne room she changed. She tried to convince me to stay out, but when I refused she flicked me across the room with her finger." Nate explained.

"She managed to flick you?" Dennis asked, a lot of them were still wondering about just how strong the other vampires were, since they only had the students to use as a benchmark. On the other hand they at least knew Nate was considered strong among them and those that had never seen the leaders before were quite surprised.

"You shouldn't be so surprised, the vampires treasure strength above all else. To put it into each one of them should hold the same power as the leaders of the Big Four." Logan stated nonchalantly while typing away on his holographic keyboard. He always was a hard worker, and even taking his meals didn't stop him.

"You idiot!" Peter slammed the table. "Quinn told you to look over Cia! How could you allow her to be alone with that bitch?! What was even the point of sending you with her then? What if something happened?"

"Look, I'm sorry, Peter, I was well prepared to go in, but I didn't want to mess things up. We're in the Vampire World right now, so I couldn't just barge in on a leader when she was trying to help us. I was at the door the whole time and if I felt there had been any problems I would have contacted Quinn immediately!" Nate argued back.

The others that were at the table stood up, ready to get in between the two if a fight was about to break out, but after giving Nate a derisive look, Peter walked out.

"What's his deal? Cia came back fine in the end, didn't she?" Nate pouted. "I even tried opening those doors a bit to eavesdrop but they wouldn't budge. Was I supposed to try and destroy them, because of his hunch?"

"He might just be on edge. I know I certainly am." Alex said with his hands shaking. "Think about it, Fex got taken away somehow, and he's strong. At least way stronger than me. Now we're practically on lockdown, forbidden from leaving this place. I don't know about you guys, but being unable to hammer away like I usually do on the ship it just doesn't feel like home."

The others wanted to say something to brighten the mood after what happened, but many that came from the Cursed faction felt the same way. They couldn't imagine living the rest of their lives on this planet. They just hoped that after Quinn finished his business here they might return to how things were.

There were two girls who hadn't gone for breakfast, the two being Cia and Layla. Right now the two of them had gathered in Layla's room because Cia wanted to talk with her about something.

"So you finally got all your memories back? I guess all that hard work paid off in the end?" Layla smiled while grabbing the other's hands. "You went through a lot during those times and I'm just glad that you're still the Cia that you were."

'According to Cindy the two of us are supposed to have grown close. I remember us talking at school a few times, but I didn't really care about Layla back then, it was only because of the mission. However, the way she's acting now, did we really become close friends? If so, I have to help her!'

"Layla there are still things I'm unsure of. I wanted to talk to you about Quinn? What do you think about him?" Cia asked.

Hearing these questions, Layla's cheeks began to redden.

"Quinn is kind- I mean he's kind of busy these days so the two of us didn't have a lot of opportunities to talk in recent times." Layla answered quickly and panicky, but as she started to think of him more she calmed down. "I don't know how to say it, but he isn't that extraordinary of a person, yet somehow he's managed to do extraordinary things. I guess that's what attracts me and others to him."

"Have you ever felt that you were just ordinary? I mean I was okay with the bow, I'm not exactly the smartest, if anything I was considered below average, but when I look at Quinn I feel like he's the same, yet despite that he's managed to climb all the way to his current position."

By the way she was talking about Quinn, Cia knew that she had already fallen head over heels for him. "But don't you hate him for turning you? For bringing us to such a dangerous place? Pure could have continued to look after the both of us and things would have been fine."

"You think so?" Layla replied back, but she just smiled.

'Cindy was right, Layla's already been trapped by him, and the only way to break her out is with Quinn.' Cia thought.

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'Cia, don't you dare betray Quinn!' Peter thought as he passed the girls. 'I made that mistake once, and I won't let him get hurt like that ever again! If I see you try anything funny, I'll end you with my own hands!'


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