My Vampire System Chapter 856

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 857 - The Boneclaw's master

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When Ham was finished explaining all the details, the other two were getting prepared taking with them everything they needed for their trip. But they couldn't leave just yet, as there was a reason why they had to wait. On Silver's advice Quinn had informed Dwight about what was happening.

There were a few reasons for this. He thought that maybe one, he would be able to send help to the other two from dwight. He still wasn't very confident that just with the two of them they could save Fex, who knew how strong the enemy was, and two, Silver and Quinn also agreed to keep Lee involved with what was happening, just like he had been doing Quinn.

There was a certain royal guard that Quinn would speak to,a contact that Dwight had told him to talk to whenever he needed to get in touch with him. Dwight said he could explain all the details to him, as he trusted him. This was how the two of them would set up their meetings.

Usually vampires, especially those of a higher rank that needed to communicate with each other, would do so using the eighth family leader's ability, Jill, through her telepathy. This was rather than relying on technology that could be intercepted by others and they could make sure that only those that were meant to receive the message needed it.

However, Dwight was the one that had informed Quinn not to use her, and Quinn agreed. Especially since she was one of the ones that had chosen to give her vote to Bryce. At the moment their was a clear bias towards certain leaders.

The two of them filled up flasks with blood for both Leo and Silver, and Quinn had made a suggestion to Leo.

"Before you leave Leo, it would be best if you grab something from Alex, I'm pretty sure he has something that might come in use for you." Quinn suggested.

While the two were away, Quinn continued to look over Ham. Who looked to be doing fine compared to how he was before. He started to think about what had happened, moments before he woke up. Ham didn't seem to be close to waking up at all, yet suddenly he did. Once the Boneclaw had turned to smoke and entered him, disappearing soon after.

'The Boneclaw has helped me in many different situations, according to Chris it was protecting me on the demon tier planet as well. Boneclaw, you originally belonged to the first leader, right? Do you work for him, or do you work for me at the moment?' Quinn wondered.

The reason for thinking about this, was due to the Boneclaw being more than uncooperative, Quinn could enter the space to attempt to talk to him, yet for some reason, it would choose when it wanted to speak, and when it didn't. Acting on it's own will.

Familiars usually worked together with their master, but the Boneclaw seemed rather selfish, either only helping Quinn when it wanted to, or when he was close to death. Quinn didn;t feel like it;s master at all.

"Youwon't be able to summon" the deep voice was heard.

Quinn looking around the room, was trying to see where the voice was coming from. He knew it was from the Boneclaw, he just didn't know where. Until he looked at Ham, smoke was forming from his back, and it had taken the shape of a miniature version of the Boneclaw. Swirling above Ham's head, created from the black mist.

"Ah, the king. Why is that devil of a king on my back!" Ham shouted. Soon he started to bow down. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to call you names, it's a normal reaction when one meets someone as great as you."

This type of reaction from a familiar when seeing the Boneclaw, wasn't the first. Quinn had seen it when Bryce had summoned his familiar as well. It was clear the Boneclaw was special.

"What do you mean?" Quinn asked.

"My energy, inside him. No longer with you" the Boneclaw spoke.

'I think I understand. " Vincent tried to interpret. 'Right now, because Ham isn't receiving enough energy from Fex, the only way he could wake him up was by using his own energy. Which is why there is no marking on your back and he is appearing above Ham at the moment.

"Which means, if you are in a dangerous situation like the times before, the Boneclaw won't be able to help you." Vincent explained.

Quinn understood and nodded towards the Boneclaw.

"I know you have helped me many times before, but I want to ask you a favour." Quinn said approaching the mist. "If they are in trouble, can you protect them?" The Boneclaw seemed a little uninterested in this, but then Quinn mentioned something else.

"It doesn't matter what happens to those that try to attack them, you are free to do as you wish, go wild and don't worry." After Quinn had said that, the mist disappeared right back into Ham's body.

'I think I'm understand this thing a bit more.' Quinn thought.

Ham started to shiver.

"That crazy guy is inside of me!?" Ham gulped again and quickly placed his small hand hooves over his mouth. "He can hear everything I'm saying, can't he?"

Finally, both Leo and Silver had returned, and attached around Leo's waist was another sheath, a similar size to his other weapon.

'Looks like Alex is on top of things here as well.'

"I guess now we have to wait." Leo said.

While waiting for a reply or answer from Dwight, Silver had decided to personally go to her fathers castle to inform them of Fex's development and what she was doing. All they were doing now was patiently waiting, for one or the other to return.

The first person they heard back from was Silver. When she returned, she did so not looking the exact same as she had done before. On her back she had a large box that was slightly bigger then herself and taller. She carried it as if it was weightless.

The three were in the reception area now just waiting to hear back from Dwight, however, Quinn couldn't help but stare at the large box on Silver's back.

"My father says he is happy to hear that Fex has been found, but he is worried about us two going. There are a few problems, if the ceremony wasn't tomorrow, then he would have liked to have come himself, but this is something that can't be delayed he stated.

"Also sending a large group might startle the enemy into knowing we are coming, so he has kept his lips sealed for now. So he gave me this before leaving." Silver said, hitting the box behind her.

Other than that, she didn't say much else, leaving them to guess about the large box.

'If I'm correct, that's the thirteenth's puppet that's passed down from leader to leader." Vincent explained. 'For her father to give her that, he must either be really worried or really trusting of her.'

'I remember Fex said one time that Silver would have made a better leader than himself for the thirteenth family, but in their family they had always had a male leader. I wonder how strong she is with the puppet? Fex was definitely skilled when controlling others.'

Finally, a royal guard had arrived at the tenth castle. First he bowed and claimed he was here on behalf of Dwight.

"I'm sorry that Dwight wasn't able to come himself, Quinn. He sincerely apologises but tomorrow is an important day and many preparations must be made." The royal guard explained.

"I work directly under Dwight and are one of his few trusted men. Dwight says he knows what you wish to tell him, he has heard the news that you have found where Fex is. Unfortunately, tomorrow is an event that can not be delayed. The king can not wait a day longer.

"As well, he thinks it's best if only a small group of people go. If it is the Bloodsuckers hideout like we suspect, they should be significantly weakened no longer having their leader there. Also many of them were killed in the attack. He grants permission for Silver and Leo to go, however Quinn. This means you must find a replacement to attend the ceremony with you tomorrow. Please inform me of who you wish to bring with you so we know beforehand."

Quinn paused for a second, he was happy that his request was granted, and knowing more about the area they were going to, lessened Quinn's worries, but he didn't expect that he would need a replacement for Leo as his vampire knight for the ceremony.

'Who to pick?' Quinn thought, and one person had entered his mind.

"I will be picking Peter Chuck." Quinn suggested with a smile on his face, "Although ask Dwight if he can look a little different at the ceremony."


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