My Vampire System Chapter 858

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 859 - Quest reminder

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The ceremony was to take place in front of the King's castle. Usually the open plaza platform was filled with markets and shops that the vampires used on a day to day basis and it was currently time for the vampires to set up their stalls all over the place.

However, today was different. The whole place had been renovated and the vampires had built a special large white staircase that led up to a large platform, with large pillars on either side. On the staircase there was a flowing red carpet which led directly to the coffin. The contrast of colours made the red really stand out.

Arriving at the area were Quinn and his two Vampire knights. From the looks of it they appeared to have arrived a little earlier than any of the other leaders. Perhaps it was due to Quinn's nervousness, and him still not being told what exactly his role would be in this event.

There were plenty of Royal Guards on the premises, including some other extra helpers that were still busy getting the final preparations done. The houses nearby were getting adorned with touches of red roses to match the theme of the ceremony, and what surprised Quinn above all else was the amount of technology that was being used.

Several drones had been put in different places, which were hovering around. As a test run, large holographic screens appeared which all displayed the same thing. Right now it was the coffin on top of the platform, as well as Dwight next to it, as he was carefully making preparations.

What Quinn also noticed was a smaller coffin that had been prepared by the large one by its side.

'What's that for?' Quinn thought.

'Can't you guess?" Vincent asked. 'It's actually quite rare for a King not to be accompanied by both his Royal Knights into eternal slumber. Usually the King would assign one of the leaders to handle everything, but since Dwight had refused to pass on with the King, it looks like he has taken on the role this time.'

Quinn felt a little sad for Dwight. He must have been tired, as Vincent had known him to be a Royal Knight even during his own time. Calling him an old vampire seemed to be a bit of an understatement. Quinn suspected that he actually wanted to pass on, but just couldn't until he found out who was the one responsible for all the tumult in recent times.

Climbing the stairs, Quinn asked Dwight what his role in all of this was, and what he was to do during the event.

"Well, I'm glad you're at least properly dressed for the occasion." Dwight greeted him. His tone might have sounded happy, but his face was telling a different story. Quinn could see the signs of days and days of sleepless nights in preparation for this day.

"You shouldn't get used to this look, after all they're just borrowed clothes." Quinn replied. "Now would you please tell me what exactly it is that I have to do?"

"You see all the pillars that surround us? Each one represents one of the thirteen families. They have Roman numerals written beneath them. All you need to do is stand next to your pillar and at a certain time you will be required to touch it. When you do the flame will activate as long as you are the leader of your family."

"Your Vampire knights will have to do nothing but remain next to your pillar. Think of them as your security if you will. No interruptions are to be made, as the King will deliver his final speech. Honestly, after that point just follow along to everyone else. Since you are the tenth leader, you will be called up at a much later time, and you will have had the chance to see what the others have done."

It sounded simple enough, but Quinn couldn't help but still be nervous at what was to come.

"Did you hear that, 'Leo'" Paul said. "There are to be no interceptions! No matter what someone says."

Peter just looked at Paul and scoffed before he went towards their pillar. Paul was worried and would have much rather had the real Leo by his side, but Quinn had chosen Peter for a reason.

Standing by the pole, Quinn could see all the preparations had been made. There was even a podium built out front. Interestingly there were markings that were being drawn all over the place. Under the coffin, and elsewhere.

'What are those markings? They look similar to when vampires do Blood rituals?' Quinn asked.

'Those markings are based on vampire alchemy. I guess you could say it's the closest thing we have to magic, but honestly most of what is set up today, at some point or another, had been created through the tenth's family ability, for example the vampire rings that help block out the sunlight.'

'Originally they were the form of my ability, and then later, through reverse engineering and breaking it down, we discovered how to recreate them to the point that we could distribute them to others. Vampires are mysterious mystical beings, Quinn. Our blood, and the way we grow stronger is almost magical.' Vincent explained.

After waiting a short while, eventually all the other leaders started to show up, with their own Vampire knights by their side.

Each one passed Quinn, briefly talked to Dwight before they got into their position.

The ones that gave him the most menacing stares were both Bryce and the new Sixth leader. It looked like they still held a grudge against Quinn for killing their leader.

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'That's the infamous Vampire knight from the tenth family? I heard he is quite the strong one, but why is that disgusting man giving me such a look? I don't recall ever seeing him before.'

When everyone was there, Dwight went through the schedule with them. Making sure that each one knew the proper order of things and what had to be done.

Surprisingly neither the King nor his accompanying Royal knight Kubit had arrived yet.

Finally though, vampires from all different families were entering the plaza area. They swarmed in like an army of ants, and it looked like nearly every vampire from each family had come to pay the King his last tribute.

"Since we never leave the settlement, I didn't know there were this many vampires." Wevil noted surprised as he looked around.

The Cursed family had also arrived and they chose to stay together. Mostly being led by Linda, and Dennis.

"The red on the staircase really stands out." Linda commented.

"Well, I guess it matches the blood theme." Dennis added.

Even Logan and Sil attended, alongside little Borden, who was currently resting on Sil's shoulder. It turned out that with a few costume changes they had succeeded in passing off Borden as a familiar and there weren't many who bat an eyelid at seeing him as well.

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Even though they were outdoors, it seemed like most people who were initially looking at them and were interested in them, turned their attention to the special platform that had been built. For many vampires, the changing of a King was a very important moment, one which they weren't guaranteed to ever see in their lifetime.

A leader maybe, but a King was different.

When Dwight walked up to the podium, the whole crowd went silent.

"We are here today to mark a special occasion! The man we all know as our King has looked after all of our lives for many, many years and changed it for the better. He has put the people's needs before himself, time and time again!"

"After all these years, he has finally chosen that the time has come for him to move on and pass the crown on to a new generation. Before taking his rest, the King has some final words he would like to say to all of you who have come today."

As soon as Dwight's speech had ended, the large double doors by the King's castle opened up and the King stepped out, donned in blood red armour. Slightly behind him was his Royal Vampire Knight, both of them graciously walked towards the stage.

There was a staircase identical to the one on the platform side and the drones were there to capture everything.

When walking up the stairs, he did so without any help, and although he tried his best to look strong, Quinn could see that his legs were slightly shaking.

'He looks completely different to the last time I saw him, what happened?' Quinn thought.

'Hard to say, although if I were to wager a guess, he must have used that power. Absolute blood control.'' Vincent said. 'It's a power so great that it takes the life force of its user.'

"Absolute blood control?' Quinn thought, not knowing full well just how special a position it was for one to become a King.

Seeing the King, a ding sound sounded inside his and soon a voice followed.

[Quest reminder]

[Become the Vampire King]


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