My Vampire System Chapter 859

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 860 - Farewell

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The quest screen that appeared in front of Quinn's face was quickly dismissed. Quinn had already decided that he would ignore this quest. With everything going on, he had no d.e.s.i.r.e to participate in a popularity competition against the already established two sides.

He was considered an outsider, so even if he did try to win the others' votes, would there be anyone willing to stay by his side?

'It's just not possible, so stop thinking about it Quinn! Maybe in the next century when all the current leaders have been replaced it might be something you can consider.'

Nevertheless, he couldn't help but be curious about it. Becoming King was such a mammoth task that the rewards were guaranteed to blow him away. The reminder of the quest made him even more aware that the current King was about to go to sleep and a new one would be selected.

Standing up on the podium, King Numan stood there on his own, with his hands grasping around it. For a brief moment, while he held his speech, the King did his best to leave behind a strong image, not wanting his people to remember him as a weak looking man.

"I still remember the day when I first became King. It continues to be my greatest honor to have moved from the twelfth seat to my current position. It came as much of a surprise to my younger self at the time, yet the leaders of my generation had all agreed that I was the best candidate to lead us towards a peaceful future.'

"'Peace'... it is something us vampires have been longing for, and I'm elated that we were able to maintain for the longest time under my rule. The only regret I leave behind as I go to sleep, will be the fact that it appears at the end of my time someone intends to rob us of our peace."

"Still, the message I want to leave you all before I go will be one of peace. As King, I did everything in power to protect our race. Every choice I made was to stop internal conflict between ourselves! Although we're split up into thirteen families and I originally came from the twelfth family, ever since I became King I only saw us as one big family!'

"And so I hope that this generation's leaders may select someone who might share my ideology, who I would happily acknowledge as my successor. May we all continue living a fulfilling life for the future!" The King finished his speech and roars of cheers erupted so loud that it felt like the whole planet was shaking.

'This King it's a shame I never got the chance to witness his rule during my time. He seems to be loved by the people.' Vincent commented. 'You know Quinn, you have only had a taste of what it's like to be a leader, but haven't had much difficulties due to the circ.u.mstances you are in. Still, your followers all wish to follow you and are indebted to you. However the same can't be said for someone like the Vampire King.'

'There are those that may hate him or despise him, yet he must still rule over them with a cool head, placing their needs on the same level as those who deeply care about him. I know you want to create a certain type of world for the humans, but there will always be those against you, who think there is a better way than the one you envision..'

After the King finished his speech, he stepped back, allowing Royal Knight Kubit to also leave behind a last speech. His was short and sweet, and at the end he also received a round of applause, yet unsurprisingly it paled in comparison to the King's.

Kubit went ahead and stood by his own coffin to the side of the King's, but it looked like things weren't over with. Heading back to the podium, Dwight placed a book on the podium.

Quinn immediately noticed this wasn't any ordinary book. What's more it looked nearly identical to the one he had obtained his abilities from. A red gem was in the middle of the book, but it appeared dull.

"I shall now lay down my Absolute blood control ability!" King Numan declared, and placed both hands on the book.

The pillar underneath started to glow bright red, and the veins on the King's forearms could be seen popping out from his hands. They were deftly red, as if his own blood was being s.u.c.k.e.d in by the book, pulsing each time with strange power.

After a few moments, the red crystal on top of the book started glowing and the King let go of the book looking weaker than ever before. He took a step back with his legs weak and stumbled.

Dwight, paying attention to the King the entire time, was able to catch him before something happened to him.

"My King, you did a great job. May you rest in peace now." Dwight whispered.

'What just happened? What's with that book?' Quinn asked.

'That book is something that will only be handed down to the next Vampire King. Inside it is stored great power. The book is unlike the ability books you know and it works more similar to your system. There are no words describing how one could learn the ability and only great power inside." Vincent explained.

'Opening the book will allow the person to inherit the power of Absolute blood control. It's said that you will receive the memories of the previous Kings and their understanding of the ability.'

'Absolute blood control? If it's something only the King of the vampires could learn, I'm guessing it's quite strong.' Quinn stated.

'Quite strong is an understatement. If my history is correct, Arthur's power was greater than anyone expected in the past. That one shouldn't be surprising since they needed the Punisher's power to be greater than the leaders to have the d.e.s.i.r.ed effect. However, there was always the fear that maybe the Punisher might decide to turn against the vampires.'

'After all, whatever the King would get the Punisher would get as well. They both received Blood armour and more, but as time went on Arthur's strength only continued to grow. So something was made so the King would have equal power, and that was the Absolute blood power.'

'Let me guess, it also just happens to be something your family ability created again? Did you happen to notice that your ability seems to be the common cause of a lot of problems nowadays?" Quinn mentioned with a mix of slight annoyance and frustration.

'... yes, but can you really blame the blacksmith for what happens with the sword he forges when he was hired to do so? You have to bear in mind how my ability works. The greater the power that it bestows, the greater the cost. I can't imagine what my predecessors have used in the past, or how many lives had been sacrificed to create such a book. If it was up to me, that book would be destroyed!'

"Now we will begin the sealing process of the book!" Dwight announced loudly. "Leader of the first family, Bryce Cain, please come to the podium!"

Looking carefully Quinn realised that soon it would be his turn to finally actively participate in this ceremony. When Bryce went up to the stage, he made a small cut on the palm of his hand and let it drop onto the top of the book. After that he went back to his pillar and the next leader was called.

It looked like every leader was doing the same.

'What is the point of this?' Quinn asked.

'The blood of every leader will be used to seal the book. You remember how you were unable to open the book your parents had until your blood was spilt on it? Well this will be the same. After the next King or Queen is selected, he or she will receive the blood from all the leaders which will then be used to unseal the book again.'

Quinn was thankful for this. He had already experienced Arthur's strength and didn't want to face someone of similar strength to him anytime soon.

"Leader of the tenth family, Quinn Talen, please come to the podium!" Dwight shouted.

Quinn walked towards it very stiff. The main reason was him being worried that something was about to happen. He had a bad feeling about this entire ceremony, yet so far everything had progressed without any hiccups.

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All the vampires standing there staring at him. The wave of eyes hit him and a strange feeling entered his body.

'Is this what it feels like to be King?' Quinn wondered.

Cutting his hand, a drop of blood dropped onto the book and he returned to his pillar. The last two leaders were called and with that the book was sealed.

Dwight held the book in his hands, securing it tightly.

"Now everyone, it is time to let our King go into eternal slumber." Dwight announced.

Walking towards the large coffin, the door opened up automatically for him. No one helped him, as King Numan used his weak hands to climb into the coffin himself.

Quinn found it strange seeing one climbing into their own final resting place while still fully alive, but then when he laid down, the red markings that were drawn underneath the coffin activated and the lid had closed itself.

The King had finally gone to sleep without any interruptions at all, and with that the ceremony was over. It had been a complete success.

But it was the fact that the ceremony had finished as a complete success that worried Quinn all the more.

'This whole thing has gone too smoothly Does it mean the person responsible has gotten what they wanted?'

It was hard to say, but with everyone dismissed, it was time for the council leaders to meet up, and plead their case on who should become the next King or Queen of the vampires.


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