My Vampire System Chapter 866

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 867 - First generation Blood weapon

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The blood running through his body was spreading, and the pain continued, but it looked like Bryce was trying to do something as he consciously had his hand held over his c.h.e.s.t.

"Your little tricks won't work on me!" Bryce shouted.

The wincing and sounds of pain soon stopped, as Bryce pulled his hand away from his c.h.e.s.t and the infected blood could be seen floating mid air. It stayed there slightly above his fingers, out from his body and soon the wound started to heal again.

"You have some nasty tricks up your sleeve. Blood like this, is it blood of a fairy? Who the hell are you!"

'Did he just use blood control, to take out the blood?' This was another reason Quinn hadn't been using his own blood attacks. Whatever Quinn could do with blood, Bryce could do it as well, and thanks to his blood control, it was better and stronger. However, Quinn did have Qi to equalise that out.

Bryce quickly pulled out one of the flasks he had on him, and threw out the blood onto his sword and soon, it started to glow. It looked like the sword was pulsating, as if alive wanting more of the delicious blood it had just tasted.

'Blood weapon!'

"Quinn get out of here, that's the same blood weapon that's been passed down between the first generation family," Vincent warned.

Quinn quickly was thinking about what to do, as Bryce lifted the sword, and dropped it into the ground. When it touched the floor, it looked like it melted, disappearing. Out of the sword as it melted, blood started to cover the whole area. The surrounding area quickly was encased in it, including the floor, the sides and the top of the hallway. Just in case, Quinn had covered his feet in the shadow, so it didn't directly touch the floor.

The area was small, but it reminded Quinn a bit of his shadow dome.

'Reflective blood weapon skill, activate.' Bryce mumbled. He raised both hands, and threw out a blood swipe towards the top of the wall. When the attack hit, it had bounced off the wall, growing in size and looked as if it was moving faster. It bounced off the ground next, and the same happened again.

' In this space, his blood attacks are reflected each time gaining power from the blood area he has created. The attacks are a bit random, but it just makes it worse for you.' Vincent explained.

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Quinn used his flash step to dodge one or two of the tracks, but it was tiring him out, and eventually, he was hit by one from behind.

[-10 HP]

But he couldn't stop and continued to move on, that's when he heard a scream. Not being able to control the attacks meant that Kazz was being hit by the blood attacks as well.

Unfortunately for Kazz, the blade had gone right through her arm, and it had been chopped off.

'This guy, does he really not care about her!'

Seeing more blades coming towards her, Quinn started to run forward, and with both his palms held out, he fired blood spray. It wasn't enough to destroy the attacks, but when it would hit, it would alter their path slightly, causing them to go off course to a different direction.

He wouldn't be able to keep this up forever, as with each blood spray his HP went down quickly..

'We have to get out of here!' Quinn thought, and he had finally reached Kazz and held her hand.

[30/100 HP]

Tvuzu juzu rmj omm qfrw gimmt ljanul ar ovu fzuf, gpo gudmzu ovuw hmpit tm frwovare uilu, Qparr vuit mpo val movuz vfrt, frt himlut ao arom f dalo.

[Skill activate, Shadow lock]

The two of them disappeared, avoiding all of the attacks.

At that moment, Bryce had stopped. The attacks from his own blades continued to reflect off the walls and even attempted to hit him, but thanks to his ability, he was able to block all the attacks with ease that came towards him.

At the same time, the red energy from the walls seemed to dim, they fell from the walls, and all started to head towards one spot in front of Bryce, eventually forming the sword he once had.

Bryce, walked up to the severed arm on the floor.

'Where did they go?' He thought as he started to sniff the air. 'They are no longer here. Their entire presence has disappeared. Is this the same skill as the other punisher used. If so, it means he will return to this very spot. You can hide, but you can't hide forever. I'll be waiting for you right here. I promise I will get rid of all the punishers!' Bryce said, stabbing his sword into the ground, where the two were last seen.

"Man, your dad really doesn't care about you, does he?" Quinn said, scratching his head.

Kazz was sitting on the floor, holding her arm from where it had been cut. It looked like she had been by a few of the other attacks as well. Seeing her like this, Quinn couldn't help but feel sorry for her, even despite everything she had done.

Growing up with a father like that must have been tough. Quinn had seen Bryce not care for lives before with the blood dome, but never thought he would treat Kazz like this.

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"Where are we?" She asked.

"This is part of my ability, don't worry, we're safe here, at least for now," Quinn stated, but he didn't sound too sure himself.

Kazz didn't say much and continued to look at her arm, until she eventually spoke.

"So it's true, that man really is my father.." She said. "If that's the case, then whywhy does his eyes look so hollow when he looks at me?"

Looking at her, Quinn could tell she was upset, but didn't really know what to say, he didn't know what the problem between the two of them were, and he wasn't going to act as councillor trying to fix them. As much as he wanted to help her, he had his own problems to deal with.

"Kazz, I know I don't look like it right now, but it's actually me, Quinn. I heard you were attacked, and I was wondering if you knew who. Maybe if we figure this thing out, I can explain it to your father, and he'll stop attacking us." Quinn pleaded.

But there was just silence and sobbing from Kazz, but Quinn was not in the mood for her to act like this.

"Listen to me, Kazz!" Quinn said, shaking her by the shoulders. "What happened to Fex, were you with him, were you alone, was it one of the other families?!" Quinn continued.

"I don't know!" She screamed back. "I don't know anything! I can't remember anything, and then the person who calls me father did this to me!" She shouted, lifting her arm up. "I want my family, where is my family!!!" She continued to scream and cry.

Through her few words, Quinn had picked up something she said, that she couldn't remember anything.

'Wow, you really don't know how to treat people, can't you see she's having problems. 'Vincent started to tut. 'Calm her down and get a clear answer from her.'

It was stressful, being attacked by one of the vampire leaders and thrown into such a situation. Quinn was still in fight mode when talking to Kazz, even though he no longer needed to be.

He knelt down by her side, and lifted her head up slightly.

"Kazz, I'm sorry, I know this must be hard for you. You said you can't remember anything. Do you mean you lost your memories?"

She nodded slowly and continued to sniffle.

'So is it like Fex, did whoever did this to Kazz also do this to Fex, but why? Why the need to remove both of their memories. Is this why Bryce wouldn't let her out, to try and catch the person responsible... and now he thinks it's me.'

'Damn it! the two of us shouldn't even be fighting, but he will only suspect me until I find out who is behind this.'

Standing up, Quinn had a determined look on his face.

"Kazz, if we want to find out what happened to you, we need to get out of here. They kept you alive for a reason, and you're not the only one this has happened to."

"We're going to get out of here?" Kazz replied. "But what about thatthat man. Isn't he going to attack us again? He's seemed to be really strong."

Kazz was right, Bryce was strong, but during the fight, it didn't feel like he was impossible to beat. Not like another person he had faced before.

"Don't worry, it's simple. To get out of here, all I need to do, is kick your old man's arse!" Quinn said, clenching his fist. 'I'm a leader too, and I'll show him the new tenth leader isn't going to just take a beating.'


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